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Thursday, 31 March 2005

Brunei Marathon 2005

Oh! Sh*t... Brunei Marathon 2005!.. on 11 Dec 2005.

Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Singapore..........

First thing i checked.. Air Asia ada sampai ka kat Brunei..
Tak ada!!!

..from PM1

Perak River Wildness Quest

Organizer of the IRON BOUND CHALLENGE have released preliminray details of the upcoming 2005 series, Kuala Kangsar, Perak Royal City will begin the season on 21st-22nd May 2005.

PERAK RIVER WILDERNESS QUEST 2005 (PRWQ05) 2 days stage adventure race, followed by IRON BOUND CHALLENGE - LUMUT RACE which is tentatively set for september, the latter being a premier event where entry will be invitation or qualification only...

so don't wait until closing date... Check-out our website!

Race Overview
Appealling to weekend warriors and ameteur adventure races alike. IRON BOUND CHALLENGE one-day adventure race not only test participants physical, but their mental endurance as well. Each team is made-up of three members.

If you and our teammates have not already registered for the next performance adventure racing event. We want to invite you to this race. The sprint race format is a challenging and do-able multi endurance race - coded as the 'Iron Bound Racing Series' is a teamwork challenge that combines road running, off road mountain biking, trail running, river crossing, traditional bamboo rafting and some interesting 'mystery test'. The three-person team must complete each section of the course together and must cross the finish line as a team-challenging team to work together and stay together. Weather you're seasoned competitor or first time adventirer racer, everyone is on the same playing field, enchancing the atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

The couse of each IRON BOUND CHALLENGE SERIES is truly unique and suited to the specific terrain of the area, each race includes road running, mountain biking, jungle trekking, river crossing, swimming, river scrambling and our special mystery test. The exact order and distance of the events is not revealed until the day before the race. Adding a different dimension to adventure racing, mystery test are interspered throughout the course and are kept mystery until the competitors actually approach each test. Teams are expected to finish in 6-8 hours.

It kinda Mild Seven Outdoor Quest competition. My physical background is running but had kayaking experience since college study.
Mountain bike = NO!
Fixed Ropes = NO!
= Boleh ka?

Anybody interested to form a team with me? Drop a message here...

Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Larian Agrobio UPM

A - Men Open: 15km
B - Women Open: 15km
C - Men Veteran: 10km
D - Women Veteran: 10km

Contact: 03-89464280 /4285 /4286

Form can be download at Events & Forms section

Friday, 25 March 2005

Report: 12 Hour Run

Didn't join the run due to legs recovery period. Wish i could join the run.. but next year laa.. Got another mission this week.. Nilai 3 Half Marathon.

Didn't know where is Kubang Sepat. Just depend on my 7th sense to guide. The 6th.. hopeless!. Make me lost nearly 1 1/2 hour around Alor Star to find roads to Kubang Sepat (KS).

Went with family seem tommorrow school holiday.. so okay lah if drive back late night. But not me.. Esok kena potong kayu api daaaa... Taupau nasi lemak from Bedong and plan to have dinner at KS.

At Alor Star, i was confused by registration info.. Kubang Sepat or Bee Bee Park?.. Finally reach KS at 11:00pm. Kids already slept with empty stomach.. aduih kesian..

Had dinner behind car with Jasmin & Wife and enjoy seeing runners passing-by. I think my wife, also interested in running.. the topic we talked and chat while having nasi lemak.. At least i got a green light when went out for a run event.

Women category
Men category
The Checkpoint.. each runners will record for number of laps
The Rest, Recovery, Drink and Meal station

Numbers of participation increased from 70+ to 100+ compare to last year. 90% were veteran runners.. emm can said senior veteran laa.. The rest below 30. KS is a small town/pekan, located 15-20km from Alor Star. Surround by paddy fields. Really a quite pekan. Runners can have a peaceful run with a bright moon-light and pom-pom by local folks. The route cover half tarred. A loop is about 3+km.

Mr. Teo
SPRunners: The Boss
Cikgu.. from SP

Repesentative from SP Runners Club

First person i meet.. Tey! still run steady and strong after 4+ hour of running. Then i ran a lap with Teo (SP runners's chairman). Chat abit with him about the club activities and took photos.

The V with Kung Fu style?
Chin from Penang
Me and Kenny.. at last
Kenny and Peguin behind.. still steady..
Who is it?!.. da Penguin!

Then meet and chat with famous penguins, Chin PG, Kenny Tan.. hey! at last we meet with 4 eye balls..

Tey, Teo and Cikgu
A group photo with Chin, Terence (Penguin), Me and Teo
A winner in my heart.. Jasmin

1am.. Alauddin already slept, Jasmin still running and jumping around. Wife.. yawn a few times. Tommorow kena potong kayu api.. Shake-hand with KL runners and "Keep on runnning guys!"

So.. 12 Hour Run at Kubang Sepat... i did 3.5km!

Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Next Circuit for Sirkit Kembara

Larian Gunung 2/4
- North Zon Tengah: Gunung Jerai Gunung Angsi, Negeri Sembilan
- Tarikh: 5 June 2005

Sure will register.. dekat saja.
Dok kat rumah boleh nampak..
Dok office pon nampak..
Pejam mata tak nampak laa..

... tak pi laa.. memang tak nampak terus.

Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Sirkit Kembara

Bermula dengan..
1. Zon tengah (Gunung Chenuang) Mac 2005
2. Zon utara (Gunung Jerai, Kedah),
3. Zon pantai timur (Gunung Tebu, Besut, Terengganu)
4. Zon selatan (Gunung Angsi, Negeri Sembilan).

Postal address:
Sekretariat Sirkit Kembara Negara,
Persatuan Kembara Negara,
No. 11, Jalan 14/1, Taman Tun Abdul Razak,
68000 Ampang, Selangor.

More information, please contact Muhamad Rafi (012-371 5412), Nasri (019-312 4577), Juliyana (019-697 6651) or Marina (013-674 8262) or email to

Click here for info

Forms can be download at Events & Forms section.

Larian Kubur

Date: 17 April 2005, Sunday
Venue: Tien Hou Kong Temple, KL
Distance: 9.6 (open) n 6.5km (others)
Contact: 03 2274 6645

..from PM22 @ pm1

Dengar nama larian pun... sudah kecut-perut aku.
Jangan jatuh dalam lubang kubur sudah!

Form can be download at Forms and Events section.

Monday, 21 March 2005

Nilai 3 Half Marathon - Go!

After gedebuk-gedebuak, stay away from people for two days, went hibernate at Jerai Montain... I decide to cancel my 12 hours run at Kubang Sepat, Alor Setar on 24-25 march.

I'm not ready yet for tough run, my legs still not 100% recover after KLIM05.

As replacement, Alex racun aku to run at Nilai 3 Half Marathon. It was a last minute decision on the last day of registration.

And within a minute after the decision.. we able to get another 4 kaki lari and enough for a van. Thanks to lucky draw prizes (a shop lot valued RM75,000.00, A Perodua Kancil car and etc) and number of medals for finishers.

My leg still under-repair, never did more than 10K training run after KLIM05.

Win a Perodua Kancil - Should be enough for enjoyment..

or a Shop Lot - Will be a better enjoyment.

Friday, 18 March 2005

Another Suggestion for Bendang 2005

I understand organiser's constraints - money, manpower, etc, but here's my 2 sen worth:

1. Medals for everyone great, but will cost a lot
2. Accurate distance markers
3. Unlimited drinks after the run (one or two coupons mana ada cukup), plain water also jadi
4. A place to wash up (you said it can be muddy)
5. Something other the Milo t-shirt (I already have 4 or 5 same design from different events)

- seniorvet

Thursday, 17 March 2005

Subang Jaya 10km Run

Date: 26 June 2005
Venue: Komplek MPSJ, USJ 5, Subang Jaya
Distance: 10km, 7km, 5km and 3km Fun Run.

..from pm1

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Suggestion for Larian Bendang 2005

Yesterday, start a slow run for 4km after a week+ rest as a reward completed a KLIM marathon. Actually my left leg still not 100% functioning. Just a slow-slow pace and gave a "hah!" sign to lorries which horn to loud, make my heart rate jumping.

4km = 14.37 / 14.50 (29.27)

After i published Larian Bendang Kedah yesterday... receive a few SMS.


..reply back
"Hi cheng, i'm fine. Just start run after KLIM. Would suggest for LB05, medal for all finishers sebagai kenangan. Baru ada semangat nak lari."

..received again

..reply back
"Sure will run in 21k. Any form available? Please fax to me 044668135. Will publish/share the form in my blog"

..received again

..received again

"i'm also workout 12k run 4 my company. maybe can share ideas. Give yr email add."

..received again
"Yap Bedong. Sure can. At my office modenas anytime. Weekend tight wt train'g"

received again..

So far from last year. North region lack of half marathon run distance including Penang. I ran 21km once in Kedah which was Power Bendang Run and once in Cafe21: Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore Half Marathon at Kangar, Perlis.
..Penang cancel - Malu betul!.

Seem that Bendang Run the only annual half marathon run event in Kedah, they should take advantage to provide enough facilities and organise a well-run event. Make the runners remember when thinking of Kedah run event..

'Bendang Run'!.

For instance.. Perak!.. all runners remember, finisher medals habis at IIR04.

How about Larian Bendang Antarabangsa?!

My suggestion base on last year experience..
1. 3 water-stations or more.
2. Medal for all finishers
3. Use same run route – extreme / unique sikit
4. More categories
5. Offer more cash
6. 2 bib#, to pinned back and in-front of vest
7. Design more nice t-shirt

Think, more cash and medals can attract more runners to participate.

Marathon distance run event in north region.. sapa mau buat? angkat tangan..
..Penang sudah tarik diri...

Seharian di Tupah


I was alone. Wife attended Biro Tatanegara (BTN) since Thursday and after drove her to Kem Bina Negara at Balik Pulau, Penang, went to Taiping plak send kids to stay with Atuk and Opah on school holidays.

Alex came to my house after knew i single this weekend. Plan to stay a night but end up with two.

What we're doing.. just talking about runing, running and running. Bawa him to visit Tupah waterfall, showing my long distance/weekend track.

Tupah.. turn right (green fonts)

The Tupah river flow along 2km road or 4km if return. But must return laa.. it's a dead end road until JK Air Reservoir. If you running early in the morning.. wah! tell u.. best!

On the way to JK Air Reservoir. Jerai mountion in-front

Can hear sound of water flow, birds and monkeys screaming, take a deep-deep breathe of clean and fresh oxygen, nature scenery and Jerai mountain in-front.

JK Air Tupah Reservoir

Mineral water taps

End of road, JK Air provide free, fresh and cold mineral water for public. As i said before, once every 2 weeks came here to fill-up 4 bottles of 4 litres water.

After Tupah, we went to Tanjung Dawai, which famous for dry/salted fish products. It's so cheap. Most of visitor came here, looked for it. Had dinner at Tanjung Dawai beach.. enjoy seeing the sunset..


Went to Merbok Archaeology Muzium, visit tapak-tapak Candi Batu Pahat. Then when to Damai Resort..

OK! This resort build in fruit-trees plant such as durian, rambutan, manggis and etc.. If you rent a room during musim buahan then you can eat as much as you can - FOC!. Also got a cold-water river from Jerai mountain near-by.

Then drove again to Tanjung Dawai, this time we went to Pantai Merdeka with boat. Paid RM1.50 per pax and took about 15mins to reach. Located at Kuala Muda, an hour of driving from Bedong to Pantai Merdeka. But 20mins only, thru Tanjung Dawai by boat.

A quite and windy evening at my house, Alex reading newpaper

Alex looked happy for 2 days tours around my home-kampung. He felt too tired to go back to Bukit Mertajam. He stays another night and went back on Monday morning as i heading to office for work.

Alex is fast-runner. Always finish at podium in any run events. After knew the KLIM 2005 result for 21km Veteran category from the net.. he really.. tepuk dahi.. pap! pap!.

His last 21km run at Padang Besar end in 5th placing and clocked <1:25.00>

"Don't said I didn't tell you to go for 21km at KLIM" said to him.

His RM1500 already fly...

"Next year... still got laa."

..for 2 months my blog was accidently visit by search word "Gambar Tupah"... i know what you find for... i watched it once... (local VCD, a hidden cam took a couples merendek!)

Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Larian Bendang Kedah

Date: 21th May 2005 (Saturday)
Venue: Stadium Alor Setar
21km - Veteran, Senior
11km - Secondary School
06km - Primary School
03km - VIP

224, Jalan Shahab 2, Shahab Perdana,
Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah,
05350 Alor Star,
Kedah Darul Aman


For detail, call the number above.

- TQ! ysb

Saturday, 12 March 2005

Report: Kuala Lumpur Int. Marathon 2005

Remember one of Q&As in Runner's World magazine July 2004.
Q: What's the hardest marathon in the world
A: Your first one!

Ya! right.. KLIM05 tough! Although i trained for 3 months, follow the marathon training program, shorted the weeks because of late start and still that was less than moderate run performance from me. Maybe it’s design to finish only.. kot!

..Or maybe i should blame to KLIM route a lots of hilly, fly-overs, too many motorist to look for, smog - makes my lung less O2, too many water stations that i had to stop and drink at each of it, 3 packs of powergel not gave enough power to accelerate, too long of 42km route, KLIM's t'shirt not nice, runners who walk.. and they force me to walk too..

My training route didn't have all that.. and still i run in good performance. What's different between train run and race run?!

Remember.. don't play-play hah! with your first marathon. Expect the worst.

I completed my first marathon / for my mom / for my dream as main target - HAPPY x 3! and second target to finish in less 4hours... too extreme, change to 4:00 - 4:15 - NOT HAPPY!

= HAPPY 3/4 only..

From Sg. Petani, we took a train. Accompany with my supporters (Wife, Alauddin and Ayah) and pom-pom girl (Jasmin). Last time we came by train for KOTR 2004, the second-class coach was ours. After Bukit Mertajam - KL, we can play hide-seek and sleep anywhere we like.

This time, kena getah!. Bought only 2 tickets and two seats shared by four of us.. Aduih!. Takkan semua pi KLIM kot...

Reached KL Sentral, catch KTM Komuter to Bangi to Bro house at Sungai Merap, see new born baby boy.

Noon, Check-in at Heritage Hotel. Classic hotel. A lot of historical places photos, Pics of KL, Penang, Ipoh and etc before WWII. Ayah love it. He walks around the hotel to see the pics.

To Menara Kuala Lumpur. My wife never went and badly wants to going up for past 2-3 years ago. Nag to me each time we were in KL. I'm already gone once 5-6 years ago had a dinner with former boss at Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant. Enjoy KL view in 360 degree as our table place rotate. Nice...

Dataran Merdeka..KLIM05!

At Central Market we had nasi kandar for dinner. Want to sleep early laa.. Ayah, enjoyed listening young men sing a song, playing guitar. He's musician too.. He used to play saxophone, flute, alto-sax and trumpet in young ages but now angin pun dah semput.. he just played keyboard, guitar, harmonica, ukulele.

Anywhere he goes.. flute and music notes must be inside his beg. Most of songs he played Chinese, western oldies and P.Ramlee song

Teo help me pick-up the bib# and pass to me at hotel. They just check-in. Stay a few doors from us. There were 9 runners of SP Runners excluding me. 8 men and a woman. 7 of them registered for 42km, 21km and 10km one. From 7 of 42km, 5 will do their first marathon. Only Teo and Janggut did marathon before. So we were coach by Janggut during training run. You know laa personality of a dragon year person like Janggut... die hard punya orang.

Switch off light. 11pm.. Jasmin cried, her body temperature.. Hot. Fever. Luckily my wife brings medicine. Half an hour, she cried again. Pujuk + tepuk for 5mins, she sleep. Again half an hour.. she cried.. 4-5 times, i thought something not right with the room.. maybe "feng-shui" tak kena ni.. My wife felt the same, so she urge to switch sleep location. Again half an hour later, she cried... until 3:15am... her body temperature still hot.

Think, I only sleep 2-3 hours.

Courtesy from SukaimiWhen to Dataran Merdeka an hour earlier before starts time with SP Runners. Meet-up with my internet friends like Sukaimi the Ultra-man from Singapore, Jason (who did 12H Walk at Penang) and the famous Penguins. Never meet before but we always tagging at each blogs and thru emails.

5am - Bang!
I ran my first marathon!.. Start with slow pace. Ran with Jason and Terence the penguin. There were 298 runners in my category and 775 men ran for KLIM 2005. My left leg still gave a bit pain since ran at Padang Besar Half Marathon last week.

Cross the Chip mat at 53.53mins base on my stopwatch. Feel OK. Target to cross 10km at 55mins. Target to cross 21km below 2H. Maintained the pace. At first 10km water station.. Wrap the first powergel.

Left leg start mumbling. Cross Chip mat at 1:59.00. Slow down my pace for 10mins. Then continue at normal pace. KL, start buzy. Try to enjoy myself by looking at Hutan Batu... but... cannot.

Before, about 9 years ago i used to work at KL (Kelana Jaya) at MAS Computer Center. Job was good, Everyday can cuci mata by looking at girls train for stewardess at MAS Academy, got free air ticket to anywhere in world once a year. The ticket can carry forward next year to make it two and more. 70% discount for domestic flight. That day, paid between RM20-30 to balik kampung. If anybody ask..

"Balik dengan apa?"
fuh! juah tak dak dah.. (Swank?.. to maximum)

But, one thing i could not stand for... the city lifestyle, traffic, neighbours, rent a house with 3 small rooms with 10 housemate – I orang kampung laaa.. pegang pisau toreh.

After 8 months quit, went back and work at Lumut. Fuh! gumbira betul dapat balik Manjung and Lumut. Paid RM 250 rent a bungalow.. BUNGALOW!!.. Weekend go for fishing, jog near by beach, bore?!.. went to P.Pangkor, snorkelling..

Really miss Lumut. Will go again for Powerman. Opsss.. where am I?.. KLIM05!

Cross chip mat at 3:04.19. Wow! try to maintain the pace. Inside, was imagine to jump and celebrate with kids and wife if i cross between 4:00 - 4:15 hour. But likes the most articles said, the last 10km is where the marathon begins. I blamed to my left leg, it start cramps and force me to do my first walk.

Pass one of SP Runners, Lim Thean Seng (A127). He also face legs cramps and he sat down on the road. Try pull him to continue run with me.. He refused.

"You go first.. Haris" said Thean Seng.

For last 10km.. i did run-walk-run. Get my third powergel.. still not help. The distance mark was confused. Just continue run-walk-run. My stopwatch shown 4:20mins...

"ah.. sudah pi dah.. just enjoy the run loh"

Courtesy from Tey

Talked to a few runners who pass-by. 3km more, suddenly saw Mr. Tey, busy snap photos. Huh! Running with SLR camera and equipment.

We ran together until, 50metres to finish line, Tey sprint, left me behind.. Actually i was slow down my pace. Could not believe what i saw a finish line!. I was sebak nearly to cry, i was thinking of my mom...

"Mak.. i did a marathon for you.."

Looking at the crowded.. i was smile.. Rise up my hands and cross the line.

My stopwatch shown 4:41.01

Jamie, also finish a few millisecond after and congratulate to me for the run.

Meet-up Sukaimi again, he did sub 4. Wait for SP runners. Try to walk to PM group. But kaki sudah lembik and cramps. Jasmin also looks tired, not enough sleep and fever some more..

L-R: Lim Thean Seng, Me, Teoh Kim Chye, Hing Soong Kee, Forgot His Name, Chew Siang Chin, Soo Tiang Kok, Chuah Hock Chun, Maria Him Gek Heok.
Sit: Teo Boon Huat

Walked to back to hotel, Check-out, Meet Jason, took a pacesetter bottle belt which i had order - Thanks Jason!

Went to Pudu by cab and alhamdulliah the VIP coach bus was waiting just near-by the cab.... and ZZZzzzzzZzzzzz.

Sukaimi from Singapore - Courtesy from him

Courtesy from Tey