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Monday, 25 October 2004

Selamat Berbuka Posa

Oredi 1 week i'm not turun training, last run was KRI. Huh! so kalut & sibuk macam lebah and I can't curi masa utk lari walaupun for 20mins dalam bulan posa ni. Engaged in Improvement Programme for 3 months since September.. and this week is last week. yiiihaa! Lega! it finish! This improvement programme is similar to kaizen, but this one is total/overall company study and seek any opportunity for improvement. Awai bulan depan, nak kena pi present kat board of directors kat Shah Alam...

Today will start run only for 4km from my home to Universiti Perubatan Malaysia (aimst). Just do for slow and easy pace. So far i never run yet during fasting month. Hopefull tarak apa masalah. During bulan posa maybe i run 4-8k perday on easy pace

Last 4-5 days.. received an email from someone, asking macam mana aku punya run training. Actually don't have any formal training.. just keep on running, no speedwork, no faltek, no treadmill or what so ever... but in a week i schedule one route for speed run. Gila! tercugap-cugap. err.. that one only on non-posa month laa...

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