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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

mp3: FourPlay

This all-star group (comprised of keyboardist Bob James, guitarist Lee Ritenour, bassist Nathan East, and drummer Harvey Mason) was formed in 1991 after the quartet came together on part of James' Grand Piano Canyon album. They have since recorded a number of CDs for Warner Bros. that have all been big-sellers, not surprising considering the popularity of James and Ritenour.

Larry Carlton took over the guitarist's spot in the late '90s, first appearing in Fouplay on the band's successful 1998 album, 4. The group's music borders on jazz with some strong improvisations mixed in with large doses of pop and RB, about what one would expect from these studio musicians.

Listen to this, make me free... for awhile..
Their new albums without Mr. Captain Finger - Lee Ritenour.. kurang kick skit

Ni laa akibat tak pi lari. Nak kayuh.. hujan tiap2 petang.

Enjoy the jazz songs.. - Click play button on the web player.

Embedded mp3 player on your blog

Couple of months ago i been looking/searching on how to embedded mp3 player on this blog. Lots of reference/tools/website show-up, but had not time to test it.

Till last week.. ada free sikit.

I'm seeking for flash base plug-in. Coz it could run on any platform/OS.

From the list.. XSPF Web Music Player is more simple interm of graphic and the coding. No need to register, which i really annoying.. asking for an email address for verification then penuh with junk mails.

Ok.. how to do it..

1. Need online storage
- To store your mp3 files and the object files.
- In my case.. i registered ripway, it offer free 30MB. Any free & larger storage available.. please tell me.

2. Your personal blog
...such as *

3. Download the flash player component.
- Download the xspf player at and unzip. Got 3 type of xspf players.
a. Music Player Slim
b. Music Player Extended
c. Music Player Button - not test
- Inside each zip file, got 3 files. *.as, *.fla and *.swf. (Except MP Button.. got more files.)
- Next steps.. I will focus on Music Player (MP) Slim. Yang lelain tu.. boleh cuba sendirik.. Kalau jadik.. bagitau kat aku.

4. Upload your mp3 files and xspf_player_slim.swf to online storage

5. Create xspf playlist using notepad.
- Save as MyPlayList.xspf

- For <image></image> is optional. xspf_player_slim.swf will not show the photo while playing.
- More songs.. copy, paste (before </track>) and edit for next song.

6. Upload MyPlayList.xspf to online storage.

7. Now... edit & paste the object code into your blog template.
Edit the width and height if you need. For MP Slim.. height is 15

8. Save/publish the template
- View the result..

9. Problem?
- Normally, I test the object code on online html editor at w3school before save/publish the blog template.
- Paste the the object code and click "Edit the text and click me" button

10. More detail?
- Can go thru at their help file.

Happy listening your mp3 songs.

Monday, 27 November 2006

Result: 3rd Penang International 12 Hour Walk

Extract from The Star: Metro (North edition) on 27 November 2006

Sunday, 26 November 2006

3rd Penang International 12 Hour Walk

Not participated. Just went to meet-up & chatted with friends. Still in recovery mode. After pick-up my buddy Alex at Bukit Mertajam, we headed to Padang Kota via ferry. Long time tak naik feri.. a bit shocked that the fare had increased 70cent to RM7.70cent. Compare to Penang Bridge.. still RM7

@Padang Kota. 7pm.
Road between Mahkamah and Padang Kota was close to one lane. But still able to drive on both direction. Other roads.. not affected with traffic.

This year, 12Hour Walk introduce new category - A Team Relay. A team consist of 4 walkers. Think.. dapat banyak sambutan especially from lots from MNC. Number of registration.. also increased. I don't know exactly how the relay team rules.. but i could saw/felt their happy faces and having fun walking race. Was thinking again.. I should highlight this relay team to my company also. Ya.. probably next year.

Sharp at 8pm. - The race started.
Usually when gun bang!.. we could saw huge crowded run pecut gila.. like 100metre.. but here.. everybody start walk slowly... Walk maaah.. 12 hour! they had alot of time to pulun.

Pom2 and snapped their walking action until 10pm. Had to go. Tomorrow.. got date with cycling friends to kayuh from Tikam Batu to Mengkuang Dam and Alex... he go run event at Bukit Mertajam.

Good luck..
Mouse over the photo for description

starting line
With Thean Seng.. the only wakil from SP Runners. ApekPG@Chin and his buddy Tan
With kawan2 yg sentiasa selisih/chatted on running race. Left: Rizal, Mahathir and.. lupa la nama abang..
Thean Seng and Yu Song.. get ready to speed walk
Rest tent
Waiting to flag off at 8pm
The zombies
Another geng of zombies
8pm.. Bang!
Boleh sembang2 lagi tu...

Yu Song from BMA relay member from Singapore.. who was first to complete 1stlap

Right.. Another Muniady from PenangTey and Jamie from KL. Wakil from geng mamak.. Der_pacemakers

Veteran walker.. Pak Wahid. He was a winner on 2nd 12H Walk last 2 years.Sedara N.. Boleh nampak vest + kasut saja. He always smiling all the way

This.. marka from China. Fuh! really fast walkerAhPek @ ChinPG from Penang

SeniorVet from Singapore.. Blog visitorTan.. Best friend of ChinPG.. mana2 pi.. musti depa berdua.

Jamie.. mengantuk :POh!.. Champ! 2nd 12H Walk winner. From Belgium.. if not mistaken

Mr. Anynonmous - Aiman Cheah, from KL.Tey from KL

Relay team.. waiting for partner to continue the walking
Drinking station
100 Plus Station
Food Station. Still early.. After midnight.. macam pesta makan.
At 9:30pm. 1:30H of walking
Chip cross line
Route facing the sea

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Take It Easy.mp3

Start doing recovery run. Did 2-3km light and easy with kids and cikgu. Actually cikgu ajak keluar doing some exercise. She felt extra weight after celebrate raya + she rest alot since her finger (right hand) kena jahit.

All the pinggan mangkuk + laundry + lipat kain baju + cooking (..more taupau actually) was done by me. Lemak dia...

This is new short-cut road from AIMST to Titi Sg. Merbok. Bypass Pekan Semeling yang sempit and sibuk. Still under contruction. Most of local took opportunity to jog/walk and cycling on this road.

Cikgu start slow jog. Aku.. race dgn bebudak naik gerek. About 1.5km.. she asked for a bike. Penat katanyer.. Heheheee.. kayuh menyenget. Then I'm doing light & easy run until end the road and U-turn back to car.

..yayaa.. Tee cikgu - sponsored. TQVM daun keladi :=)

Penang: Round the Island Relay

The most awaiting run event in Penang.. the PAAA 29th Annual Round the Island Relay 2006 will held as detail below. The reason why the Der_Pacemakers group was formed 3 years ago.. as I remember.

I was a stranger/alone in this run event, searching for running info. Then I found this guy.. - Ronnie. Who is in the midst of forming a running group for Penang Round the Island Relay.

I requested to join his group.. and he placed me as 13th runners. That why I was called the PM13 – Thank you Ronnie.

But sadly the group can not make it that year.

So Ronnie.. this year the Der_Pacemakers MUST come down and rock the Island – kasi tenggelam the island.

Anyway.. last 2 year, able to participate in this Relay with SP Runners group. Happy reading.. my 2004 Penang Round the Island Relay.

Date: 17 Dec 2006 (Sunday).
Time: 6.30 a.m.
Venue: Padang Kota Lama (Esplanade), Penang.
Contact: Mr Govind 016-4628260

Form available at Forms and Events section.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Report: Powerman 2006

One of the events that i'm very nervous and gabra bewak. With leg still not fit, start at 1pm - tengahari rembang/lit-lit (never training under this condition) and >4hour workout - a kind of marathon duration. Sejuk/Kecut perut aku. Pray hard.. to finish faster for jamak.

Mouse over photo for description
Yang ni lagi power
On the boat to Pulau Pangkor
@KOta Belanda

Bawa ayah sekali to pom2 me. Dia dah risau dah... aku tak kasi bawa kelambu tidoq dia.
"Takpa ayah.. aleh bawak 2 ubat nyamuk letrik"
Dia memang tak boleh tidoq semalaman jika ada 1-2ekoq nyamuk.
After heard his snoring that night... lega aku - Tidoq lena dia.

At night and early morning.. not going any where - stay @hotel. Went to car park, belek2 gerek, adjust sini-sana - hati tak sedap, saja kasi sibukkan diri. 11am pi kedarah nasi siap2.

12pm - park gerek dlm bike area. Jumpa + chat will net friends.
Panas nak mampus. Warm-up belom.. peluh basah baju.

01pm - Peeekk START! 10km RuN
Leg still... arrrgg.. Just doing slow pace.
"Apa kejadahnyer aku buat kat sini tengahari rembang?..." - pop-up on my mind.

This year the race start at Hotel Putra at Dataran Lumut not at Marina Wing (MMDS II - 2005), which is a 1km behind on same road. Same U-turn location, at Venice of Perak.

Elite group
Still far behind

Too hot.. sip abit at 1st Drinking Station (DS).. then curah atas kepala. Continue slow habis punya pace. 2nd DS - mandi again. A U-turn at 5km, watch shown 25.07mins - Had to change to plan B. Still running seelow + fake senyum. Till bike transition area.. 1:01mins - confirm B. After that i did not track my timing any more. Tengok jam pon dak.

Crispine Omondi Onyango.. 1st on 10km run
Benny Vansteelant.. 2nd
Hundred meter to end 10km run
Coming out, on bike

60km Bike
From Hotel Putra to KL university (Maritime Division) u-turn back to Lumut. Need to finish it in 2laps. Quickly changed + out from bike transition. Naik gerek. Kayuh slow for 5mins.. then start speeding.

Then @16km after u-turn at KL-U, left leg cramp. Sempat pull right leg from pedal clip. Left leg dah jem.
Kedebbbukk! jatuh aku belah kiri jalan.
Melalak aku - tolong!! help!! arrgg!! @#$%^&*^%$@#
Dia tarik gila babi.. tumbuk tanah aku masa tuh. Kaki kiri still clip kat pedal.
Then one of competitor stop & mai bukak kaki aku dari pedal + bukak kasut + rapat kaki kat tanah + tolak hujung tapak kaki kedepan. For 3mins.. said OK to him
- start kayuh.

@ transition area
Benny Vansteelant.. 1st
Joerie Vansteelant.. Benny's younger brother - 2nd
Crispine Omondi Onyango - 3rd
Lines of bikes

Again at 20km - right leg cramp plak!! Boleh rasa urat peha aku dah keras. This time both leg tak sempat tarik dari clip..
Kedeeebuuukk.. terlentang - melalak sesungguh aku. Dia tarik cramp lagi kuat belah kanan. Siku tanah lagi aku - tahan sakit.
Mai 2 marshall, bukak dua2 kaki dari clip.. then tolak hujung kaki.
"Bang! mana boleh!.. letak kaki saya atas tanah.. tolak hujung tapak kaki"
"Bang! pegang lutut saya"
"Hah! Tolak hujung kaki - kuat!"
"Lagi... aaarrrrgghh"

10mins after that..okay abit, continue slow ride 24-26km/h. Hujan. 2nd lap. U-turn again at KL-U. Slow. Takut aku.. cramp lagi.

At end of 1st lap.. another 30km more
At end of bike
3rd cramps at bike transition

A few meter to bike transition. Left leg tarik lagi - cramp. Sempat bukak kaki kanan from clip..
Kedeebuuukkkk.. terlentang kali ketiga.
Ramai orang tulong. Habis 8-10mins tang situ.

Keep on rolling..
To park the bike
Quickly change to running shoe
Patut bukak seluaq dulu..
Aarrrrggg.. 4th cramp
Still standing &..

@Bike transition
Quickly change to running shoe... Aku rasa lain macam dah.. kaki kanan nih.
Cramp again!! Melalak aku panggil org tulong. After 5mins..
"udah bang.. terima kasih!"
Capai botol ayeq.. continue 10km run.

Last lap.. 10km run
Winners of Malaysia: Powerman 2006

10km RuN
Half km.. again - macam nak start cramp lagik. Aku try duduk atas jalan, tolak dua2 kaki kat divider jalan... kedudukkan macam nak pumping. Kira nak buat prevention laa.. Takdan dah.. CRAAAAAMPPP - arrrggghh!!
Datang sorang uncle/competitor + polis bantuan tolong aku.. Uncle tu tolong bukak kasut, aku suruh polis tu tolong aku.
"Uncle.. you continue lari.. go!"

That time.. aku betul2 dah gave-up dah. 5 kali cramp including 3cramps in <1km. But looking back.. tengok ada yg dok pulun kayuh, ada yang baru 1lap bike..
"Can walk.. what!"
Start walking.. run abit.. walk+run+walk+run.

Cramp lagi. Dua2 belah peha kejang+keras. Nasib baik ada orang kampung tolong. Piii lagi 10mins tang situ. Huh!! Nih kalau cramp dua2 kaki + tarak sapa tolong... mau berbuih mulut. Sakit yang amat. After that walk+run+walk+run till finish line. Dapat habis.. kira hebat gila.

Heading to finish line.. kids + ayah, keep on cheering for me
Cold towel
With para penyokong
With Bacin and Jamil - net friends
with Camerawomen.. - marah nampak, kawan sebelah tuh..
@Transition area with kuda besi
Again! nx year - Powerman.

Official result keluar tengahari tadi.
10km Run = 57.09
60km Bike = 2:21.02
10km Run = 1:30.59
Timing = 4:49.10
My watch = 4:49.06
Category position = 79/100
Overall position = 189/233

A bit choleric..
1st 10km run, 57.09 = position 43
2nd 60km bike, 2:21.02 = position 82
3rd 10km run, 1:30.59 = position 95

Think.. this is my last event for this year. Will gantung my Pegasus again but not my Shimano.

Powerman 2007, sure!