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Friday, 22 October 2004

KRI 10km Road Race post mortem

KR Ipoh 10km Road Race published yesterday. Details result can be see by click here. KRI 10km memang hebat!, The organizer really taking care of runners, interm of road safety, marshall on every junction, registration boots, over-flow of drinks such as sunquick, spritzer, white coffee, livita..(sampai one of the committee came to us, suruh pi perabih drinking water), bertandan-tandan of bananas, bertingkat-tingkat of kuih pau, bertimbun-timbun of KRI t'shirt dan berempah-ratus perlari..

Looking at the result published Wow!.. unbelievable such a small/short distance race event, they record timing for all runners those who crossing finish line even sampai 2 hours.. they wait all the runners to finished. I think, that priceless effort would make all runners feel appreciated although they were not a winner but inside, they were hero and finisher!. Anyway.. for sure i will be coming for next KRI Road Race.. IIR... what IIR?

A bit of analysis on the result.

A Boys 13 - 18 years
B Men Open 19 - 39 years
C Men Veteran 40 - 49 years
D Men Senior Veteran 50 years & above
E Girls 13 - 18 years
F Women Open 19 - 39 years
G Women Veteran - 40 years & above

Cat A finisher : 58
Cat B finisher : 188
Cat C finisher : 167
Cat D finisher : 191
Cat E finisher : 16
Cat F finisher : 62
Cat G finisher : 53

For me,
My pace/km : 4:91mins
Position in my Cat. B : 47
No of runners cross finish line b4 me: 152.
No of male cross finish line b4 me: 144
No of boy cross finish line b4 me: 19
- Which mean 8 female runners sudah potong....
- hey! got 4 makcik (40 yrs above) potong aku la.. and another 4, i gave chance kat depa :P

No of participants : 868
No of finishers : 735
DNF (Did not finish) : 133

No. of Malay runners: 7
- ?, we were fasting...

The most finisher/runners in category: D
- Life start at 50 not 40.

The 1st overall position: VADIVELLAN A/L MAHENDRAN
(A0055/Cat.A/33:01 mins)
- ...Young and dangerous!

The 1st female position: CHOW CHOOI YEEN
(F0021/Cat.F/40:10 mins)
- (Cat E: ...Young & malu laa..

1st Cat B: MOGANASS A/L KRISHNAN (B0133 / 34:05mins)
1st Cat C: GNANASEGARAN A/L CHAPPANSIMUTHU (C0044 / 38:06mins)
1st Cat D: TAIAHLAN A/L GOVINDARAJU (D0170 / 36:16mins)
1st Cat E: TEH LI YEN (E0013 / 51:01mins)
1st Cat F: CHOW CHOOI YEEN (F0021 / 40:10mins)
1st Cat G: LEA YEO (G0027 / 41:07mins)

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