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Monday, 8 November 2004

Old website

Just surf and search for JKR Air Kedah Tengah phone # in and this website appear!

My old and unfinished website for JKR Air Kedah Tengah. That period of time, i was a contract staff before join my current company. Worked as Programmer /System analyst /Network Administrator / Technician / System Engineer..etc you named it.

That time they don't have IT section, only IT guy is me! which kerja macam Lone Ranjer cover 7 reservoirs and 3 branches maintain Water Billing System. But the good thing about working in goverment especially with Tender Section.. every morning got vendor belanja for breakfast and sometime breakfast with nasi + ikan bakaq at 8:30am!.. Morning break and tea break very sharp! and extend to 1 hour.

Really miss that old days..

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