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Tuesday, 15 February 2005

Half Marathon Training @ Lake Garden

Wednesday 09/02,

Accidentally i tersinggah Taiping after drove back from Ipoh for outstation works on tuesday, though i want to straight away drove back to Bedong.. coz tomorrow got my officemate wedding kenduri. but.. badan too tired already.. hate long distance drive. but not on claim heheeee..

So.. pepagi buta after subuh, went to Lake Garden (LG). Plan to meet with Zul to run together around Lake Garden. Waited him came down from Bukit Larut (his family spend 2D/1N at Bukit Larut).. 15mins.. no batang hidung.. 7:30am, ran with slow pace around big loop of LG.

LG, 7am, already alot of people, though today public holiday & CNY.. LG sunyi.. but i'm wrong. Chinese.. pun ramai. Tak pi raya ka? Semalam main bunga api sikit punya hebat pong pang pong pang.. tak letih ka?.

LG, never sunyi punya.. even late night pun riuh rendah.. with tiger, elephant, cipan, monyet.. that is in the Zoo but if outside, pun riuh rendah... i don't know la..

Did 3.5km x 6 laps.. fuh! half marathon!
1 - 18.39
2 - 18.18
3 - 18.14
4 - 18.20
5 - 6.25 + 18.06
6 - 18.37
Distance: 21km (1:56.41) - Personal best training run

5th lap, kena jawap panggilan alam. Before, while at 4th lap, already received a ringing tone and toilet still close... huh! mampus! celah mana tak simpan nih.. Luckily it's open after i pass by at 5th lap. First customer..

Nowadays, my in-laws also sudah rajin join me for jogging. They came with my wife & kids at 8:15am. Both of them did a slow jog and my wife played with kids at playground.

Actually, on Monday night we plan to balik Taiping, easy for me to drive to Ipoh for outstation work on next day... My wife call them to prepare some dinner upon reach and they ask my wife to pack also kids shoes & track bottom.
"Kita pi jogging dengan atuk dan opah pagi esok" said my in-law to cucu kesayangan dia.. Alauddin. So shock to hear that.. betoi ka? Usually they continue sleep after Subuh.

But, suddenly ada big batu coming and we postpone to next day morning (Tuesday) to Taiping & Ipoh.

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