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Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Keracut Conservation Run

Date: 10 December 2005
Time: 8.00 am
Venue: Penang National Park, Teluk Bahang
Distance: 7 km
Tel: 04-8813530, 012-4257201 (Rahim)

Organised by Penang Nature Tourist Guides Association

Registration form and running route can be download at Forms & Events section.


Monday, 28 November 2005

Berita Ringkas 28/11

After meredah sungai, merangkak, bergayut, mengelonsor, tersungkuq and luckily not tergolek-dog, able to finish Sirkit Kembara Negara (SKN): Gunung Jerai. It takes almost 2 hour to reach the summit and only 1 ½ hour to gelongsor down.

With helps and advices from new team manager Mr. Alex Ong from BM Leopard running club and also a cameraman, both of us (Najib and i) able to grab the top 10 finisher medals.

Tapak kasut dah terkeluaq dah..

Compare between Bukit Larut, Taiping and Gunung Jerai..
"Bukit Larut tu.. ciput saja.." said Najib who miss the top 3 finisher.

With walking like handicap, can not bend down.. berak duduk after SKN yesterday, I participated another run event held at Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth.

Listen to my team manager advise aka camera man again, I did an easy and recovery run. No timing recorded. Able to finish 8km in < 46mins said the mystery guy.

Offer 200 medals to finisher which I could not compromise.

Malu plak.. dia
Hints - Mystery guy..
1. From KL
2. Pacemakers member

Full report and photos for both events, visit again in 2-3 days.

Friday, 25 November 2005


Gunung Jerai, Gurun.
Already raining 4 days in a row. Sure tanah licin and muddy punya - Habis kasut aku. Baru basuh.

Able to do 8km slow jog yesterday since after KRI.

Registeration still open until 8pm tonight. After clock-out, need to rush to Merbok Archaeology Museum for bib# and briefing.

Been inform it is an off-trail route - Die laa..

Najib will be join me. And Alex.. he pom-pom us.

Wish me luck.. huh!

Thursday, 24 November 2005

Report KRI 10km 2005

While switch ON the PC at home..
..Smell kind of bangkai here. Like cicak mati around my working table. snif.. sniiff.. and sniifff. Must be mati kena karan inside my PC. Could smell it thru small hole. - Cilakak. Pi main tempat lain la.

Saturday @ Lost World of Tambun.
Wow! Really looks like at Jurassic Park or Lost World here. Better than Bukit Merah. More water games. Food can bring inside. Got natural hot spring. Fun fair rides. Dinosaur?! they replace with clowns and Chikedee mascot. - Chikedee.. teringat zaman bebudak.

Entrance of Lost World of Tambun
Waiting for tickets. RM21 Adult and RM16 kids
Tempat lepak
Fun fair rides
Kids water playground
Me + Jasmin
Alauddin + his cousin with Chikedee
Balik @ 5pm

Stay at a 2 star Fair Park Hotel with other SP Runners (Teoh, Chew, Lai). Very near to Ipoh International Run starting line and 3 mins drive to Polo Ground or Taman Rekreasi Sultan Azlan Shah or KRI starting line. Standard room.. spacious, clean and comfortable for 7 of us (4 adult + 3 kids).

Sunday. Race day.
Reach Polo Ground at Zero Seven Hundred hour. Was late. Urge SP runners proceed first to Polo Ground. Return to room for un-finish business - twice.

@ Starting Line
Meet-up with KL friends. >1000 runners registered. It's a record for KRI 10km. 7:30am, flag-off by minister of Perak. The crowded were lead by Mr. Ron Hill. Bostan Marathon winner and first person who ran a marathon below 2:10 mins.

Wife and kids pom2 me after flag-off. Though, they couldn't make it before race start. TQ.

KRI 2005 10km Road Race map

Passing Heritage Hotel. Right leg, start giving a ache. 2 days rest, still didn't recover. Ignore it and listen to mp3 player.

Pundek. Right leg, woi.. sakit. 7km more. Start raining. Wanna turn and walk back. Timing 12.54mins. Pace 4.18.

At Jalan Gopeng. Passing Istana Kinta and all the big2 bunglow & houses. Just maintain the pace.

A U turn. Could saw all fast runners when we passing each other. Pacemakers friends. Some familiar faces. Timing 22.47min. Pace 4.33. Return to Jalan Gopeng.

Doing a U-turn on straight road, I know it’s exactly 10km. Not + or -. Like most of the events, the route distance not exactly as they claim. Kalau jarak 8.6km.. kata la 8.6km. Jangan kata 10km. Tak baik tipu orang.

Saw road signboard "Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah" - Lega. Polo Ground not far. My mind urge me to overtake 3 veterans in-front. My right leg said..
"Don’t la.."
Straight road. Could hear loud music from Polo Ground. Take-off my ear-phone. - Maintain.

Polo Ground!. 200meter to finish line - Koyak kaki some more. Once cross the finish banner, my watch shown 44.42mins but had to queue for medal. 2 runners in-front. They record the timing once runner received their timing card. My timing was, time lari + time beratur = 45:50. >1mins than mine.

Just finished. Ronnie was behind me.
Finish  banner
Penguin2 - Khee Meng
Penguin11 - Chee Wee
End of 10km
A long queue for timing card and medal
Saudara KetamBatu
Teo - Chairman of SP Runners
Long-long queue.
Post-race refreshment (food + drinks)
Kesesakan tol PLUS
Family photo
Kata keju..
Me + Alauddin
Me, Ronnie, Meng, Terence, Ron Hill, Chee Wee and Eric
The SP Runners. Teo, Chew, Me & Ah Lai

Wednesday 23/11/2005 - Official result came out.
Number of participation in KRI 2005 = 860
Number of participation in my D category = 149
Official timing = 45.50mins
My own timing = 44.42mins
Position in D category = 24
Overall position = 90
Gender position = 89
*Ceeh.. kalah kat 1 pompuan.

Since KRI 10km road race become so famous. More runners and more categories.
1. Timing not accurate. Taken after queue not when cross the finish banner.
2. Trophy giving and lucky draw took so long. 12 noon pun tak habis lagi. Most runners came out-side from Ipoh. Kena balik/check-out hotel.
3. Recommend range of hotels for runners. From budget, 2stars, 3stars and etc. Discounts rate, would be nice for runners.
4. Printed certificate should send by post.

Nice t’shirt and pewter medal

Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Keluarga Bahagia

Karangan bebudak UPSR. Something to learn from.
Happy Reading.

KRI 2005: Short news

Pheeew! Can't believe it. A 10km PB and 4++mins faster than KRI 2004. Last year, I was ran on day 3 of fasting month also did a PB which was my first time ran 10km below 50mins - Gumbira betul.

KRI 2005 - also gumbira!

KRI 2004: 49.23min
KRI 2005: 44.42min

 If... I could run like this from beginning to finish line.. bungkus R. Muniandy!

Full report in 2 days more and waiting official result.

Friday, 18 November 2005

Family day

Will be reach Ipoh tomorrow morning (Saturday 19 Nov). Stay Ipoh 2D/1N. Got 2 missions to complete.

Mission 1: Get lost in Lost World of Tambun.
Never been in Lost World yet.. but entry fee - yummy.. sembelih!. Already promise to kids about going there. They were jumping see it on TV and keep asking when. Duh! Unfortunately two cars going together and.. sponsor: Taukey kilang moto!

Although my pocket koyak rabak pun... Watching kids jumping around, screaming, playing, running, swimming and etc - Will forget the koyak-rabak-pocket and what to do... better join them laa.

Mission 2: Run away in KRI 10km Road Race.
My second entry. Last year, was ran in fasting month - Meleleh..

Not really aim any target but hoping, i could run less in 45mins. Ramadhan was 2 weeks ago.. but i need to finish my sunat 6 days fasting... so not enough "training" to boost my confident level.

Read my last year report

My bib# this year is D001. Last year B01 - emmm.. my registered number.

Read KRI news update

Hotel? - tidoq kat mesjid kot.

See you at KRI, this sunday.

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Training @ AIMST

Mostly 4-5 days a week i training and passing the AIMST, which is 1-2km from my home. It looks like more than 70% completed. The development still in progress. But not so rapid as it start. Maybe the base structure was completed.

AIMST was build on hilly land. From road, i could saw a completed hostels building, reservoir, lecturers house, admin building and sport complex.

For months i wonder how it look like inside.

There were 3 entrance. The left entrance, use for lori-lori hantu came-in and out and got security guards. Right entrance which is lead to sport complex, was closed and locked. Center entrance, main entrance.. i guess. Look like main post guard still in development, was open. Block by a concrete pipe and red tape to prevent from motorist. Heheehee.. can jump laaa..

Probably AIMST will be move-in next year or two from temporary building at Sungai Petani. Trees planted, landscaping in progress.

Sport Complex
Running track, in-front of sport complex

@ From sport complex..
Fuyooo... running track!.. still fresh and clean. It bounce back when jumping. Baru siap gamaknye..
Did 2 laps of running. My mind was running alot of plans inside.

Test run. Background is Admin building

@ inside sport complex
Arrrgggg.. swiming pool! must be olympic size. - heheee orang jakun+perak. In Sungai Petani, only got kids pool type. Swimming pool were at 4-star hotels and high charges.

Run thru hostels building and lecturers houses. One of securities with motorbike came from behind..
"Ahhh sudah.. mampus aku kena maki... ceroboh"
While on running track, i could notices 3-4 securities were observed my activities.

"Awai lari.. hari ni"
"Dak aihhh.. ni pon dah lewat.. dah dekat jam 7 dah. Saya saja pusing2 kat sini"
and he left.
Betul laaa.. dia betul2 observe my daily running activities.

To reservoir. Lecturers houses on left
Night at Semeling from higher ground

Then head to reservoir, which located above >10 storey hostels. Canteeekk.. bukit! boleh buat hill training.

After running down from reservoir.. head to Admin building and exit at center entrance and run back home.. was 7pm dah.

..peeeh hopefully, it could completed and move-in by next year.