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Thursday, 31 March 2011

SPCA Charity Run


Date: 29 May 2011
Venue: Taman Belia (Youth Park), Penang
Distance: 10km & 5km fun run

Objectives of this Event:
  • To raise money for the SPCA in particular to spay and neuter strays to reduce the population of unwanted / stray animals.
  • To create awareness of "Animal Day" with the aim of getting the programme endorsed as an annual state project.
  • To reduce the number of stray dogs which will benefit tourism and public safety.

Just my 50sen, Maybe they can slot-in a category - 5km fun run with dogs or cats. It should be fun running with your pets. My kucing.. can not harap - makan and tidoq aja. Detail and registration form on website above.

..from tkh2468

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Komtar Tower Run

Date: 12 June 2011 | Sunday | 6:00am
Venue: Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR), Penang

An event not to be missed! KOMTAR Tower Run 2011 is organized specially for sports enthusiasts and anybody willing to take on the physical and mental challenge to run up the entire 65-storey KOMTAR Tower, Penang is tallest building and an icon of Penang in its heyday. KOMTAR Tower is a 12-sided geometric block, 760ft (232m) tall, sitting atop a 4-storey podium and comprising of offices, retail commercial space as well as public and recreational facilities

Previous Komtar Run 2009 report - here.

..source TheStar

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thumbnails: Open up and say 'aahhh'

A photo taken during day trip to Songkhla Zoo published in the thumbnails@theStar newspaper today. Photo of hippo open wide his mouth. I think one of source income of Songkhla Zoo beside entrance fee is feeding. They allow visitors to feed animals. Visitors must buy food which prepared near cage between 10~20 baht.

So whenever visitors came, slowly they came near and hoping to feed. For this hippo, there is no food prepared nearby. I just pour some mineral water in his mouth.

If you like it, please vote ya! -

..Many thanks.

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Nurse Day Run

Date: 24 April 2011 | Sunday | 6am (thai)
Venue: Prince of Songkhla University, Hatyai, Thailand
Distance: 10km and 4.5km fun run

Same location as Hatyai Nature Run. Form available to be downloaded at Forms and Events section.

..from AlexOng

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Thumbnails: Sexy football

My 7th photo was published in TheStar today. Emm... not "RM50 Winner" again for me. Usually the winners are among the accident photos. I dislike to snap and share any photo like that – scary. Anyway, gumbira already when my photo was selected in thumbnails@TheStar.

The photo taken during my company events – Karnival Sukan. A lot of in-door and out-door games were organized on that day such as Badminton, Sepak Takraw, Futsal, Tarik Tali, sukaneka type and finally a batik sarong football.

To my readers if you like it, feel free to vote my photo to be photo of the days – Vote! and no-Vote.

Terima Kaseh.

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Junior Development Program 2011

If you think your kids is talented to be the next Malaysia walker, try give them a chance to learn and compete with the best. We are conducting 3 circuit on 6 March, 5 June & 25 Sept 2011.

There are Free T-shirts & Milo drinks sponsored by Nestle Malaysia. Given professional Malaysia coaches to guide you & your kids the proper methods of walking. Accurate individual timing will be recorded/shown at the end of the race.

So, come join us with your kids. You might even walk away by winning cash prizes up to RM200*

Circuit 1 - 06 March 2011 | 7:30am | Sunday
Circuit 2 - 05 June 2011 | 7:30am | Sunday
Circuit 3 - 25 September 2011 | 7:30am | Sunday
Venue: Stadium Bola Sepak, Kuala Lumpur.

Categories06 Mac 1105 June 1125 Sept 11
A. Boys < 12yrs1200m1200m1200m
B. Boys < 15yrs2000m2000m2000m
C. Boys < 18yrs3000m3000m3000m
D. Girls < 12yrs1200m1200m1200m
E. Girls < 15yrs2000m2000m2000m
F. Girls < 18yrs3000m3000m3000m
G. Women Open>18yrs3000m3000m3000m
H. Men Open>18yrs10,000m10,000m10,000m

..from Aiman Cheah

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Larian Hari Bumi

Date: 24 April 2011 | Sunday | 6.30am
Venue: Stadium MPSP, Bukit Mertajam, P.Pinang
Distance: 12km and fun Run

..from AlexOng

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Report: Tesco Walk for Kids 2011

Date: 13 March 2011 | Sunday | 8:00am

This is a charity event... non-competitive. Just right for a family outing. Kids surely love the games after the events. This is the second consecutive year I participated in the event. Affordable and enjoyable.

This is the first time Akmal managed to walk from the start to the finish on his own. No complaints as we were among the many participants with younger kids and those in strollers. The beatiful view also make him forget his tired legs!

I joined my kids in the games after the walk... win or lose you'll still get gifts. That's cool right?

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Buah tangan from Songkhla

Just back from Songkhla last Tuesday. It was a day trip from Bedong, Sungai Petani to Songkhla - 400km. Actually we plan to Satun, but tak sedap hati on the way to Perlis.

We went to Songkhla Zoo, which located 30km from Hatyai city. We reach Zoo entrance around 9am (M'sia time). Paid 30baht/car, we can bring car inside zoo. We can drive and stop anywhere we like to see animals. Fuh! best, else kids sure penat walking inside from cage to cage like in Taiping or Zoo negara.

Although there are not so many animals but kids really enjoy because they could touch and feed the animals. Between 10~20baht were charged to buy food. If you planning to Songkhla Zoo don't miss to feed them - syiok! Kat Malaysia mana boleh buat..

Only the way back to Hatyai, i spotted two banners. 9th Hatyai Hospital Charity Run and Thai Gulf to Andaman Relay Run.

Hatyai Hospital Charity Run scheduled this Sunday. Short notice - huh!. It offer half, 10km and 4km fun run. Alex and BM Leopard will join this Sunday.

While Thai Gulf to Andaman Relay Run is on 27 March 2011.

Kawan AlexOng

Yogi Bear

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KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge

Date: 7 May 2011 | Saturday | 8:00pm
Venue: Menara Kuala Lumpur

Detail and registration form @website above.

..thanks to guest

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Report: Junior Development PRogram 2011 Circuit 1

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 6 March 2011 | Sunday | 7:30am
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Footaball Stadium, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Category: H Men Open (Above 18 Years Old)
Distance:10 000m
Result: 1:07:04 Position:7

Not a bad result as I was not mentally or physically prepared for it. I came to the stadium thinking that it was a 5 000m race. Heard some were saying it was 10 000m, so I asked Mr Yap the distance for Men Open. 10 000m was not too bad... should be able to do 1:15:00. That's the time when I was not fit. I had targeted a 35:00 for 5 000m. No way to do a sub 30mins.

The Masters road race did help a bit albeit it was only a 3km ++ race.

Mr Suresh asked if I had a team. No, came the answer. I did ask Amelia but there was no reply. I knew I had a chance to pocket RM15 for a team event but none was interested. Perhaps, they had other event on that day. The good news came while I was on lap 2. Mr Yap informed me that I did manage to get a team - thanks to Suresh. I could say that he literally give me the RM15!

I started from the second row. Certainly could not match the national back up athletes, former national back atheletes and Singaporean athletes! Anyway, it was such an enjoyable experience to race with the stars. When I was going to be lapped on lap 6, I did try to follow their pace for slightly more than 100m.

Wow! These boys' frequency was fantastic! Their strides were not superior than mine. I lost because of my stamina. My body was certainly not used to such a high frequency. Even around a 150m could have such a good timing... perhaps in future I can target a 2:15 a lap...

Of course I 'conked' out in the following lap to catch my breath. Luckily it did not have a very bad effect. I just need to complete the 10 000m as there were only three teams! Need not rush, need not risk being disqualified and the prize will just roll in.

Early stage of the race... already being left so far behind - Picture courtesy of RWAM.

Mr Nooka assessing how we performed in terms of race walking rules - Picture courtesy of RWAM

Third placing for the team - Picture courtesy of RWAM

This is my detailed result.


Generally I was happy not to exceed 3:00 per lap. That pace would be 1:15:00 as I had targeted earlier.

More pictures and overall are found at

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Annual Round The Houses Relay

Date: 17 April 2010 | 7:30am | Sunday
Venue: Jalan Sepoy Lines, Penang.
Distance: 2.4km x 8 runners/team

An annual run relay in Penang. Each team must register 10 runners including 2 reserved. Detail and registration form available to be downloaded at Forms and Events section.

..forwarded by YuSong

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

USM Kubang Kerian 10km Run

My uni, USM, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan is helding a 10km sustainable run this friday 11/3/2011 at my campus. the fee is RM15 for 18 and above and RM10 for below 18, including a free t-shirt

We have 3 categories:
1. Men's open (18 and above)
2. Women's open (18 and above)
3. Men's junior (below 18)

Winners of men's and women's open category will get:
1st place >>> medal + RM300
2nd place >>> medal + RM200
3rd place >>> medal + RM100
first 50 >>> certificate

Winners of men's junior catrgory will get:
1st place >>> medal + RM150
2nd place >>> medal + RM100
3rd place >>> medal + RM50
first 50 >>> certificate

The race will start at 7.00am sharp and the registration will start on 5.15am to 6.30am. If u r interested pls contact me (Gabriella Foo Shan Mei) 016-2228606 as soon as possible.

..last minute info send by Tey

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

World Kidney Day 2011 - Walkathon & Run

In conjunction with World Kidney Day 2011, Penang General Hospital will hold a 4km walkathon at Padang Polo on Jalan Sepoy Lines from 7am March 20. The first 500 participants will be given free t-shirt. Registration fee is RM10 per person. There will also be an aerobics session, free medical consultation and a lucky draw. For detail call Ranjit at 016-4929560.

Also, there are same event (walkathon) in Alor Star but different date organized by Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah (HSB). Detail and distance? Please check with HSB.
Date: 11 March 2011 | 7:00am | Friday
Venue: Taman Rimba Alor Setar, Kedah

And in central region...

Detail and registration form available at

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Born To Run

An article/review from NST, 5 May 2011. A good reading book for runner or jogger.

Christopher McDougall’s book, Born to Run, is in a class of its own and nothing short of spectacular. It will enter the annals of sports as one of the best books on running.

NOT many people have heard of the Tarahumara Indians who lived in the wild, impenetrable, mysterious Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyons) of Mexico.

Christopher McDougall was on an assignment in Mexico when he heard about the legendary people. He heard about a Tarahumara runner who ran 696km -- almost the entire length of the North-South Expressway! Another ran the distance of a full 12 marathons in one stretch. The Greek soldier who ran to warn his people of an enemy's impending advance would have rolled in his grave upon hearing this. McDougall searched for them and came out with a book, Born To Run, and also about an elite group of ultra-runners who aspired to be like them.

There have always been great stories about the running tribes -- those who run a hundred kilometres without sweating too much. These are like the Sherpas of the Himalayas, whose bodies are made for climbing and to acclimatise naturally to heights. There are legends about the Goshuttes and Papago tribes of the American West, the Kalahari Bushmen of Botswana, the Aborigines of Australia, the Masai of Kenya and the Seri Indians of Mexico. And, of course, the little known Tarahumara Indians. They are born to run, the Natural Born Runners, the Shoalin monks of running.

McDougal's book is in a class of its own and nothing short of spectacular. It will enter the annals of sports as one of the best books on running. It all started when he wanted to find out why his foot hurt when running. He posed that question to some of the best minds in sports science and medicine.

He learnt more about the Tarahumara Indians who seldom hurt themselves even when running in the wild. They have in fact run in the Olympics. They competed in the 1928 Olympics (in Amsterdam) and in the 1968 Olympics (in Mexico) but they lost. Probably the distance of about 42km for the marathon was too short for them. They were largely forgotten.

So when the Leadville Trail 100 organisers brought in five Tarahumara runners to join the best long distance endurance runners in 1992, everyone was sceptical. The winner, Victoriano, left the first non-Tarahumara finisher a full hour behind. Leadville is a small former mining town high on the Colorado Rockies. Next year, another Tarahumara won. The running fraternity was ablaze with excitement. Who are these people?

McDougall narrates the story of Dr David Carrier, a professor of biology who believes that these people represent the natural "us" -- the hunter-gatherer instinct in us. Their incredible ability to run long distances is spectacular, but not entirely impossible.

He has a theory -- that in the old days humans had to outrun animals to eat them. He went to the Wyoming plains with his brother to prove the theory. They did not catch an antelope, though. Then he heard about Louis Liebenberg's experience with the Bushmen of the Kalahari. In his The Art of Tracking: The Origin of Science, he stressed the mental demands of the hunt more than the physical ones. They have to be excellent runners, yes, but they should know more about pacing, strategy and when to pounce. The hunters of old did not tire the animals. They outwitted them. The Bushmen thought us valuable lessons about survival. And the value of a good run. Sounds like running a corporation, right?

Carrier and Liebenberg are just two experts who extol the need for humans to re-look at themselves when technology and advancement in the sciences have made "lazing around" a way of life. As one researcher aptly puts it, we have taken "our sinewy, durable, hunter-gatherer bodies and plunked them into an artificial world of perpetual leisure". In short, we have become too lazy even to exercise 15 minutes a day or a few hours a week. Our lifestyles have made us the laziest beings on Planet Earth.

According to these experts we are a machine built to run. Our foot's arch is a high-tensile web of 26 bones, 33 joints, 12 rubbery tendons and 18 muscles. It stretches and flexes like an earthquake-resistant suspension bridge. It is supposed to be the greatest weight-bearing design ever invented. In fact, the arch of the foot is meant for running. With that arch, humans had to outrun animals long before spears and bows and arrows came into play.

I find McDougall's book interesting, and stories about runners fascinate me. I am not just talking about those speed demons who blast the tape below 10 seconds in the 100-metre dash. Or those who run perfect marathons leaving lesser mortals heaving and gasping for air, a full four hours after they hit the tape. Or the legends of Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell made famous by the movie Chariots of Fire.

The world was transfixed by Abebe Bikila, the Ethiopian who won the marathon, barefooted, in the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. And the incredible competition between two Britons, Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett in the 1970s and the 80s. But names like Kipchoge Keino, Naftali Temu, Mamoi Wolde, Kenesisa Bekele, Haile Gebrselassie, Ezekiel Kembo and Hicham el-Guerrouj have made the Africans famous for middle and long-distance running.

And, of course, there is the story of Emil Zatopek who ran just for the love of, what else, running. The soldier from former Czechoslovakia simply ran at any time, sometimes covering 32km in the woods at night or even carrying his wife on his back while doing so. He had no formal training, no coach and no regime to attend to. As reported in one of the books on running, during a manic stretch in the 1940s, he raced nearly every other week for three years and never lost! He arrived in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics almost an unknown.

He raced the first event, the 5,000 metres, and broke the Games record. He later raced the 10,000 metres, again he won and broke another record. He decided to run the marathon. Legend has it that as the world record holder, Jim Peters of New Zealand, was enjoying his pace, Zatopek pulled alongside him, inquiring if the pace was too fast or too slow. "Too slow", said the bewildered New Zealander. Zatopek thanked him and took off, winning the gold and leaving Peters in the dust.

It was many years later that McDougall was able to see the best ultra runners racing in Copper Canyons against the Tarahumara Indians in their own backyard. It was a race never covered by any of the sports channels. It was the greatest race unknown to man, meant for the best among the best, pitting the elite among the natural runners of Copper Canyons.

Read the book to find out who won!

..from Aiman Cheah.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Report: 5km Road Race in conjuction with 4th Women's Sports Carnival

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 5 March 2011 | Saturday | 5:00pm
Venue: IPG Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa, Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur
Category: Men Junior Master (35-44 years)
Result: 16:08 Position:2

I received the entry form well past the closing date of 23rd February 2011. I called the organising chairman and he said I could still participate in the event.

I don't really feel like running as I was still sleepy when I woke up at a quarter past three. A two-hour afternoon siesta was not enough as I had been on sleeping debt for almost two weeks!

After tea, the clouds were getting darker and there was lightning. I was not sure if I wanted to run. I had officiated in the past events and the probability of raining was higher.

Anyway, when I decided to go, it was just a drizzle so off I went. The flag off was considered punctual as they too were afraid that it might be pouring as it was still drizzling at that time.

I only targeted a speed of 6min per km. As usual, I started from the back and slowly overtaking those masters athletes. I must admit that I truly admire their physical condition. Mr Jesmail Singh does not look like 74 to me. Many 15 year-old school children would be made ashamed if asked to race with him!

I finished 2nd in my category. That looks impressive doesn't it. Well, if there had been prize money like in the past, I would certainly not even be in the top 20! There were only 4 participants in my category. The turn out was rather poor but for the women's category, it was better.

The whole event ended rather late at 7.15 p.m. but I enjoyed the closing ceremony. Thumbs-up to the organiser for an entertaining multimedia presentation at the end of the ceremony.

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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Charity Walk For Health

Date: 26 March 2011
Venue: Youth Park (Taman Belia), Penang
Distance: 4km

Detail and registration form available to be downloaded - Forms and Events section.

..from tkh2468

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bidor Half Marathon

Date: 24 April 2011 | 7:00am | Sunday
Venue: Dewan Muhhibah, Bidor
Distance: 3km, 10km and 21km
Fees: Late entry fee applied after 8 April
Contact: Khoo 012-502 7218

Never run before. But i read this event received good rating each year. Should try once. 2009tonton got more detail - Hit it.

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Report: Larian Bandaraya Alor Star

Lama dah aku tak lari race. Last sekali Larian Bendang 6km tahun lepas. La ni memang jarang masuk race tapi aku masih dok jog lagi. 3~4kali seminggu. Mungkin blog ni kena tukaq nama Jog.Mix.Burn. :)

Kali ni, aku diteman oleh Jasmin. Tahun lepas di Larian Bendang pon dia join sekali. Lari 6km. Bagitau dia 2 minggu lagi ada larian di Stadium Darula...

"Kakak, nak masuk!"
..cantek! ada reason aku lari jog dgn dia heheee..

Pandu dari rumah jam 5:30pg, sampai sebelum subuh di Masjid Zahir, Alor Star. 7pg sampai di Stadium.

Agak kelam-kabut sikit dikaunter urusetia. Pihak penganjur (MBAS - Majlis Perbandaran Alor Star) pon baru nak setup peralatan bunyi, susun hadiah dan pembahagian nombor + baju larian. Ditambah pulak kekurangan kakitangan. Aku pon belom terima bib+t'shirt walaupun dah daftar 4 hari sebelum tu.

Sebelum pelepasan kategori 10km, aku pesan kat Jasmin suruh lari ikut kemampuan. Jangan pecut. Bukannya lari 100meter.

Sebaik berlari keluar dari Stadium, laluan larian yang menghala ke Jitra adalah lurus. Laluan ni memang sibuk. Nasib baik ianya diawasi baik oleh pihak Polis. Kategori 5, 7 dan 10km dikehendaki membuat pusingan balik (U-turn).

Dari KMC (Kedah Medical Center), kategori 5km mula membuat pusing balik (U-turn). 1km kemudian aku nampak kategori 7km pulak buat U-turn.

"Hang! kaler biru.. pusing sini!"
Ah!! sudah.. cilanat.. Sayur anak aku.. - kata hati aku.

Ada 2 kemungkinan terbit dalam otak aku - Urusetia kasi kaler bib kategori salah atau tertukar dengan Jasmin.

Secara automatik kaki aku pederas laju berlari disebelah kanan laluan balik ke Stadium cari Jasmin di seberang jalan - Kang lembik dia lari 10km.

Sampai garis penamat, aku tengok Jasmin dah sampai dah. Dia tunjuk kad penamat - 18. Fuh! lega...

Pihak urusetia kata hadiah sampai 20th. Aku tengok Jasmin gumbira semasa daftar nama dalam senarai pemenang. Kitaorang tunggu lebih daripada 2jam untuk upacara penyampaian hadiah. Last2 depa cuma bagi hadiah utk top15 saja!

Cis.. penaya betul depa ni. Dah la sekeping medal pon tak dak. Bib no. aku depa bagi silap. Patut lari 10km jadi 7km. Baju pon, dua2 aku dapat XL. Jenuh aku auta kat Jasmin pasai apa dia tak dapat hadiah.

Camtu laa... kalau join acara anjuran gomen...

Jasmin pederas..

Sek Ren - Perempuan

Lelaki Terbuka

Wanita Terbuka

Lelaki Veteran