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Thursday, 28 October 2004

Joke in my IT world - I

After drove back from Service Center (SC) in Johor to Bedong, received a call from my superior and assign me to go to SC Kuantan to investigate the PC problem after unable to resolve thru telephone. This problem had occur almost 2 months after i courier new/tested dot matrix printer and users already blow up.

The user had problem of too..too slow printing result. It takes more than 4 minutes per page to print the invoice and motorcycle job-card to customers. Thru phone, we try every possibility, change setting there, here and etc.

Seem that i at Seremban PLUS highway so i accepted it and take Karak highway once reach KL. At 1:30am, after 6 hours of slow driving (KL-Karak), too tired, drove alone and I'm not type of long drive driver which could stay alert all the way.

Next morning (9am) when to SC Kuantan, investigate the problem. Check printer condition, self test print - Ok, print fast. Check PC performance (new Compaq PC), RAM, disk space, OS - Ok, Reinstall printer driver, change printer resolution setting from 360 dot per inch (dpi) to the lowest 180dpi - No, slow print. Try change to use difference printer driver - No. Try every possibility on setting/changing parameter.. still slow print.

After 3-4 hours.. decided to re-install the OS.. so formatted the hard disk and re-install OS, re-install application software such as office apps, Service Center apps, Antivirus and etc.. it takes about 4 hours to completed. After all setting & configuration.. time to test printing... click on TEST PRINT button... argh!! toooooooo slow man!.. other Service Center which had same PC and printer model do not have this problem.

I'm so tired and no mood for lunch or tea break.. that time was 6pm, not ate anything since breakfast.. all setting and possibility had done.. had no more idea to resolve.. so called my superior at home..

"you do this, this, this and this.."
"Already done.. & slow print"
"you do this, this, this and this.."
"Already done.. & slow print"
"How about the cable?"
"Cable okay what!.. can print!"

After 20mins on conversation

"Try change printer cable"
"Does it will resolve?.. i'm also think.. not, but will try. Buy printer cable after finish my dinner"

Bought printer cable and replace the existing cable.. Test printer..
... trettt.. treeeettttt.. treeeeettt.. laju siol! (really fast)

Suck!!.. drove from KL-Karak-KL alone, stay in Kuantan, Pahang for 2 days because of cable printer!

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