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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Thumbnails: Flush of Success

Check theStar today (27 November 2007) on page N48 and kindly vote for me :P for picture of the day/month. Put your reasonable 'star/s' if you find fascinating compare to other 4 photos.

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My second attempts at I captured at Ipoh International School. The kids were doing water rocket experiments, while I waiting for KRI:12km Road Race volunteers packing my goodies bags.

Alot of kids and parents came and brought their own water rocket, created using big size of carbonate drinking bottle. Almost all the water rockets successful launch and fly above pokok angsana nearby. Some of them "end/touch-down" on the housing roof.

Eeemmm.. Some of the photos here worth RM50. Where it is?

More photos including the original at my KRI 2007 running report.

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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thumbnails: Greenhouse

After Powerman registration, i went to visit my old campus at Bandar Sri Manjung. And i found one of my hostel blocks turn to be a greenhouse.

Check theStar today (22 November 2007) on page N46 and kindly vote for me :) for picture of the day/month. Put your reasonable 'star/s' if you find fascinating compare to other 4 photos.

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..and this is the actual one.

Ceeehh.. i miss RM50. Nice try.

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KRI 2007 Result

Result is out. Click here for your reference.

I need to send them my postal address for certificate.


Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Report KRI 12km Road Race

It was a last minute decision. Registered earlier during early bird duration by my friend Alex. It was a week after I finished my second Powerman duathlon in Sri Manjung. Legs still want to rest. I did not doing any recovery workout along the weekdays. Too busy in the office.

Then Alex called said that all his registered friends, cancel their trip to Ipoh. He got nobody to accompany... plus he really want to retain his champion position in veteran category @KRI 12km Cross Country last year.

Then more BM Leopard gang join us. There were PakYa, Farouk and Heri from Kulim. After pick them up at Juru R&R PLus highway, I drove stright to Ipoh for registration and goodies collection.

Every year KRI always bring out a very nice Brooks running vest and a beautiful medal design. I don't mind to pay RM35 for registration fee, in-return I got such a quality vest material and design. Till now.. I'm still comfortable wearing a KRI running vest during my workouts or cycling. The registration fee is still cheap reasonable.

The race started half hour earlier than scheduled - 7am. Got no problem with it. Lagi bagus. This year KRI changed the running location, from 12km Cross Country in Sunway, Tambun, back to Padang Polo for 12km Road Race.

Started in cold morning, I decide to do easy run. No time target. >1hour pon... i don't mind. Just having fun in well organized event and probably doing recovery run also. Meet up mostly all the PM gangstars during running.

Strangely after a few km of running.. i started naik syiok. Legs felt comfortable. I just keep on running enjoy the early morning in Ipoh town, passing all rumah2 orang kaya-raya. Laman rumah depa boleh naik 4-5bijik rumah lagi. Dan kawan yang salak pun bertambah galak. Buatnyer dia terlepas... sure aku lari lagi laju.

Going to Jalan Gopeng @6km mark - i did.. 27.05mins. Still run free and my ayeq hidung start meleleh - good!. I know I already push my engine out of comfortable pace. Sometimes felt hop-hap-hop-hap, but i quickly control my breath and enjoy looking the laman2 rumah orang kaya. Probably i will copy their landscape design to my house. (Just make sure my mind think of others and let my kaki doing the running)

08km = 36.24mins
09km = 41.09mins
10km = 46.00mins
Huh! consider dah lama aku tak pulun lari sampai 46min. Ayeq hidung dok meleleh..

Passing last T junction. Maintain my pace until Padang Polo and I was direct to do a half loop on a hilly jogging track. Haiyooo... really break my spirit. I was thinking to do walking. With narrow track and sesak dengan orang ramai yang berjogging dan berjalan lenggang.. I was thinking that i did well in 10km timing, so i keep on pushing on last km and shouted a few times
"Lalu!... "
"Laaalu laaarrr"

Run out of voice.. i clapped.

And crossed finish line in 55.13mins - Canteeek.
And teruih beratur long queue for timing, position and medal - duuuhh..

One thing i would like suggest to KRI - a clear finishing table. So that they could record a reliable timing and position. I saw some of finishers jump queue and he got better position. Of course i don't mind about that because the trophy already sold out... but to someone it very irritating.

Overall.. this is the only run event that i had no doubt to give 5 stars of 5 on it. Nice medal, nice vest, nice goodies, nice running route. Although i not won any top position in KRI races but i always a champion in my category :) - Nice bib number.

2004 and 2005

2006 and 2007

No worries. I will retain my 5th champion again next year. Hahahaaaa..

Click here for official result.

@Sebelah pendaftaran KRI. Ada apa tuh...

Natang apa..

Dia dok pedo apa..


..errr..bagi salam, jumpa tuan rumah - Wendy

Tu dia aaiiihhh tingginyer

Senarai peserta

Bib# dah la.. #1, Resit pon 111

Gaduh dgn Alex. PakYa nak pakai vest KRI kaler merah jugak.

Lari tengok roket balik..


Next yr.. complete frame nih. - 10 year of medals

Pekena mee rebus Ramli @Ipoh.

2 mangkuk.. hayun

Kawan lama

With Alex.

Sekapal: Heri, Alex, Farouk & PakYa

Photos from Tey - TQVM!

Alex pecut habis ligan Sarjit

2nd. Kalah sebatang hidung dengan new champ.

Kat belakang kawan baju biru




Saturday, 17 November 2007

Powerman 2007 Photos

From friends' camera

Dok tengah

Last lap. Looks like i'm leading the pack :P

Coming out from T1

Tengah adjust bontot

Ambik angin lepaih lari

Going another lap

U-turn. Bagi signal nak corner kiri

2nd lap

Habih kayuh

Dok cari port

Tu dia!!!


Final leg


2nd lap for final 10km

2nd lap for final 10km

2nd lap for final 10km

Red carpet

Going for 4:27.27

Oren aku

Lapaq siot

...Joerie potong aku..

Sambung makan