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Friday, 25 February 2005

Padang Besar.. Thailand!

Damn! really busy week. All of those were stress. Ride a motobike stress.. drive a car.. stress.. get in to office.. lagi la. Still thinking..

"Where do you want to go run today?".

Running to Gurun.. naaah!, running.. to Semeling.. naah!, running to back to Bedong naahh!..

i need new route, new track, new PR.

Next week, one big batu coming. Kena jadi Project Manager for one of projects valued hundred thousands over. Hopefully my boss not Donald Trump and said "You're fired!"
Ya..yaaaa..yaap.. will kick..-off after KLIM..

So lega.. my wife already came back from P.Langkawi. Alauddin, start making weird things when his mom around.. naik lemak, teasing Jasmin, make both of us naik angin.. Last night, he sip a perfume!. Luckily he is OK today.

Tomorrow, Padang Besar on the way!. So excited can cross border, like crossing finish line. We will go by van with Alex & geng harimau bintang (Bukit Mertajam Leopard). Paid RM 80++ pax, hotel, transport arranged (to hotel, ground zero, makan angin around Padang Besar) except soru and registeration. after that, RUN!
...i'm free and flying

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