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Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Kuantan International Duathlon

Date: 2 Oct 2005
Venue: ..@ Kuantan, Pahang
Contact: Roslan 019-9561489 @ 09-2314209

..from Rozmi

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Next coming events

Still waiting update from official

Sirkit Kembara Negara
Venue: Gunung Jerai, Gurun, Kedah
Date: 26 Nov 05

Iron Bound Challenge Bukit Merah
Venue: Bukit Merah, Perak
Date: 11 Dec 05

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Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Pasir Gudang Half-Marathon 2005

DATE: Sunday 25th September 2005
Time : 6.30 am
Venue : Pasir Gudang, Johor


..from Rozmi

Monday, 19 September 2005

Temasya Sukan 2005

It was first time my company organized sport events ala Olympic. Before, there were futsal, bowling, football, ping-pong, in-door games, bored with same treasure hunt format except different destination and etc-etc-etc. So far no abit-extreme sport langsung like hiking kaa.. mount climbing kaaa.. canoeing.. camping kaa..

Think, it good idea from a new commitee of Company Sport Club, at least everybody /every-level /young-old could involve together. And relationship could become more friendly. - That the sport is.

Firstly heard from committee, they want to held mini-marathon. I was excited. They asked me for a working paper. Take a day to complete. Then they trim-down the expenses, the route, the categories, the prize and closed (only for staffs). - Yeah! i want to run. You run the event.

The committee decide to held a mini-mini-mini marathon (3km), 100metre, 400metre, 800metre, long jump, shot put and javelin throw. Staffs, were divided into five teams. Macam sport event at school laa.. rumah/team kuning, mutiara, helang, tikus, bunga taik ayam and etc... For us, team were named base on motocycle models. I was in Elegan team. Others were.. Elit, Karisma, Kriss and Kristar - 5 teams

A 3km run start early morning after launching ceremony and aerobic exercise. It was raining heavly before i could reach the office and i missed those events. After get changed, warm-up abit, slow jog and were approach by colleagues..
"Hang menang laa.. yang nie.."
"..Weeyy! Hang masuk mana aci!"
"Sure Habih laa.. kami.."
Aduuuh! Pundek! Pressure.. pressureeee..

Everybody know me because of my training run. Running from Office <-> Gurun before going back home. Mostly 3 times in working-days. So.. if kalah - then malu wooooii.

2-3 days before, decide not coming.
So i could use a reason like...
"I could not coming laa.. i going for Petaling Jaya Half Marathon"

A day before - Got no-where to run. Said to myself..
"Let's face it! Lose or Win - it does not matter"

Line-up infront of Sport Complex

Warm-up. Wuih!! ramainyer


Half-way more

After flag-off, most of the runners ran really fast. I was start slown behind. Shutdown the pressure, load a fun-run mode. Run+chat with colleagues. 500metre, most of runners start to walk. Potong..

1km, i was running with a heading group of 5 runners. Potong.
One of them start turbo and ran with me. Turbo for 50meter, he chased me. Test him twice.

At 1.5km, he stop and tight his shoes lace - Hehehee... tunggu apa lagi.. Press turbo boost until 100metre and maintance the pace. Ran alone till cross finish line.

a five year kid ran with his mom for 3km

Winner for women category. She is my dept clerk. IT Dept staffs won for 3km run

Nagaro-san. Plant Manager. 4th. Haiiitt

Lompat Jauh

Acara balapan

Merejam lembing / Javelin Throw

Baling pelure / Shot Put


Heat1 800m - first, Final 800m - last

..Won! jaguh kampung - heheee..

Lesson Learned
1. Don't let untied lace - Lost your valuable time /minutes /moments
2. I could run distances.. but not run sprint. My 100m, 400m and 800m end last.
3. Team Elegan - Won!

Waiting for medal ceremony

Friday, 16 September 2005

Bicycles to Australia

A couple travel from Liverpool to Australia for 2 1/2 year.
Sold their house for a life adventure.
Read their journal with photos @

Really inspire. I wish.. no, i dream, no i wish, no dream.. do that once kids grow-up and have their own life. May be travel around Malaysia... - Dream

..Hate all the technical thing. Brain sudah karat. I want life.

Company Sport events

..for staff only

Tarikh : 17 September 2005 / Sabtu
Masa : 7.45 pagi - 5.00 petang
Tempat : Kompleks Sukan, (COMP NAME)

There will be a mini-mini-mini marathon (3km), 100M, 400M, 800M, lompat jauh, lontar peluru, merejam lembing.

I'm taking 3km run + all run events only.
At least i'm doing something this week and forget about PJ Half.

Oh! Please don't cucuk me.. or else i be..
Dr. David Banner: Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Johor-Singapore Int. 2nd Link Bridge Run

Date: 2 Oct 2005
Venue: Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar
Distance: 21, 10 & 5km
Click here - registration form

Monday, 12 September 2005

Report Bukit Larut Off-Trail 2005

The Worst Run Event of The Year

Bukit Larut Off-Trail 2005 (BLOT). Thru my 2005 running calendar, It was my worst running experience. Not because my performance or tough route but the event organizing. Semua peserta reached finish line marah, some of them slam the table, koyak cert, koyak baju.. maki hamun jgn cerita laaa.. but will story detail later.

I know this story dah basi and dah larut seminggu, but actually i was very upset and disappointed in BLOT. Gantung my shoes for 5 days. No mood to run. hehee.. but sebenarnya aku rendam kasut tu dlm baldi for 3 days. 4th day basuh. 5th day baru kering. 3 days aku rendam kasut. If i know bad organizing of BLOT - Baik aku buat training run.

Paid RM30 - Mahai tuuuh. Register KL Int. Marathon lagi murah
Apa yang dpt - nothing.. except the cert.. - pi ambik sendiri.. bertimbun dlm kotak
No t'shirt..
Medal - Jgn mimpi laa.. if half-way, top 10. At the end belum tentu lagi. Sesat, ditipu and etc.
Lari macam nak gila - Gila, cari jalan. Buatnya sesat dlm hutan bukit larut. Sapa nak tanggung? Sendirik laaaa.. dah sign dlm borang.

Okay.. cerita pasai map for Open Category.
Start at Dataran Kedamaian, Taiping Lake Garden.

Start -> Check Point 1 (CP)1
Flat road. About 2-3km. Passing MRSM. Get into Bukit Larut entrance.
- 1st Water station

CP1 - CP2
Start climbing bukit larut. Between 2-3km. Luckily there were alot of akar pokok to step on or to crawl.

CP2 - CP3
Between 1km. Running and hiking
- 2nd Water station

CP3 - CP4
Running down the hill. About 3-4km. After that run on flat road to CP4 between 1-2km.

CP4-Taiping water fall/Batu Hampaq
3-4km flat road. Passing kubur perwira/askar until Burmese Pool.

Batu Hampaq / Taiping water fall - CP5
Run thru river. Probably 0.5-1.5km. Then run thru kampung houses to Sek Tunas Bakti until across Lake Garden road.

CP5-Finish line
Flat and hilly road thru Lake Garden jogging path. 2km

On schedule run start at 7:30am. But waiting for VIP, senam-robik and etc.. flag-off @ 8:30am. Nasib baik ada 2 cheer-leaders performance and a heavily rain before subuh. Sejuk hati and cuaca.

Orang angkat berat!

Five Young Cannibals

At starting line

Hedilee pun ada jugak.. He got 5th

Open category flag-off

Zul?.. i don't know what he is doing

Women category flag-off

Startup pun dah kelam-kabut whether Open or LMS (Larut, Matang and Selama Category) or mix to flag-off.

Start run to CP1 with moderate pace, sometimes speed-up abit try to catch-up with front group. 1km before reach CP1, elite group for LMS - potong. Mostly indian runners. CP1 @ kaki Bukit Larut, first water station - Wah! good la.. 3km sudah provide bottles of mineral water - Not taken, thought want to climb, don't want to bring heavy stuff.

CP1 - CP2
Really tough for me. Never train panjat bukit. Half-way climbing, i was crawl. Reaching & grab tree roots to pull-up. Alot of Open runners potong sayur at this part. More than i potong on running before. Stop and take a deep breath more than 10 times - i guess. Looked at other runners - cehh.. rileks ajer depa panjat. Aku dah setengah mampus. Until one stage i nearly fell-down to back, could not grab roots and can't control my body stability. I was decide to quit, my head was spining, peluh meleleh lebih dari lari, pinggang macam nak patah, then heard a shout..
"Tak jauh! another 200metre!"

Ohh! Thanks! your shout really boost to continue climb.
..and finally reach CP2. Got 2 marshal. Pick-up drinking water - Pheeww!!

CP2 - CP3
Walked about half-way to CP3 and then start runining after finish a bottle of water.
Between CP2 and CP3, LMS category need to run down and Open, continue run on tar road to CP3.

CP3 - CP4
At CP3, we direct to run down the hill. Heard some LMS runners shouted unsatisfied to marshal, i don't know why..
The route was very wet. No tree root to step on. Lot of dried leaves and slippery track left by early runners and the heavily rain adding more slippery.

At quarter-way, i was shock to meet-up with LMS category those try to climbing-up. Aikk?! How come? They should follow start climbing up with us at CP1 until CP2 then run down between CP2 & CP3. Then i remember situation at CP3.

A few minutes after, i meet-up again with LMS and Open runners they run and climb back to CP3.
"Mana ada jalan!"
"Ini tipu punya kerja.."
Said LMS and Open runners
Aku mati akai.. ikut depa naik or terus lari turun.
"Gila nak naik balik"
Said to myself and continue run down. Masa tu ada 3 org runner dgn aku. Depa pun decide lari turun.. so aku follow.

3 of us know, we already lost. Tak ade laluan or track bekas org lari turun. In-fact 3 of us create new track. Jatuh berguling, luka berdarah, kena duri, jatuh terduduk, tersungkoq jangan cerita laa.. We're lost!. Just depend on shouts with other runners who could listen ours'
sayup dengar balik - hope not an echo.

Then left me alone - Cilaka! mana depa ni..
Luckily i meet-up with an army i guess run for Open category
"Bang, orang sini ka?"
"Bang familiar bukit ni ka?"
"Selalu dok training turun bukit ni"
"Cam tu, saya ikut abang lah!.. saya tak tau langsung jalan ni"
"Takpa.. kita ikut tanda cat merah kat batang pokok"

Punya la laju abang tu lari. ..sup ..sup - hilang!
Hantu betul. Tinggal aku sorang tengah hutan.

Aku follow cat tanda merah. Then came a indian behind,
"Betul ka jalan ni?"
"Saya pun tak tau.. kalau rasa betul ikut lah"

Dia potong dan sama jugak ..sup ..sup - hilang!
Mangkaq betul!

Suddenly datang abang army dari belakang aku..
"Whoih!! abang pi mana?.."
"Aku sesat laahhh.."

...his betul ka abang ni..

This time aku betul2 follow dia, takut hilang. And finally we able to get down and jumpa jalan tar.
- huh! nasib baik aku tak sesat!.

Kali ni, got advantage lari on tar road to CP4. Potong abang army and another guy in Open. Passing CP4, which located at t junction to Bukit Larut entrance.

CP4 - Taiping water fall/Batu hampaq
A flat road, potong alot of runners... mostly LMS category. Open - don't know sama ada depa sesat or i was left behind.

Taiping waterfall/Batu Hampaq - CP5
Here, can't remember what disciplines we need to do. I just remember there was a river, explained during briefing before aerobic exercise. The marshals didn't inform us what to do, just direct us a path along the river. Actually runners need to run thru river to CP5 - Hey! Don’t blame runners to remember all those disciplines we need to do. We’re struggling focus on the run. Marshal should inform us or put a signboard / message to runners.

Running along the river.. and end at school fence..
Cehh! Sekolah Bakti ke ni... patut cross sungai baru jumpa..
Run inside the school, thru school field, class rooms... and end at small fence door which direct us to cross the river. There no running track or trail left by earlier runners. Was puzzle for 3-4 mins. Thinking to cross the river or run thru main gate of the school. Thinking... asking others runners.. same answers..
"Mana tau..", "Hantam ajer lah"

- School guard was upset because we run inside school compound without any notice. But he unlock a small door for us.
"Encik.. kami pun tak tau.. sama ada jalan ni betul ke tak.."
That time, there were more that 20 runners.. still puzzle where to head to.

Cross the river and wash my shoes too... and got one lady mandi berkemban.. lari balik rumah - Malu kot kitaorg lalu depan dia. And inside kampung houses.. got a marshal waiting..
"Weeyyy apa buat macam ni... apa tanda pun tak dak.. menyusahkan org"
Shouted to marshal

CP5 - Finish line
At CP5, collect a 5th rubber-band which were used to tight nasi bungkus. And here.. banyak plak marshal tunggu.. Dalam hutan reti plak, takut nak tunggu.. tah2 ada org sesat tak boleh keluaq.

Cross Lake Garden road head to jogging path inside. As far i could see no Open category - so slow jog until finish line... At finish line, pick my cert and walk to rozie..
"Depa tipu.. "
Gloookkk, gooouukkk - Minum isotonik drinks x 2 botoi..

Finish line

Runners yang tak puashati and protes

A few meter to finish line

Medal yg kurang quality. Tali pakai simpul

Kasut ni dah cuci kat sungai tadi

Gaduh position 1-2 women. Tak puashati.

Kalau tak aku no. 3.. tapi depa punya pasai dapat no 28. Apa raaa..

Penyokong Perak

Geramnyer aku...

End of Part 1/2

Thursday, 8 September 2005

Report Larian Merdeka @ Larut Tengah

at Taiping 2 Sept, friday night.. Zul called and invite me for 3km run at Larut Tengah tomorrow morning. I was not interested, want to save some "fuel" on sunday. ..3km?! Maybe suitable for my wife - Rozie.

10 medals were allocated for women category and so far only 7 registered said Zul.

"3km only, if you can not run.. then walk lah.. medal - confirm!" cucuk aku kat Rozie.
"Okay" she agreed since her mom teased her for being "extra".

The run, which organised and prepared by Zul was one of events for JKKK Air Kuning, Larut Tengah Family Day. It was a kampung run event, run thru kampung houses, taman houses, a bit off-road and hilly. Other events were, cooking competition, coloring; azan; qunut for kids, kopek buah nyioq, musang berjanggut and others.

Upon reached, thought want to do a warm-up run only so registered both of us.

Before flag-off... warm-up exercise - Aerobic..
With oldies songs in sixties - like Dara Pujaan, Pop yeh-yeh songs and A-go-go dances..
Yeah.. it move my feet and the veterans.. - They love it

Rozie.. looks cool. It was her first run event. She used to jog around taman once a week for 10-15mins. And 3km.. think no problem for her. Kids not coming - still sleeping.

8:30 flag-off the run.
Women category - Less than 15 runners
Open men category - Less than 20 runners

For men category.. starting.. everybody run like mad cow - Zzaaaassss.. left me alone behind
..after 300 meter.. most of them start walking - Potong one by one

Try to chase 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners. May be they far in-front, as i start slowly for first 1km. Run thru kampung and taman houses.

500 meter more, Zul came by kapcai urge me to potong 3 runners in-front and finish line not far. Speed up my pace and able to overtook 3rd runner 50 meter before finish line.

Got 3rd ...and a trophy

Rozie, she got 6th position - She looks happy getting her first medal
and me - my first trophy