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Tuesday, 30 November 2004

Report: Jogathon Metro 2004

Organizer: Hospital Pakar Metro
Venue: Hospital Pakar Metro, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Date and distance: 27 Nov04, 11km

Friday 26/11/2004 @ 6:10pm
Pick-up Mr. Zulkifli Jaini (Zul) from Taiping at Sungai Petani bus station. Getting know each other thru this website and he give a me call to introduce himself a month before Raya. This sifu, called by his running friends around Perak had been running more than 15 years will join me in Jogathon Metro and Penang Relay.

Went to Metro hospital to pick-up bib# and t'shirts. Afterward we went to ronda and check route running. It's cover, Taman Ria Jaya industrial Park - Highway AmanJaya - JPJ junction - Maktab Perguruan Sultan Idris (MPSI). Takes about 11.5km.

My right leg still hurt after over run training on last sunday. Hopefully tomorrow could recover abit. This is my first race for Jogathon Metro also after a month of fasting. Unable to do run training since last Sunday disaster.

Jogathon Metro 2004

Saturday @ Race Day
Reach Metro hospital at 7am with whole family, kids still asleep. So shock, most of veteran runners there know him. They chat and said hi each other.. betul laa.. mamat ni famous betul!. Introduce Zul to Mr Teoh and other SP runner members for Penang Relay.

Sg Layar runner.. Najib. #2 in Men Open
Senamrobik plak.. 1..2..3.. lompat katak Warm-up True fan.. Good morning! kids..

Before race, we need to do aerobic exercise for warm-up. I put alot Sloan cream at right leg to give a warm and to ease the ache. 7:50am flay-off, 20 minutes late from schedule. No timing target set, seem never do 11km race yet but i want to finished it in less than 15 position.

Go Left Go Left

i think this run... is horrible for me.. feel that i been running sooo far before saw the 3km mark beside road.
"Hah! baru sampai 3km ka!"
Can see Zul far in front, about 400meter, wearing orange color vest.

After reach this mark.. feel really tired already. My leg want to stop running and continue to walk but my mind.. keep on pushing to run.
"Go haris! you're half way now... rest later"

Lot of runners pass me, most of them veteran runner... who cares!.. then 2 guys same category pass me.. erk!!.. one chinese from penang another is local indian.. could not follow them. Later 2 makcik from women veteran potong aku!! huih!..
"Let it go... maintain your pace"

Increase the pace abit. At this mark, run pass Maktab Perguruan Sultan Abdul Halim. able to potong 2 makcik. The chinese from Penang just 200meter, look like he got stomach problem..

Increase the pace abit opposite road and able to potong the Chinese guy. Left another one indian runner (same category) about 50meter infront.
“Go! Haris go! You can do it!”

Maintain the pace and able to catch-up with him after pass 11km mark, finishing line is just 400meter more. We're running together, looking at him, he also got same problem with chinese guy... he keep on holding his stomach.

I know i can potong him, but i wanna keep my last turbo, That time also, i know he did not realise that i was run behind him. I wanna use my last turbo at 50meter to surprised him..

80meter more... got one army guy shout from up-hilly...
"Ada lagi satu hadiah lagi...cepat"
The prize (hamper) provide only for position 1st to 6th only for all category... and no medal.. kedekut!

Ark!.. Cilakak mamat army nie... make that indian guy automatically change his gear to turbo mode faster. So quickly i also change to turbo mode to chase him.. 40 meter before finish line was hilly abit.. we run together side by side for another 30meter. Feel that my heart did not provide me enough Oxygen... and finally at finish line..

I'm lost!.. no more position card for me…

Crossing finish line.. my right leg sudah lembik already... sempat find for grass ground... and tumbang! Then medic came pick me up and force me to walk...

Glad i could finished after a lot of mind games during the run and see my family waving and kids run toward me.... a relieve!

Zul potong sayur dekat bukit

Zul also got 7th position, but he is king of hill, able to potong 3 runners in same category at 50 meter to finish line. Both of us go home empty hand, miss last hamper and also unlucky for lucky draw but we having a good ice-cream moments with mineral drinks, roti gardenia and milk powder drinks.. arkkk!!... provide by Hospital Metro.

Hoping for lucky draw..

1. They should give a medal not hamper.. 30 minute makan hamper then habis no more Jogathon Metro winning memorable...
2. Route.. not to congested with cars and supervise by policemen.
3. Got enough water stations (3). I stop and get drinks each station.

Anyway, my running target achieved, finished in 7th that make me satisfied and set new PR for 11km race. Later in evening, we spend time together with my family having teh tarik at Tanjung Dawai. Enjoy the sunset and play with my kids at seashore.

Zulkifli...Sunset at Tanjung Dawai

Monday, 29 November 2004

The Ku Cheng Tse Temple Charity Run

A new year running event will be held in Butterworth, Pulau Pinang. Road distance cover 8km and a must be participate run event because medal and certificate will be given those who finished within 1 1/2 hour. T'shirt also got and registratin fee RM 20 (huh! mahai jugak.... but for medal hunters, this is an opening medal for a new year)

Got 4 categories..
Men Open (17-40yr)
Men Veteran (41 above)
Women Open (17-40yr)
Women Veteran (41 above)
A gift will be given to 1st - 5th for each category

Details and form can be download at Events and Forms section.

Larian Pesta

Conjunction with Pesta Ekspo Pulau Pinang (dulu Pesta Pulau Pinang) at Sg. Nibong, Pulau Pinang, a running/fun run event will be held on 26 December 2004. Below is details

Date: 26 Decemeber 2004 (Sunday)
Time/Distance: 7am / 10km
Category: 8 run competition, 1 Fun fun and 1 handicap (wheelchair).

Fun run (3km), you need to wear pakaian beragam like a fun custome. Each team must register atleast 4 members and maximum is 5. Maybe you can wear clown custome or baju tidoq batman or superman kaa..

For run competition,
1st-3rd: Cash and tropy
4th-5th: Cash and medal
6th-10th: Medal
Finisher within 90mins will be given certificate.

And those who bring kids.. can also participate in color contest. Form can be download at Events and Forms.

Thursday, 25 November 2004

Metro Run target

Almost 4days my right leg still hurts. Because of running over distance without proper mileage increase after long shutdown in bulan puasa. So regret betul.. i should not follow the SP runner doing marathon training.

Not that i don't like them, but doing 24km after a month shutdown is not wise planning. Running distance should increase in 10% rate to avoid injury or cramps. aduihh!! sakitnye jiwa raga ku.. Last Tuesday.. after 15mins warm-up.. try slow jog.. about 100m.. aduih! can not go la! walk around sport complex for 10mins then go back home.

This week got local run event (Metro Run), thought want to give my best try since i did in Larian Perbandaran. No distance mention in registeration form. Prize, medals, lucky draw also not mention. They waiting for sponsor contribution before announce the prize. Yesterday got pick-up bib# only, t'shirt not arrive yet. Should be, late evening baru sampai.. said Hospital Metro admin clerk.

My target to finish <15th in men open category, but for veteran category may be very competitive. As i see, in SP youth runners are less, most of runners i passby during training run were more than >40. For men open category open from age 26 to 37.. so ada peluang if my kaki in tiptop condition before Saturday.

Penang Relay,
After dicussion on Sunday long run.. Penang Relay was divided in 12 stages. Each team must provide 15 runners, 3 runners as reserved. The race start/finish at GeorgeTown. The route cover Jelutong - Bayan Lepas - Teluk Kumbar - Balik Pulau - sg Pinang - Batu Ferringgi. So the first time dicussion, we were free to choose which stage we want to run. I will run for stage 7 probably 6km, from Sg. Rusa to Sg. Pinang. Hopefully the route not too sunny and as i know Balik Pulau roads got lot of trees on both side. So ok lah if run on 9am - 11am. Second meeting and further diccussion, will held after Metro Run.

Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Raya report

Friday 12/11 @ Sg Bakap
First time, i ran in my kampung (Sg. Baong) never did before since childhood. Look at at my timex, 5:50pm, weather looks fine not too sunny so grab my track bottom and shoe from car's bonet.

Near by at my kampung, got light industrial area (SMI). There were 6 small factory buildings. Ran around the industrial area.. before, i don't know there are furniture, packing factory.. kampung ulu pun rupanya ada kawasan kilang.

Then, ran straight to Relau (not Relau @ Penang Island). Relau is in Kedah state.. so i ran from Penang to Kedah!..hahaaaa..

Along the way, people were buzy preparing for Raya celebration.. bakar lemang.. kids, playing with mercun. Houses compound full of cars.. anak-anak balik kampung. Tonight an announcement will be air on TV whether Raya Aidilfitri tommorrow or Sunday. Hopefully, it's on Sunday.. or else tonight need to rush back to Taiping.

Half way, check my time.. 6:30pm.. so u turn and ran back home to buka puasa

Total running time: 35min
Distance: ?

Saturday 13/11, 6:10pm @ Taiping
Argh!!! just ran 1 round of Taiping Lake Garden.. the rain start pouring. Thought it's only cats rain.. later dogs coming!.. arg!! it was rain like cats and dogs laaa... got no place to hide. Run faster then menyorok under papan gelonsor bebudak near-by the road.

Time was 6:45pm... huh! kena balik ni.. keciwa betul my t'shirt wet with raindrop not my sweat.

Total running time: ?
Distance: 3.5km.

Sunday 14/11 - Wednesday 17/11
Raya sakan!!.. balun habis! ketupat, lemang, lontong, dodol, rendang, baulu, batang buruk, semperit.. apalagi hah!... everything except stone & wood! semua makan..

1st day raya.. went to En. Zulkifli Jaini house at Air Kuning, Taiping... Gosh!! his house full of run medals.. event banners all over the wall.. Cert? not to mention.. penuh kat dinding rumah!. Baju raya?.. no need laa.. pi sembahyang raya pakai baju Ipoh KRI 10k. He was retired army, got 2nd place on last year KRI. Last KRI able to finished on 8th. Damn! fast and still continue his fasting. He will be stay/join run with me and other SP runnners for Metro Run (27/11) and Penang Relay (28/11).

Thursday 18/11 @ Bedong
4 days struggling with Raya foods and fats... think perut & weight pun sudah bertambah.. 6pm, slow jog from home to/back Semeling junction

Running time: 43.25mins
Distance: 8km

Sunday 19/11 @ Taman Jublee
On friday received a call from Mr. Teoh, asking to join his runners group weekly long distance run. At first, i was too scared to do long run seem the fasting month just over, a month not doing long run, did only 1-0 day/week. The longest distance i did during puasa was only 8km only. Thinking.. that was 2nd call from him, invite me to do group running (the first one during deepavali).. so i accept, join the group on sunday morning..

"So u nak lari berapa jauh.. 28k or 36k"
"gulp! gosh!.. 12k tak ade ka?.. mati laa.. paling jauh aku lari pun 25k.. ni baru lepas bulan posa.. training tak buat lagi... hah! sudah mampos!" deep inside voice laa...
"errr.. 28k.. air ada ka?
"Ada.. after run, we will discuss Penang Relay. who will run which stage"

Saturday evening received a call from him again.. 28k cancel. They will run 24k.
Nasib baik...
He will be run for 36k training for SG Marathon, just around the corner.

5:30am Reach Taman Jublee, got 2 runners waiting for me. Both of them 40+. Ones named Tew another one forgot laa.. Start run at 6pm after Subuh pray. The route cover Taman Jublee - Tmn Dahlia - Kg Che Bema - Sg Merbok bridge - Semeling - Kg semeling - Sg Merbok bridge - Sg Layar - Sg Jagung - Tmn Dahlia - Taman Jublee.

As first time, meet-up... we chat & laughing together for 5km.. then saving some energy for run instead for laughing. It still dark/cold/peacefully/clear (can see lot of stars) morning and no road light, luckily both of them wearing white vest. I ran between them. Run early in the morning memang best, remind me of Penang Bridge Run (PBR)... while running in the middle of the bridge... Don't know how write to describe the moments.. you should try laa.. (those who never do PBR). But the hard part running early in the morning.... kena wake-up early...

At 8km, reach Merbok bridge.. Mr. Tew show water station location. Got 4 cans of 100plus in plastic bag beside road divider. Continue run, save that drinks after return from Semeling.

10km, reach pekan Semeling.. and we past each other (Mr. Teoh and another guy, they did 36k run until Tupah). End of pekan Semeling, pusing2 jalan kampung inside Semeling and exit at Semeling Wet Market. Continue run until Merbok Bridge.

Reach water station, wrap powergel (likes lemon flavour) and refuel.

Last night, baru sedar, no wonder laa.. powerbar station at KRI selling cheap powergels... nearly expired date. Hantu betul! bought 4 lemon powergel and will be expired 24Nov2004... Cilakak! esok mati!.. Hopefully at Penang 12H walk (14Jan05), my stomach do not give any problem as i plan to use all of it.

After refuel, feel like like theincredibles... so after know their secretly route so... turbo a bit.. left about 100m.. Arg! kena buang minyak lebih plak... Lorry tyre jadi mangsa... heheheee...

Continue run until Sg Layar, we split. Other runner takes short cut to Taman Jublee which is total route is 18km. I & Mr. Tew take another route... additional of 6km to Taman Jublee. Run together... until, can't tahan panas matahari.. (it was 8am) so i turbo at last 4km left Mr Tew behind.

Finished 24km run at Taman Jublee with 2:21:32... huh! lega... but sakit kaki... laa..

p/s: Raya pics... damn!! my digital Nikon 3200 rosak.. Keluar "LEN ERROR" message after came back from kampung. Luckily under warranty. Takes a month for repair service.

Tuesday, 9 November 2004

Deepa-Raya dulu..

Tomorrow is my last day working before on leave for Deepavali and Hari Raya until 21/11. May be on 13/11 balik kampung to Taiping to celebrate 1st day raya there, 3rd day raya celebrate at my kampung Sungai Bakap. Then balik Bedong on 18/11.

For sure after Raya will train kaw kaw punya to prepare for Metro, Penang Relay, Jelutong, KWYP and Padang Kota. While in ramadhan i really shutdown.. just run for warm-up only. So kena get fit balik in a week before Metro & Penang Relay.

In taiping, 2nd hari raya, may be in the morning.. while other still asleep, will be run at Taman Tasik Taiping (dekat tempat orang bela gajah, badak, cipan, orang-utan, bangau dan lain lain natang lagi). Situ pun banyak good runners selain daripada rimau. Then probably will visit/ziarah my new running friend in Taiping who is already register to join SP team to do Penang Relay.

So conjunction with Deepavali and Aidilfitri ni.. i would to wish all the group runners especially pace_makers team, my colleagues at office, my classmates in ITM Manjung (Class of 93), SokSek88, friends in Manjung, friend in ex-company, business partners, kawan-kawan yang terlupa nak hantaq kad raya and last but not least to visitors of my blog..


Monday, 8 November 2004

My missing medal

Sunday 7/11/2004
Just came back from S.Alam yesterday after 4 days of preparation and presentation to board of directors (BOD).. thanks god! they all agree and found that our company excellent in-term of cost reduction and continuous of kaizen activities. We are also was appointed as role model to other subsidiary. Yeah! tepuk tangan for me! tepuk! tepuk! tepuk!..heheeee.. next phase.. implementation of the ideas.. the hard part! (gatai sangat bagi idea)

Gelap sikit...lampu dim

Friday 5/11/2004:
There were 7 groups, to presentation their ideas which represent from their own department, we finished at 6pm and got opportunity to berbuka posa with BOD. That berbuka puasa feast at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club was... gosh! don't know how to describe.. pesta makan!... i ate everything and it was the most & alot i ate during buka posa.. imagine aaa.. start berbuka from 7pm (after magrib) until 8:30pm. You know laa.. buka posa free in 4-5 stars golf resort.. nak tunggu lagi.. belasah cukup2 punya.. selagi ada ruang!. Sampai kena melawat bilik termenung. Luckly i musafir.. so can jamak magrib laa.. (as a muslim, i was far from my home and got opportunity to forward praying time to next period)

Before going back to hotel.. i visit restroom again.. sampai hotel.. visit restroom twice. After watch Survivors.. ZzzzZZzzZzzzzz.. kecewa Rory kena out! baru dpt sembang dgn geng laki dah kena vote

Saturday 6/11/2004:
Check-out hotel and went back home, On the way, read Harian Metro newspaper in sport section. "Larian Lebuhraya Jelutong" and "KLIM 2005 tawar hadiah RM300,000" wow! another run event in Penang and KLIM05...

Refer back to my Monthly Schedule diary.. December04.. wow! full of run events.. almost every week got run event.. so lega/gumbira.. after disappointed by Mahathir Marathon... i was plan the to go there to run/holiday all out, already contact my old friend there to book a 3D/2N room. Nasib baik tak bayar sewa bilik... except entry fee for 1/2M Mahathir marathon RM20... kena ask them for refund.

Sunday 7/11/2004: a missing medal.. Found!
Yeeeahaaaaaa... was jumping with triple somersault haha!..and ran to show to wife my missing medal! It was a Ipoh International Run medal!!!! laaaa... huuhahaaaa.. i sudah erased dah that memory... and suddenly Majlis Bandaran Ipoh really really fulfill their promise to post the medal.. but i noticed that on the medal, do not indicate any category or run distance whether 21km or 42km... Just simple design.. anyway bertambah medal collection aku...

Noon, received a call from Mr Teoh from Sungai Petani, who ran with me at Cafe21 in Kangar.. so he ask me to join Penang Relay on 28/12/2004... wuhahahaaa.. orang mengantuk dihulur bantal.. apa lagi.. i accept laa.. right now they have 12 runner and need another 3 runners more as backup.. so try to contact my other running friends in Taiping and Sg. Petani.

And i be informed by Mr Teoh also, got another run event in Sungai Petani "Metro Run" a day before Penang Relay... hehehehahaa.. gumbira betui dengar run event dekat in Sungai Petani ni... This Metro run organise by private Hospital Metro.. will get the info tomorrow and the form.

and 11/11.. Mr Teoh and SP runners group will be run from Taman Jubli Perak to Tupah, which is cover almost more than 30km as training to race in Singapore Marathon. He invite me... but it still in bulan Ramadhan.. tak boleh laa run for 30km. Kena taruh minyak after 15km... After raya will train hard for run events in December!.

Before bulan Ramadhan, the route to Tupah was my weekend trek. From home - tupah - home, it cover more 25km. Tupah is kaki bukit Gunung Jerai.. memang best! so peaceful, road free from car traffic, a group of boys and girls pom-poms can be see on your left and right along the way. They always cheer you up and do their business.. monkey business!, Water fall and river flow along the 5km to the end. A drinks always provided at the end of the road which is JKR Air Kedah reservoir. As a community service, they provide 6 taps of pure mineral water out-side the entrance for public.. Every 2 week, i go there to fill-up 4 bottles of 5 gallon as drinking water.

Late evening received a called from my older bro in Bangi.
"Hang & family masuk paper la.."
"Hish.. paper mana & bila?"
"Star hari ni.."
"Gambar macam mana?"
"Ada stroller.. alauddin pun ada"
"Yang tu gambaq StarWalk kat Ipoh bulan empat, hari tuh"
"emm tak pa lah.. abg dah kerat simpan.."
"okay!.. tooooooootttttttt"

Gambar hiasan

Terus pi kedai paper.. lucky it was last kopek Star paper. Selak punya selak.. Kat StarMag.. got pic with family doing fun walk in Ipoh. That pic use as gambaq hiasan only.. but it was larger than old one.. kerat! taruh frame laa...

December run event will be go:
1. Metro Run - 27/11
2. Penang Relay - 28/11
3. Larian Lebhraya Jelutong - 5/12
4. Starwalk (just do a fun walk with family) - 12/12
5. KWYP City Run - 19/12

1. Penang International 12hour Walk - 15/1/05

Old website

Just surf and search for JKR Air Kedah Tengah phone # in and this website appear!

My old and unfinished website for JKR Air Kedah Tengah. That period of time, i was a contract staff before join my current company. Worked as Programmer /System analyst /Network Administrator / Technician / System Engineer..etc you named it.

That time they don't have IT section, only IT guy is me! which kerja macam Lone Ranjer cover 7 reservoirs and 3 branches maintain Water Billing System. But the good thing about working in goverment especially with Tender Section.. every morning got vendor belanja for breakfast and sometime breakfast with nasi + ikan bakaq at 8:30am!.. Morning break and tea break very sharp! and extend to 1 hour.

Really miss that old days..

Larian Lebuhraya Jelutong

Organise by Perkhidmatan ahli Parlimen Jelutong and Pergerakan Pemuda Malaysia Cawangan Daerah Timur Laut, will be held on 5 December 2004.

So those who keciwa with Mahathir Marathon and can't go Singapore Marathon, this is an alternative run event. Detail & form, refer to E&F section la noh!

Jogathon Metro 2004

Another run event in Sungai Petani!.. The 2nd (i guess.. miss last year) Jogathon Metro 2004 will be held on 27 Nov 2004. Organise by Hospital Pakar Metro. Closed date 22 Nov.

And.. the important one.. as indicate in entry form:

For me.. a warm-up for Penang Relay on 28 Nov. Detail & form, refer to Event and Forms (E&F) Section.

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

Run at Tasik Shah Alam

Sunday 10:30pm:
Received a call from my groupmate, remind me about going to Shah Alam tomorrow. Arrgg! i thought on wednesday, Luckly he call to remind as we will go by car pool. Got pack after sahur.

We need to do a presentation to Board of Directors at HQ regarding ideas and planning to improve company performance. After 3months of study, we come out with ideas and recommend solutions and planning. And before implementation, need to seek directors & committee approval because some of the ideas need investment.

Monday 1th Nov04:
Reach Shah Alam at 2:30pm, check-in Quality Hotel, get rest and it was raining outside.. Plan to do slow jog at Taman Tasik Shah Alam.

5:30 - Still rain...
6:00 - Rain stop, bought food for buka puasa at Kompleks PKNS
6:20 - Yeeahaaa...
6:50 - Run back to hotel
7:05 - Buka poasa.. Alhamduliah

As it's first time running in Taman Tasik... Huh! really fun.. Cuaca pun still a little dark and cold after raining. Do warm-up a bit in-front hotel for 5mins... then run to Wet World (i guess laa) pusing 2 round there.. then run cross to other lake which got Restaurant terapung (don't what name).

Then tawaf 1 round at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin. Lari around tasik memang best, make me forgot everything, enjoy the scenery and remind me when i use to be to run around tasik like this at Jitra. That time my sister in-law stay there to finish her study in UUM. 6:40pm, time to buka puasa so turbo back to hotel.


The event is to be held under the specific rules of the 2nd Penang International 12 Hour Walk Organising Committee set out herein. The 2nd Penang International 12 Hour Walk is hereafter be referred to as the "Walk Event".

Venue: Esplanade, Georgetown, Penang
- Each lap/circuit of the course is 1078m

Date & Time:
- Starting Saturday 15 January, 2005 at 2000 Hours
- Ending Sunday 16 January, 2005 at 0800 Hours

Categories of participants:
- Men Open 18-39
- Men Junior Veteran 40-49
- Men Senior Veteran 50 and above
- Women Open 18-34
- Women Junior Veteran 35-49
- Women Senior Veteran 50 and above

Details of event can be reach at pm1 website.

Will upload the form as i receive it.. please do visit again for update

Tun Mahathir Marathon - CANCEL!

Got a message yesterday from my friend in Taiping..

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad International Marathon 2004 was cancel and they postpone the date to next year, 20th August 2005. Details for verification can be visit their website.

From the website:
Due to local and foreign athletics request, the event has been postponed to next year. The registration payments can be kept for next year's run or you could have a refund by contacting the organizers via email ( or contact the Alor Setar office.

Err.. aku mati akai.. kat mana nak lari nih. SG M - no passport.. pakai Border Pass boleh masuk ke?