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Thursday, 28 October 2004

Joke in my IT world - I

After drove back from Service Center (SC) in Johor to Bedong, received a call from my superior and assign me to go to SC Kuantan to investigate the PC problem after unable to resolve thru telephone. This problem had occur almost 2 months after i courier new/tested dot matrix printer and users already blow up.

The user had problem of too..too slow printing result. It takes more than 4 minutes per page to print the invoice and motorcycle job-card to customers. Thru phone, we try every possibility, change setting there, here and etc.

Seem that i at Seremban PLUS highway so i accepted it and take Karak highway once reach KL. At 1:30am, after 6 hours of slow driving (KL-Karak), too tired, drove alone and I'm not type of long drive driver which could stay alert all the way.

Next morning (9am) when to SC Kuantan, investigate the problem. Check printer condition, self test print - Ok, print fast. Check PC performance (new Compaq PC), RAM, disk space, OS - Ok, Reinstall printer driver, change printer resolution setting from 360 dot per inch (dpi) to the lowest 180dpi - No, slow print. Try change to use difference printer driver - No. Try every possibility on setting/changing parameter.. still slow print.

After 3-4 hours.. decided to re-install the OS.. so formatted the hard disk and re-install OS, re-install application software such as office apps, Service Center apps, Antivirus and etc.. it takes about 4 hours to completed. After all setting & configuration.. time to test printing... click on TEST PRINT button... argh!! toooooooo slow man!.. other Service Center which had same PC and printer model do not have this problem.

I'm so tired and no mood for lunch or tea break.. that time was 6pm, not ate anything since breakfast.. all setting and possibility had done.. had no more idea to resolve.. so called my superior at home..

"you do this, this, this and this.."
"Already done.. & slow print"
"you do this, this, this and this.."
"Already done.. & slow print"
"How about the cable?"
"Cable okay what!.. can print!"

After 20mins on conversation

"Try change printer cable"
"Does it will resolve?.. i'm also think.. not, but will try. Buy printer cable after finish my dinner"

Bought printer cable and replace the existing cable.. Test printer..
... trettt.. treeeettttt.. treeeeettt.. laju siol! (really fast)

Suck!!.. drove from KL-Karak-KL alone, stay in Kuantan, Pahang for 2 days because of cable printer!

Run around the world

Just surf around the net, runner's world, others running website and stuck on Currently she is running around the world to fulfill her 57th birthday dream after the death of her lovely husband. While running, she try to raise small charities for Prostate Cancer Charity, Siberian Railway Cancer Hospital, Kitezh Community for Orphan Children Orphanage and Nepal Trust. What a run, Rosie!.. i know she will make it to the end..

From: Rosie Swale Pope []
Sent: 27 Oktober 2004 11:13
To: Abdul Haris b Shariff
Subject: Re: Hi..

Thanks for the support - it makes a big difference...
only 4664km to Magadan now!


Rosie --- Abdul Haris b Shariff
> Keep on running!
> regards

Meanwhile.. if you looking for Pace calculator, split calculator or concern about how many calories you burned, you can find it @

"Hard things take time to do. Impossible things take a little longer." - Percy Cerutty

Monday, 25 October 2004

Selamat Berbuka Posa

Oredi 1 week i'm not turun training, last run was KRI. Huh! so kalut & sibuk macam lebah and I can't curi masa utk lari walaupun for 20mins dalam bulan posa ni. Engaged in Improvement Programme for 3 months since September.. and this week is last week. yiiihaa! Lega! it finish! This improvement programme is similar to kaizen, but this one is total/overall company study and seek any opportunity for improvement. Awai bulan depan, nak kena pi present kat board of directors kat Shah Alam...

Today will start run only for 4km from my home to Universiti Perubatan Malaysia (aimst). Just do for slow and easy pace. So far i never run yet during fasting month. Hopefull tarak apa masalah. During bulan posa maybe i run 4-8k perday on easy pace

Last 4-5 days.. received an email from someone, asking macam mana aku punya run training. Actually don't have any formal training.. just keep on running, no speedwork, no faltek, no treadmill or what so ever... but in a week i schedule one route for speed run. Gila! tercugap-cugap. err.. that one only on non-posa month laa...

Friday, 22 October 2004

Starwalk is back in Penang!

Starwalk will be held in Penang!!
Date: Sunday 12th December 2004
Venue: Penang International Sport Arena (PISA)

Got 2 type Starwalk categories, Non-Competition (fun walk) and Competition. Only limited to 1st 7500 participants for both categories.. So hurry up!! Form can be download here in Forms section.

KRI 10km Road Race post mortem

KR Ipoh 10km Road Race published yesterday. Details result can be see by click here. KRI 10km memang hebat!, The organizer really taking care of runners, interm of road safety, marshall on every junction, registration boots, over-flow of drinks such as sunquick, spritzer, white coffee, livita..(sampai one of the committee came to us, suruh pi perabih drinking water), bertandan-tandan of bananas, bertingkat-tingkat of kuih pau, bertimbun-timbun of KRI t'shirt dan berempah-ratus perlari..

Looking at the result published Wow!.. unbelievable such a small/short distance race event, they record timing for all runners those who crossing finish line even sampai 2 hours.. they wait all the runners to finished. I think, that priceless effort would make all runners feel appreciated although they were not a winner but inside, they were hero and finisher!. Anyway.. for sure i will be coming for next KRI Road Race.. IIR... what IIR?

A bit of analysis on the result.

A Boys 13 - 18 years
B Men Open 19 - 39 years
C Men Veteran 40 - 49 years
D Men Senior Veteran 50 years & above
E Girls 13 - 18 years
F Women Open 19 - 39 years
G Women Veteran - 40 years & above

Cat A finisher : 58
Cat B finisher : 188
Cat C finisher : 167
Cat D finisher : 191
Cat E finisher : 16
Cat F finisher : 62
Cat G finisher : 53

For me,
My pace/km : 4:91mins
Position in my Cat. B : 47
No of runners cross finish line b4 me: 152.
No of male cross finish line b4 me: 144
No of boy cross finish line b4 me: 19
- Which mean 8 female runners sudah potong....
- hey! got 4 makcik (40 yrs above) potong aku la.. and another 4, i gave chance kat depa :P

No of participants : 868
No of finishers : 735
DNF (Did not finish) : 133

No. of Malay runners: 7
- ?, we were fasting...

The most finisher/runners in category: D
- Life start at 50 not 40.

The 1st overall position: VADIVELLAN A/L MAHENDRAN
(A0055/Cat.A/33:01 mins)
- ...Young and dangerous!

The 1st female position: CHOW CHOOI YEEN
(F0021/Cat.F/40:10 mins)
- (Cat E: ...Young & malu laa..

1st Cat B: MOGANASS A/L KRISHNAN (B0133 / 34:05mins)
1st Cat C: GNANASEGARAN A/L CHAPPANSIMUTHU (C0044 / 38:06mins)
1st Cat D: TAIAHLAN A/L GOVINDARAJU (D0170 / 36:16mins)
1st Cat E: TEH LI YEN (E0013 / 51:01mins)
1st Cat F: CHOW CHOOI YEEN (F0021 / 40:10mins)
1st Cat G: LEA YEO (G0027 / 41:07mins)

Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Two die in Beijing Marathon

BEIJING : Two amateur runners collapsed and died in the Beijing International Marathon at the weekend, Chinese state media reports, amid criticism of the race's organisation. The two fatalities in Sunday's event were Liu Hongbin, a 20-year-old college student, and a Beijing resident identified by his surname Hu, Xinhua news agency said.

"This is the first time (runners have died) in the 24-year history of the Beijing marathon," said a spokeswoman at organizer China Athletics Association who declined to give her name. "Every year we adopt measures to prevent this kind of thing but unexpected things do happen during sports activities."

Liu Hongbin, a 20-year-old student from Beijing Jiaotong University, is announced dead after losing consciousness during the Beijing International Marathon, October 17, 2004. Doctors conduct emergency treatment on a competitor of Beijing International Marathon, October 17, 2004.

The Chinese capital is preparing for the 2008 Summer Olympics and is increasingly anxious to have international sports event go ahead without glitches. Both runners collapsed midway in the run and were taken to hospitals where they died despite intensive efforts to save them, according to the report. Hospital staff declined to provide details of the cause of death. Apart from the two fatalities, 11 other runners were hospitalized after exerting themselves too much, the Beijing Times reported.

The Beijing Youth Daily newspaper quoted an unnamed participant as saying that no drinks were provided in the afternoon beyond the 22-kilometer (14-mile) mark. An event organizer told the paper that all drinks stations had indeed been closed five hours into the event, but that vehicles had been available to pick up runners who did not feel well.

The athletics association spokeswoman said the two deaths had been a "wake-up call" but insisted the contingency plans had worked well.

"After the accidents, the organizers' medical team arrived immediately and sent them to the designated hospitals," she said.

She said all runners had filled in a form before the marathon stating that they were fit to take part in a 42.16-kilometer run. Fitness is a growth industry in urban China, attracting a large number of middle-class customers. The Beijing marathon attracted 25,016 participants, the largest number in the history of the event, according to the China Daily.

Tuesday, 19 October 2004

Report: KRI 10km Road Race

From Left - Ronnie, Chen, Me, KetamBatu & Becholi
Second time running in Ipoh after IIR04, first time running in the 17th of KRI 10km Road Race for 17th Anniversary of KRI on the 17th of October 2004, it was in fasting month. Wow! What a lucky #17... and again, able to finish below target + re-new my 10km PR.

Really had fun that day, the event well organise, running route free from cars, got distance maker, roads junction were supervise by committee members, boots full of drinks, breakfast, bananas, kuih pau!, powerbar products and the T'shirt... awesome!. It's a coolmax type (kinda Nike: Dri-fit, keep your skin dry while running). To add more fun, my target to finish under 50mins achieved. That, the best thing and my main mission to KRI.

Although most of us are fun or recreation runners but when it goes to run event, target should be setup to aim. Push your body limit to gain more stamina and to run more distance. It really feel good when finished and clocked below target, make me forget about medal for a millisecond laa... but before 1km to finish line, in my mind "target, medal.., target,, medal.." got medal, sapu laaa...

Reach Ipoh at 3:30pm, went around Ipoh town almost 1 1/2hour looking for "Polo Ground".. Check on the map.. none! Check on road sign-board.. none!. Ask bellboy at Heritage Hotel for a direction... and i found "Padang Lumba Kuda"

"Maybe they play polo inside Padang Lumba Kuda kot"

Park my car beside road, luckly got Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh proudly put summon to cars at no parking area... so i blah find another parking space... Finally i found that Polo Ground is "Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz"! laa.. ceh! road sign board bersepah...

A day before. Setting up Finish Line After pickup bib# B01

Got registered pick-up goodies & my bib# was B01.. wow! The free t'shirt also not bad got 3 designs to choose. Think retail price is more > RM60. So rugi sapa tak pi!.

Race day! Warming Up! and start da engine!

@Race day
Came early and drink alot of water before subuh (dawn). After that no more meals for puasa. Slow jog and warm-up around "Polo Ground". 7:30am, with 868 runners participated in 10km road race flag-off by KRI's chairman Mr. Choong. Slow jog for 1km and use same running plan in Larian Perbandaran. Pass Becholi and looking for KetamBatu as he was ran fast in-front.

Bang! run! I tengah tidoq kat belakang..
*pics from KetamBatu

Pass Heritage hotel and after that don't know what road it goes.. As i remembered it were high profile taman houses. Pass 5km mark, stopwatch shown 23mins. While running, meet-up some familiar faces, the guy who were peeing beside road at Larian Perbandaran. Forgot to thanks him for layur me to do KRI. Another one is a malay pakcik, who chatted with me at 18km-19km in IIR04.

Along the route got a lady with her daugther in Proton car who were cheering-up the runners. Instead cheering-up her hubby, other runner were not forgotten. Honk from the car to runners and keep shouting. Really make me turbo a bit. Pass 7km mark, run out of LNG already, as i ran fast for first 5km, just maintain the pace after 8km.

Pass Padang Lumba Kuda, get into Jalan Woodward (i guess) and see "1km More to Finish Line" banner... my stopwatch shown 45mins! Still got time to finish under 50mins... just maintain the pace until the cross finish line, and finally I clocked for new 10km PR at 49.23mins and medal as a bonus!

Burrr!@Finish Line.. frankly
Try to maintain my puasa, try to calm down, stay away from crowd.. from water actually, for 5mins... i can't stand up, my head spining gasing and thinking about i will be driving back alone to Bedong, Kedah.. I'm not risking my life... so i need to recharge... need LNG replacement... BISMILLAH..

Some pics at KRI..

Finish Line.. penuh dgn belon Kuih Pau!.. Ayeq Livita!.. PowerGel! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.. 8 lagi! Don't who is.. hopefully this pic dpt masuk National Geographic

p/s: First time i won a lucky draw in running event. Dapat stock powerGel & powerBar more than enough for Mahathir Marathon on Nov04.

Quote :-
Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.- Mike Singletary


Wednesday, 13 October 2004

Test publish from email

Hello testing 123 321 gnitset olleH

Tuesday, 12 October 2004

Larian Bandaraya or City Run

Date: 19/12/2004
Venue: Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong, KOMTAR
Distance: 10km
Org: Kwong Wah Yit Poh

a. Men Junior (13+)
b. Men Senior (18+)
c. Men Jr. Veteran (40+)
d. Men Sr. Veteran (50+)
e. Women Jr (13+)
f. Women Sr (18+)
g. Women Veteran (35+)

Forms can be download at Events & Forms section

KRI 10k Road Race on the way

Monday: After Larian Perbandaran feel that i'm on peak performance. Then the one who was peeing while i'm potong (he was 14th) was cucuk me to do KRI next week. He layuq (convince) me with KRI Brooks's T'Shirt... design lawa.. dri-fit type.. 10k only.. you can do it maah..

Ceh! That night can't sleep. Be thinking alot.. Sunday, inform my wife..

"I want to do KRI 10km at Ipoh"
"Next Week.."
"Hari apa?
"Gila ka!!!.. it's fasting month u know!"

At last she agee as next we will balik Taiping for 1st Ramadhan feast and Kedah is public holiday. Sunday.. dia kena cari MC.

Call KRI office.. to register by name. They won't accepted as date was closed. Plead again.. they gave me da president hp#. Again he also don't want to accept.. I gave alot of reasons.. why i late been inform. Finally he said..

"U fax first your registration form.. and see how i could include your name"

So i prepared/fill-in the registration form and a cover fax.

Dear Mr Choong,

After our conversation thru hand-phone, enclose is my registration form for KRI Annual 10K Road Race. I had been late informed about this annual race by my friend and I’m really appreciate and thankful if you could include my name in this tremendous road race.

Stay in Gurun, Kedah and purely plan to come down to Ipoh only to support this road race. As in Kedah, there was not much running event held in here. I had been active running 2 years ago after been advised by my doctor to seek an active and healthily lifestyle. As for now, thanks god my health being improved day by day because of running sport. I understand this running event held on fasting month, but it’s not an obstacle to me and I will continue my fasting.

Finally, I’m really, really grateful if you could consider my registration in this wonderful running event. Please advise me as soon as possible so that I could send somebody in Ipoh to make a payment and again please give me a good news and call to my handphone (0124287801).

Abdul Haris b. Shariff

An hour later.. got SMS from him..

"Congratulation u made it to d KRI 10km race, (it's an expection) Pls log on to our website for entry details Chong"

viola! my name was in the list in B category...
I just wanna to run.. guys! and TQVM Mr. Chong...

Monday, 11 October 2004

Report: Larian Perbandaran

Banner Larian Perbandaran
Again.. Woohooo! Another run within target, what else I could rock in SP that morning.. my running was achieved target, to run below 1 hour and top 20 finishers. As a bonus.. i got a second medal (only for 1 - 20th finisher) for 2004 collection. Gosh! what a run!

Reach Taman Jubli Perak with whole family Ayah, mak and my family at 6:30am, it was dark as alot of trees and no lamp post there... and plus the morning rain like kucing & anjing since last night. My home to Taman Jubli is about 15mins driving. Most of the runners and school kids were there but still no batang hidung of organizer.. They just build-up a few empty tents which we used to stay awhile from rain.

The run start late, after 7:30 as the organizer sampai and kalut fix & setting up a few things... and fortunately the rain stop at 7:20. Get prepared & change to running suit. Meet-up some familiar faces from local runners. You know laa.. if you running in a few local run events.. you noticed and meet same faces. I meet up and chat two runner who were running with me in Cafe21, Larian Menara & Bendang Power (Mr Teoh & Hassan).

7:40..Bang! Off, the senior category first. I ran with Mr. Teoh (Hassan in Veteran Category).. we chat abit and he's planning to to organise running event with Rukun Tetangga in his Taman. Anyway he beat me twice in Cafe21 & Cinta Sayang Jogathon.

Bang! Off the Senior Cat. Bang! Off the Veteran Cat. Ayah & Mak on the run! Bang! Off the Youth Cat. Bang! Off the School kids Cat.

My runing plan.. slow jog for first 1km, fast pace as I could for next km and maintain and i don't want to take a look at my stopwatch as i too pressured for last 2 days to run within target. Badly want to run below target.

1km.. a few runners had already walk... good! speed-up more and left Mr. Teoh.. so malu betul he's old than me. He confirm to go for Singapore Marathon (SGM) in December. For me, SGM next year.. wanna go honeymoon + running in P.Langkawi a week before SGM

6km, already potong alot of sayurs plus the last, one who's peeing beside road. 10mins run.. that guy run beside me... wah! so fast he peeing and runing.. so to make him slow-down.. i said..

"Hi, where u from?"

and we start chat until 1km. He is from Ipoh! Came last night and stay with his friend's house.. huh! from Ipoh just to run in this small event!...

Sometimes.. core runners are unpredictable, they will go anywhere just to run! Winning is not target.. but it is a bonus. He convinced me to join KRI in Ipoh next week and run with him... I said "Can not laa.. already masuk fasting month".

Third checkpoint in-front of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sg Layar. He was far a head with one junior guy category and i ask what position i am...

"Saya no. berapa..bang?"
"Hah?!! betoi ka?"
"Ada lagi bang!... baru 15th"..

fuh! aura sudah datang.. hikmat pedang 23 (Pedang Sitiawan - from Comic book) akan diguna!.. i was run alone, nobody can be see behind me.. may be i'm too fast! hahahaaaa... so speed abit and just maintain the pace..

Along the way i cheer-up some runners (different category laa.. kalau same kena pangkah la) org tua2.. and especially primary sekolah kids.. and i slow down and run with them for while for 200 metre a. After that speed-up more... then one of them run with same pace with me... Wow! (girls!.. i tell you) and she give-up after 300 metre...
"Tak larat.. bang!"
"Orait... Jalan laa"

So continue run.. it was 1.5km more to finish line.. i still don't want to know my timing yet.. by-pass Sekolah Ibrahim, Father Barre, Sungai Petani Inn and cross junction (SP Plaza & Masjid Sg. Petani) the finish line can be see not far ahead.

The true fans

Then, take alook on stopwatch.. 58mins!!.. Full speed! and my wife and kids waiting me on roadside at finish line... turbo boost!..

Hah! 58mins ka?! Tekan butang turbo!

Hiiiiyaaaaaaahh! past the finish line in 59:11mins.. and received S15 card.. which means S category and 15th place... Wuuhooooo!!! my both target.. achieved!.. I was so excited! and show the card to my wife.

Yeah!! Finishing line! here i come.. Babe.. I'm got 15th.. heheee

Ayah & Mak tak sampai lagi... so i ahead to drink station. They gave ayeq assam! and roti bun. Ingat Milo!. Then get the cert and register my 15th place. Wait for Ayah & mak for 20mins... tak sampai lagi.. so i went chit chat with other runners..

And i lost my Ayah & mak crossing finish line moments... arghh!! tepuk dahi! pap! pap!.
"Hang register ayah & mak berapa km?"
"Depa kata 10km laa..."
"Hah!.. ya kaa...jadi, 10km macam mana?"
"Letih laaa..."

Aparaa.. ayeq habih nasib baik ada spare! Cawan habih.. minum dalam botol ayeq assam Family runners Bukak/serah bib# utk dapat cert

5km only for primary school (miss info), anyway they enjoy the walk. May be the last group finisher of 10km. Their kaki and jari kaki look fine.. They so excited and ask me to print their name on cert quickly.. and want to frame it at Kampung.

Miss a medal ceremony.. kat reta.. jadi lah!Another tepuk dahi..pap! pap!.. i miss the medal ceremony as my kids sakit perut nak berak! so i had to bring them to masjid near-by.. and the rain start pouring down like kucing and anjing rottweiler. Can't wait until cabutan bertuah.. kids and shirts all basah kuyup and forget to bring towel..

Lastly, comments from my Ayah at Restoran Nasi Kandar for breakfast
1. Patut pihak MPSP pasang lampu pagi tadi.
2. Tak ada tandas bergerak. (Me also got same problem before run. 4x)
3. Food and drink not enough!
4. The finish line committee should wait until last participant cross the finish line before packing. This will give/feel them high recognition and pride as a finisher.

Some pics on Larian Perbandaran Sg Petani 2004

The Finish Line Hiiiyaaahh
Old is Gold
Barefoot kids!
Barefoot runner!
My dream run, with my kids
Water station, finisher & cert registration and VIP tent
Abdul Haris Shariff!..1, 2, & 3.. dia tak dak laa.. kita bagi kat org lain boleh?


Friday, 8 October 2004

MMU: E-Charity Run 2005

email from Jamie.

Name of race: E-Charity Run
Date: 7 January 2005
Time: 3:30p.m.
Venue: Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

a. Male Open (24yrs & above) - 10KM, RM15
b. Male Closed (below 24yrs) - 8KM, RM12
c. Female Open (24yrs & above) - 8KM, RM15
d. Female Closed (below 24yrs) - 5KM, RM12

Both Open category:
1st - RM1000
2nd - RM700
3rd - RM400
4th - RM200
5th - RM100
6th-10th - RM50
11th-20th - medals and certificate.
*1st - 10th: Prizes, Medal and etc

Both Closed category:
1st - RM500
2nd - RM300
3rd - RM200
4th - RM100
5th - RM50
6th-10th - RM30
11th-20th - medals and certificate.
*1st - 10th: Prizes, Medal and etc

Details can be reach at their website.

Thursday, 7 October 2004

Got new digital camera

Tuesday 5/10: Came to office with flu + fever, got a few stuffs to settle down. Took 1/2 day leave after lunch and went to clinic at Sungai Petani. Got 2 missions to go to town, register my Ayah and mom for Larian Perbandaran on this coming Saturday and search for digital camera.

The last date for registeration is yesterday but i know they still extend the date. Registered Ayah in Men Veteran and my mom in Women Open. Looking at number of Men Veteran registered only 75 and for Women Open 43. So, it still low participation in this event. As i registered on last saturday my number is 30. Maybe last minute punya entry will be more runners.

@Central Square
Can't tahan oredi, went to run event without camera... feel like all the sweet glory of crossing the finish line, grab the medal and broke the PR... had gone into my memory only. With photos, it's paint a thousand word. I'm looking for digital Nikon Coolpix 3200 which i had did case study of features & price comparison in 3 month ago.

Before, i got film base camera model Olympus: µ[mju:]II (in black case) bought in 2000. Most of photos framed in my living room taken from this compact camera. The picture quality is good and sometimes i'm really impressive with pictures. The most memorable pictures taken from this camera was my first runing event in IPBR2003.

Another camera i got was Kodak DC3200, a 1 Megapixel digital. Borrowed from my wife's school club. Not a good camera, the pictures turn into blue shade. Suck alot of batteries power. 2 Alkaline batteries can last about less a month. My Larian Menara & IIR04 photos were taken by this camera.

Anyway both cameras had gone already... my house kena pecah twice in month (Jun & July). The Olympus camera was repaired and pick-up a week before stolen. So what to do, tarak rezeki.

Nikon Coolpix 3200, It's a good camera for out-door photos, 3.2Megapixel, 3x optical zoom, got 16 programmed shooting modes, can record VGA quality video, able to snap at close-up and the most what i'm looking for, it used 2 AA alkaline batteries. So if the power getting low... the Energizer battery guy can fly and replace while camera in action on the road.

Tuesday, 5 October 2004

New runners in Sungai Petani town!

Got new runners in my group for Larian Perbandaran in Sungai Petani this coming saturday. Will register their name today at Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani (MPSPK).

One of the runners, she is house wife. Been trained to get a stamina to do a umrah and haj in next couple of years. What make she really excited to join this coming run event is lucky draw!.

Another one, he had been trained for disciplinary work since youth age. He was retired of Polis Hutan in 1980 and last service was in Sungai Petani, nowdays that land had been convert to Hyper Market (TESCO). During spare time in the morning before taking care of his mangosteen fruits plant (about 1 hectar, consist of jack-fruit, buah ciku, rambutan and etc), he frequencly do a slow jog and cycling. He had convert MTB into road bike. Install 2 side mirrors on handle bar and got bell. He's eager to join me on IPBR 2004, but it was cancelled.

So proudly to present my two new runners, who will run with me in Larian Perbandaran in Sungai Petani on 9 October 2004 in 5km, for Veteran category, for the first time ever enter run event, Who are really mean for me... my Ayah & Mom!...

gosh! i couldn't believe it.. after they had heard my running stories.. travel to Ipoh, Kangar & KL... just for the run, sometimes there were no medal & cert in return and still they know i'm on the run.. they were inspired!

My target for this 12km Larian Perbandaran..
1. Finish below 1 hours
2. Be a top 20 runners
3. Cheers up two new runners

P/S: Need to find camera.. i'm looking for digital Nikon 3200. Anybody got experienced with it?

Friday, 1 October 2004

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2004

Singapore's largest and most talked-about running event, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2004, returns on Sunday, 5th December with an anticipated 12,000 runners and a pledge from Standard Chartered to invest another S$3.5 million over the next three years as title sponsor.
Registration is available now till 17 November 2004.

Please visit the official website: for more information on the race categories and registration fees