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Friday, 28 February 2014

Training Week 3 - Feb 2014

17 February 2014 | Monday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.41mins
Mezzoforte - Day Break
01 Little Rock.mp3
02 Down Town.mp3
03 Daybreak.mp3
04 After Hours.mp3
05 Rollercoaster.mp3
06 Cobra.mp3
07 Jakarta Dream.mp3
08 Everything You Want.mp3
09 Journey's End.mp3
10 Silently.mp3

18 February 2014 | Tuesday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.38mins
Rod Stewart - The Definitive CD2
01.Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me).mp3
02.Baby Jane.mp3
04.Some Guys Have All The Luck.mp3
05.Love Touch.mp3
06.Forever Young.mp3
07.My Heart Can't Tell You No.mp3
08.Downtown Train.mp3
09.This Old Heart of Mine.mp3
10.I Don't Want To Talk About It.mp3
11.Rhythm of My Heart.mp3
12.The Motown Song.mp3
13.Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda).mp3
14.Handbags And Gladrags.mp3
15.Have I Told You Lately.mp3
16.Reason To Believe.mp3
17.Two Shades of Blue.mp3

19 February 2014 | Wednesday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.49mins
Mezzoforte - Observations
01-Midnight Sun.mp3
02-Spring Feaver.mp3
03-Summer Dream.mp3
04-The Venue.mp3
06-Double Orange Juice.mp3
07-We're Only Here For The Beer.mp3
10-Metal Fusion.mp3

20 February 2014 | Thursday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.34mins
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
01-Sultans Of Swing.mp3
02-Down To The Waterline.mp3
03-Portobello Belle - Live.mp3
04-Twisting By The Pool (Remix).mp3
04-Your Latest Trick.mp3
05-Tunnel Of Love.mp3
05-Why Worry.mp3
06-Romeo And Juliet.mp3
07-Where Do You Think You're Going.mp3
08-Walk Of Life.mp3
09-Private Investigations.mp3
10-Telegraph Road - Live (Remix).mp3
11-Money For Nothing.mp3
12-Brothers In Arms.mp3

23 February 2014 | Sunday
Route: Home, TmnMalinja, Semeling, +Semeling, TmnMalinja, Semeling, TSemelling, AIMST and home
Timing: 1:06.30mins
Crowded House - The Very Very Best of Crowded House
01-Something So Strong.mp3
02-Weather With You.mp3
03-It's Only Natural.mp3
04-Chocolate Cake.mp3
05-Fall At Your Feet.mp3
06-Distant Sun.mp3
07-Better Be Home Soon.mp3
08-Four Seasons in One Day.mp3
09-Don't Dream It's Over.mp3
10-Mean To Me.mp3
11-Locked Out.mp3
12-Don't Stop Now.mp3
13-Pineapple Head.mp3
15-Fingers of Love.mp3
16-Private Universe.mp3
17-Not The Girl You Think You Are.mp3
18-Nails In My Feet.mp3
19-Pour Le Monde.mp3

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Quote of the Day

If you have the courage to fail, then you have the courage to succeed.

- Shalane Flanagan


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Larian Bandaraya Alor Setar

Larian Bandaraya Alor Setar

Date: 08 March 2014 | 7:00am | Saturday
Venue: Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim, Alor Star, Kedah
Distance: 9km, 6km and 4km
Contact: or 012-4071444 (En.Rozani)

Detail and registration form in website above.

For more events, click here.

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NTCRC Run 2014

NTCRC Run 2014

Date: 27 April 2014 | Sunday | 7:00am
Venue: NTCRC, Jalan Sungai Daun, Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang
Distance: 9km (competition) and 4km (Fun Run)
Registration fees:  RM20 (9km) and RM10 (4km)
Contact: or  012-581 2189 Mr Khoo

One of well organised event by running club. You can run free, all needs being taken. Got finisher medal, cash for top3 finishers and post-race meals. Closing date 6 April 2014.

Probably 2005 and 2012 running report could racun you.

Detail and registration form - here.

For more events, click here

..from Khoo Bak Kiang

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quote of the Day

Either you run the day or the day runs you.

- Jim Rohn


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Training Week 2 - Feb 2014

11 February 2014 | Tuesday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 30.35mins
No mp3

12 February 2014 | Wednesday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.41mins
No mp3

13 February 2014 | Thursday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.38mins
No mp3

16 February 2014 | Sunday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 1:06.15mins
Paula Abdul - Greatest Hits: Straight Up!

One of my 80~90ies song albums.

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Pa Bon Marathon

Date: 30 March 2014 | Sunday
Venue: Wat Thung Nari, Tambon Thung Nari, Amphoe Pabon, Phatthalung
Distance: 42km, 15km and 4km
Organizer: +66081-9578667 or +66086-2881365

Pa Bon Marathon
..image from

Slightly above Songkhla district is Pa Bon, located in Phatthalung. Only 100km from Bukit Kayu Hitam. Wish I could join this because there no race report about this event yet :)

But.. If I join.. then I'll be in Thailand 3 weeks in a row - Tarutao and Run-Walk for Health and Charity.

For more events, click here.

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Quote of the Day

To get to the finish line, you'll have to try lots of different paths.

- Amby Burfoot


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Update: 11th Tarutao Retrace Minimarathon

The Ride Itik return again.. this time the ducks will be heading to Koh Tarutao, Satun, Thailand and join the 11th Tarutao Retrace Minimarathon.

Beside riding, the Itik will learn to swim, running and cycling to explore the whole island between 15~16 March.

Other Itik out there... do join us! Any bike model/brand are welcome. More info - Ride Itik to Koh Tarutao, Satun, Thailand.

 photo RideItik-Tarutao.jpg

Some important information extract from registration form, those planning to join 11th Tarutao Retrace Minimarathon.

Registration fee is 700baht/pax including..
a. Bot fee to and fro
b. Meal 3x (dinner on 15/3, breakfast 16/3 and lunch 16/3)
c. Event t'shirt + finisher medal
d. Insurance
e. Sport equipment in Koh Tarutao

a. Chalet available
b. Tent provided with 200 baht
c. Dorm with 10pax. 100baht each.

And important note here. Last boat from event organizer is 11:30 (Thai time) or 12:30 Malaysia time. Don't miss it or you have to fork extra $$$ for local boat.

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. photo 2Mac14-HatyaiRun.jpg

12th Run-Walk for Health and Charity

Date: 23 March 2014 | Sunday
Venue: Hatyai Hospital, HatYai, Thailand.
Distance: 4km and 10km

Great! Just what I'm looking this coming school holiday for whole family. I'm sure Jasmin will be gumbira

For more events, click here.

Read an update post

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Training Week 1 - Feb 2014

03 February 2014 | Monday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.48mins
No mp3

06 February 2014 | Thursday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.49mins
Melissa Etheridge - The Road Less Traveled

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11th Tarutao Retrace Minimarathon

An update from previous post.

11th Tarutao Retrace Minimarathon

Date: 15~16 March 2014 | Saturday~Sunday
Venue: Tarutao National Park, Satun, Thailand
Distance: 10.5km and 4km
Contact: +66074-711225 or

Detail, location and event schedule - here.

Don't bother about category, prize or trophy.. just enjoy the trip. Hopefully my 2013 report helps.

See ya..

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Quote of the Day

Life can pull you down, but running always lifts you up.

- Jenny Hadfield, "Passing the Torch"


Saturday, 8 February 2014

*Tarutao Mini Marathon

*No official announcement or no form available yet

Since January I received number of calls and email asking about this event. Ramai kaki runners interested after read my race report and would like to join this adventurous trip. I heard BM Leopard planning to send a bus of runners to Pak Bara jetty. This time, probably they will continue to Koh Lipe after racing in Koh Tarutao - It is 3D2N.

Last year it was held in March. Now February, should be around the corner. With help of office-mate who can speak Thai, she ring the organizer.. and YES!!

..image of last year event.

There will be a 11th Tarutao Mini Marathon in March.

Date: 15~16 March 2014 | 7:00 (MY time)
Venue: Tarutao Island, Thailand
Distance: 10km
Fee: 700baht including boat trip, registration fee and meal x 3. You need pay extra for chalet.

Right now, official form not available yet. She will email to me once the form ready. I'll update once I received. If you would like to verify this info, ring this +66074711225. Talk to Umi. She is thai-muslim. Can speak malay too.

For more events, click here.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Penang Hill Heritage Forest Challenge

..image from

Date: 22 February 2014 | Saturday | 7:00am
Venue: Taman Rekreasi Kuari Taman Botani, Pulau Pinang
Distance: 11km

Join the 1st Penang Hill Heritage Forest Challenge. Improve your endurance, stamina, speed and strength and walk along Penang Hill’s Heritage Jungle Tracks. Register and join in the fun TODAY!

Detail on route and registration form on website above.

For more events, click here.

..from Mr. Beng Chuan Lim

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9th Sadao Minimarathon

Date: 23 February 2014 | Sunday | 6:00am (Th time)
Venue: Thetsaban 1 School, Bansadao, Tambon Sadao, Amphoe Sadao, Songkhla, Thailand
Distance: 4km and 10km

View Larger Map

It near to Danok border. Turn left from Bukit Kayu Hitam - Hatyai road once reach Sadao. Follow the Sadao Police Station signboard.... Pakai GPS lah senang sikit.

I'm planning to participate with BM Leopards. Maybe a nite in Danok if no hotel/guest-house found.

For more events, click here.

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Report: Langkah Ceria & Pelancaran Kibarkan Bendera Wilayah Persekutuan Bersama YAB Perdana Menter

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 19 January 2014 | 8:00am | Sunday
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Precint 3, Putrajaya
Distance: 5km

A non-competitive event.  Quite well organized.  The distance is quite challenging for beginners.  My students enjoyed the walk.  It is their first time joining such event.

Picture courtesy of Fariz Iswadi Ismail, The New Straits Times, 20 January 2014

The Langkah Ceria programme is supposed to be held on the third Sunday of the month to promote 'active lifestyle' and family bonding.  So far the ones that I attended were well-organized.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Training Week 5 - Jan 2014

28 January 2014 | Tuesday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.48mins
No mp3

29 January 2014 | Wednesday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.53mins
Playing on my mp3 player: Lionel Ritchie CD1
101 Hello.mp3
102 Endless Love (duet with Diana Ross).mp3
103 Three Times A Lady.mp3
104 Sail On.mp3
105 Stuck On You.mp3
106 You Are.mp3
107 Truly.mp3
108 Easy.mp3
109 Still.mp3
110 Just To Be Close To you.mp3
111 Lady (You Bring Me Up).mp3
112 Machine Gun.mp3
113 Brick House.mp3
114 Too Hot To Trot.mp3
115 Zoom.mp3

30 January 2014 | Thursday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.32mins
Playing on my mp3 player: Lionel Ritchie CD2
201 All Night Long (All Night).mp3
202 Penny Lover.mp3
203 Say You, Say Me.mp3
204 My Destiny.mp3
205 Running With The Night.mp3
206 Dancing On The Ceiling.mp3
207 Love Oh Love.mp3
208 Ballerina Girl.mp3
209 My Love.mp3
210 Love Will Conquer All.mp3
211 Do It To Me.mp3
212 Cinderella.mp3
213 Angel.mp3
214 Don't Wanna Lose You.mp3
215 Sweet Love.mp3
216 Oh No.mp3

01 February 2014 | Saturday | 6:45am
Route: Pattani, Thailand.
Timing: 1:15.11mins
No mp3

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Leo Run

Date: 30 March 2014 | 7:00am | Sunday
Venue: desa park City, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Distance: 4.4km and 8.8km
Website: Leo Run 2014

Leo Run

KUALA LUMPUR: Calling all "road warriors". Here's a chance for you to do your bit for a good cause while indulging in your passion for pounding the pavements.

The Omega Leo Club of Kuala Lumpur Unity is once again organising a charity run in aid of three organisations.

Its inaugural "Leo Run" last year raised RM12,000, which was divided evenly between the Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD) and PJ Caring Home.

The second edition will be held on March 30, from 7am onwards, at Desa Park City in Kepong.

This time, the KL Unity Leos are targeting to raise RM15,000 to benefit three organisations: Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, Kirtarsh Handicapped And Disabled Children's Home and Rumble on Jumble (Station).

Assisting the KL Unity Leos are the Alpha Leo Clubs of SMK Sultan Abdul Samad and SMK Jinjang.

Participants can choose between the 4.4km Family Run and 8.8km Fun Run .

There is early bird registration of RM25 and RM35 for runners below an between d above the age of 18 respectively.

Deadline is Feb 9, following which the fee will be RM40 for the two age groups.

The closing date for registration is March 9. Each paid participant will be entitled to a T-shirt and goodie bag.

Registration can be made with any one of the following organising committee members: Kavenia (, Ethan ( or Andrew (

For more information, like the Leo Run 2014 Facebook Page.

Read more 30Jan14 New Straits Times

..triggered by Aiman Cheah

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Where did I jog? - Pattani.

New post article regarding where I did my jog and traveling on foot in new town or places. It is not about racing event, just a sightseeing on the run/jog passing places of interest.

By running I could explore more into local area and seeing their daily activities especially early morning. There is no rules. no distance, no route and no pace setup. Just bring some cash in-case I lost and back with cab. I jog and stop any interesting place to re-fill, chat or answer nature-call - It is run free.

I did number of sight-running before such as Brastagi@Indonesia, Hatyai@Thailand, KotaKinabalu@Sabah, KelanaJaya@PetalingJaya, Brinchang@CameronHighland, Kuah@Langkawi, Songkhla@Thailand eemm.. can't remember but those not recorded. I will start with Pattani.

Ride Itek SP-Pattani
Ride Itek SP-Pattani

Date: 01 February 2014 | 6:45am (MY time)
Start/End: C.S Pattani Hotel, Pattani, Thailand
Distance: 11km | 1:15.11

View Larger Map

From hotel to M
A straight road. A very cold morning. Some local start preparing/selling breakfast. Got 2 doors shop out-let of 7-Eleven. Besaq!

@C: Muang (District)  Pattani Municipal Office
Alot of exercise equipment for locals located nearby the river. Meriah with aerobic exercise and  loud thai music. Ya.. I join them for 5mins.

From L to B
Locals muslim kampung area. I passed 2 mosques. Mostly they are fishmen.

From L to C, D, E and F
Running thru muslim/melayu kampung area passing a mosque and 1 on other side of river.

From G to H and K
Passing shops and banks. Some local stalls selling kuih-muih

From K and J
Passing The Central Pattani Mosque and opposite is huge wet market. I think it is main market in Pattani. I ran thru inside the market. Tengok ikan dan sayur-sayuran.. feeling fresh again.

From J to K, I, L, C, M, N and O
Back to hotel

Then terus lompat dalam swimming pool..

Ride Itek SP-Pattani
Ride Itek SP-Pattani

Report on my Ride Itik : SP - Pattani coming soon.