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Friday, 4 February 2005

27 February..

Ada larian 3 serangkai.. Semua best2 and also got pro & con. Mostly the con is $$$. Looking on my Marathon training schedule, that week i should cover 32k. Daripada training run without medal.. so decide to run a race on 27 February. Where?..

Option 1
1. Padang Besar
a. My first international run.
b. Go with Alex, car pool..
c. 21km
d. Finisher medals... i heard laa.. but reading on brochure.. like rat looking at tongkoi kayu.
a. Kena buat border pass.
b. Register/lodging - pakai nasib.
c. $$ but convert to baht.. $$$$$

2. Nilai 3 Half Marathon
a. Lucky draw.. Shop lot/ car.. if lucky laaa..
b. Domestic run
c. 21km
a. Too far
b. $$
c. No transport.. harap kawan.
d. Medal 300.. but tak boleh harap, banyak geng kilat.

3. Tamirin Run
a. Zul & Najib maybe will join
b. Nearest @ Bukit Mertajam
a. 10km - too short to cover my Marathon training schedule
b. Medal 1-10th.. sure no medal for me.

Think, will run at Padang Besar.

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