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Friday, 27 May 2005

Cream Crackers Photo

The Cream Crackers photo action at MMMDS II, Lumut.
From powerman website

Snapped by Quick Release cameraman.
I'm taking a photo of Shamsul Fitri, our last runner in 8km discipline. A hundred metre more to finish line.

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More MMDS II photos at Lumut

Klang Marathon

Larian Bandar DiRaja Klang 2005
Date: 31 July 2005
Venue: Padang Sultan Suleiman, Klang
Close date: 25 July 2005.

Roshayati Abdul Rahim
Urusetia, Lbdr Klang05,
Bahagian Pembangunan Sukan,
Majlis Perbandaran Klang,
Jalan Perbandaran 41675 Klang.
Tel : 03-33716044 Samb. 2512.

* from pm1

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Report: Larian Bendang 2005

Aaaahhhh.. feel like a family gathering. Meet all of my running friends, SP runers (2 weeks tak jumpa..), BM leopard runners, Geng Alor Setar, Alex, Zul, Najib and blog visitors.. were here. Spend 45mins before proceed to Starting line by chit-chat, said hi, woi!, weeehhh!... ayooo.. & laughing - Great time!

Reached A.Setar 5mins before 6am, perform Subuh at Masjid Zahid (betul ka?). Alex called, BM Leopard were waiting their bib# from my car's bonet.

Musuh ketat on the run. Zul, indian guy, Ah Kok, Najib and his junior, finished in 10th=RM20
Early morning in Stadium Alor Star before 21km flag off
11km ready for aerobic exercise

The run start in Stadium Alor Setar - first time get inside. I'm not a big fan of soccer.. - Again, more running family members wait inside. Said.. hey!.. hai!.. wey!... and @#$%^&*()%$#@! (Joking words laa...)

Meet SeniorVet, one of my blog visitors, the only representative from Singapore!. After this run, he fly to Hatyai for another run event. - Wow! true runner & kaki jalan (makan angin).

Only one 21km category, probably because lack of number of runners. Everybody were put in here, men, women, even the foreigner especially Thainese also had no choice, no 11km for them. No age category. In total.. there were 80 participation in 21km.

Chat abit with SeniorVet while warm-up. The weather was perfect. Just like at Lumut. Heavily rains stop early morning before Subuh (5:45am). The roads were wet. The sun, still hiding behind the dark cloud. It was a cold morning and legs were warm by Sloan Cream.

Aerobic exercise with VIP
Flag off for school category
Flag off for women category
School category.. run aloop in stadium

Sharp 7.00am - Flag off!
Did a loop around stadium and exit to the roads. Really enjoy the run on early stage. Start with slow pace. Chat & laughing with SP Runners, musuh ketat BM Leopard and a morning greeting other runners.

Running map for LB05

Still running on traffic roads. Policemen really did their parts, control the traffic. Start potong sayur and sembang - Aku cakap banyak betul pagi ni

Bendang! (sawah padi) - i'm waiting for. Road course was changed, compare to last year, we ran on the tarred road until finish line. It was a kampung tarred road. Both side, you could see a large paddy field. Weather still cold and windy. The greeny of paddy field... - Peh! cantek. They was a huge Gunung batu kapor far far away and clouds still cover the mountain. Some of people still planting the paddy, racun pokok padi, other just come for visit and pom2 the runners.

Again, potong sayur more..

Water station - huh! water drinking too cold.

Saw a familiar faces of women thainese runners, usually they won lots of local run events especially in short distance (8km, 10km & 12km). Today, they got no choice must run in 21km. - hehee.. i potong sayur.

Water station - "Plain water please.."
Wrap the powergel - rasberry flavour, Yurrrkk!!

Still in Bendang, 1-2km more.. head to Taman houses.
My stopwatch shown 1:12.05. In my head.. start calculated 6km x 5mins/pace = 30mins.

Plus 30mins+12min = 42min or 1:42mi. - Can do PB nih...
Ran alone. 3-4 runners.. 100metre behind. Nobody in-front me.. Probably they already pecut.

The run course, join with other category, 11km veteran, senior and sek men (Secondary School). I jadi sayur.. lots of indian.. potong. No more bendang scenery.. ran thru Taman Muhibbah. Increace the pace.. until meleleh ayeq hidung.. Kaki.. - duh! Feel like want to walk... run or walk or run or walk... my mental already tortured. If I walk.. for sure after the run feel guilty gila b*bi punya.

Thanks god!.. i saw a balloon 2km to finish line
Saw a huge ballon on the sky.. - finish line not far..
Maintain my fast pace.. A lots of kids & 11km category runners join on same road. Ran on hilly fly-over, cross the rail-way. By-pass Bomba... by-pass last roundabout.. The Stadium!.. and cross the finish line!!..

Stopwatch shown.. 1:37.49!.
"Position number?"
"26th" - Wuhooo!
Had 6 cups of 100Plus and livita.

Finish line.. for all categories
50 Medals.. waiting for you.
At finish line..
At finish line..

Karnival Amal Hari Penyayang is like pesta.. started since yesterday (Friday). There were lots of events like fishing, x-games, tarik tali (my company - champion), football, food stalls, education exhibition, karaoke, classic cars, blood donation, auction, coloring and etc.

Traditional dances group in-front of Sultan Kedah
Sultan Kedah with laksamana & hulubalang

Would recommend to runners to put Bendang Run in your running calendar next year and come with family. There were lots-lots of activities. and next year, if you register thru post.. They will courier to you the bib# & tshirt. - Serious!

Kids following the Mascot
Classic cars..
Beetle.. classic cars
One of my Supercars

Too tired to walk around stadium. After breakfast+lunch, called and said thanks to Bendang Run chairman for well organized run event. We plan to meet.. but it was too crowded and too loud with music..

With SPRunners at finish line

..i did a PB & got VIP track-suit!

No tri-bike allowed.. Please
Alauddin & down-syndrome kid, ..They run without me...
Be informed by my wife, a down-syndrome kid came late with his mother. He was eager to ride a bike & follow with his friends.. but the race already flag-off. So he just ride around inside the stadium. If i were there.. will accompany with him until his cross finish line.

Monday, 23 May 2005

Weekly mileage 16/5 - 22/5

Mon: Rest, back from Lumut
Tue: 10km @ Home - Taman Sinar Mentari. 4:50am (51.54)
Wed: 10km @ Office - Petronas, 5:20pm (45.05)
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: 21km @ Lari Bendang 2005
Sun: Rest

Total mileage = 41km.

Short News

"F*ck Me!" - Keanu Reeves, SPEED

I got 26th position
and finished 21km in 1:37

Time Split
10km - 48.02
15km - 1:12.05 (24.47)
21km - 1:37.49 (24.59)

Think the course short 1km - 1.5km

F*ck Me again!
Received a call from LB05 chairman, said the exact 21km road course is 21.6km

Yeah! i know, i run all-out that day... but < 1:40 mins - Wow!

More report... besa laa.. Berita Larut 2-3 malam lagi.

Friday, 20 May 2005

Cinta Sayang Run


They will announce new date later.

to 25 June 2005

Fuh! Canteeeek!

Thursday, 19 May 2005

Report: Malakoff Malaysian Duathlon Series 2

Touchdown at Lumut at 4pm, so shock the town was totally changed. The Jetty building was changed even the small shops selling sea products also changed. Transform into new futuristic-look buildings.

Spend half an hour there taking photos, walk around Lumut. Saw alot of Malakoff’s banners along the road.

The Lumut Waterfront, 5 years ago was a small playground and park, while waiting ferries to P.Pangkor. "Warung Pak Din" stall which locate opposite Lumut Post Office was closed. ... duh! - It is Friday!

So hungry thought to have lunch with "Mak Ngah" the owner of "Warung Pak Din". May be tommorrow..

Stayed a night with my good friend /office-mate /housemate while working here a few years ago. A lot of topics & past memory were chat that night. He is waiting a third baby probably end of this month or first week of next month.

Went to Orient Star Hotel for registration. Wendy and Fitri not arrived yet. So i registered and pick-up the goodies beg for Cream Crackers.

Interesting about team members.. I never meet them personally. May be Wendy and Fitri meet once at MMDS I at Dataran Merdeka, but i just recognize them thru their photos and blogs

3 of us came from 3 different state. I'm from north (Kedah), Fitri south (Kuala Lumpur) and Wendy from middle-earth (Ipoh, Perak). Thanks to net and blogs, we could build-up a trust and form a team - That is Sport.

While waiting & walking around the lobby.. Somebody approach me..
"Hi!.. I'm Nezz.."
"I'm Nezz"
"Oh! you're Nezz.. I thought..

<18SX Have to sensor, some of the words not allow to be wrote>

Nezz participated for first time in Sprint Category - Huh! not bad hah!

After meet-up with team members and hi-tea, went for Race Briefing. Told us do & don't and played a video clips for MMDS I - huh! terbakar aku!

Decide to stay with Fitri and his friend Fadzli. Fortunately, stay same floor with Nezz at Harbour View Hotel.

Raining heavily outside early morning.

After subuh and had light breakfast, get down from hotel and walked to Marina Wing where the race start/finish. Get prepare and wearing my gear while my eyeballs scanning for Wendy.

Meet weblogs friends like Azwar and Terence.

15mins to Start
"Eh! Where is my timing chip?"
"Mana ko letak" - Wendy
"Ah! sudah.. left at hotel pa.. dlm beg tak dak"

- Pundek! i was so panic, search again inside my beg - None!
Luckily it was inside other pocket beg!
- Cilanat! gelabah bewak aku..

7:30am - Individual category flag-off

Warm-up abit. The road still wet. The weather still cold and the sun arise behind the dark cloud.

7:40am - Bang! Relay category. Start with slow pace. Enjoy the Kuala Lumut scenery along the road. Alot of runners already overtook. My engine not warm yet. Don't want to make a mistake like i did at Hong Leong Run.

Pass T junction, turn left to Manjung. After pass Lumut Inn.. saw 3 runners in-front, look at my stop-watch.. Already 10mins
"Time to speed a bit..."

The problem is.. Only one bib# given and it attach in-front. Don't know what category they are..

Skip 1, 2 and 3rd water stations. It's okay for me 10km without water.

Pass t-junction; turn left to Venice town for another 1km. For 2nd runner, they need to do U turn here. At 5km U turn, my stop-watch.. shown
"Hah! 22mins ka?"

Maintaince the pace.. Turn right at t-junction. Meet Terence the penguin on the run. Until the last T junction
"Haris!" shout Nezz
"Hoi.. naik gerek dah"

1km more.. Speed-up! Overtook a group of runners, reached Marina Wing and an heard announcement..
"Cream Crackers! Your runner just coming back.. Get ready!"
- Pass the timing chip to Wendy..

Huh! kaki already lembik.. What if i do individual today?.. How to kayuh gerek?.. Those do did individual.. salute you!

After two days finally, the official result came out.
We are top 10.
10km Run: Me - 0:46:17
60km Bike: Wendy - 2:21:06
8km Run: Fitri - 0:43:20
Total - 3:50:43
Position 10 of 13 MiX team relay.

It's good enough for us, as we target not to race with anyone except against our self.

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