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Friday, 25 March 2005

Report: 12 Hour Run

Didn't join the run due to legs recovery period. Wish i could join the run.. but next year laa.. Got another mission this week.. Nilai 3 Half Marathon.

Didn't know where is Kubang Sepat. Just depend on my 7th sense to guide. The 6th.. hopeless!. Make me lost nearly 1 1/2 hour around Alor Star to find roads to Kubang Sepat (KS).

Went with family seem tommorrow school holiday.. so okay lah if drive back late night. But not me.. Esok kena potong kayu api daaaa... Taupau nasi lemak from Bedong and plan to have dinner at KS.

At Alor Star, i was confused by registration info.. Kubang Sepat or Bee Bee Park?.. Finally reach KS at 11:00pm. Kids already slept with empty stomach.. aduih kesian..

Had dinner behind car with Jasmin & Wife and enjoy seeing runners passing-by. I think my wife, also interested in running.. the topic we talked and chat while having nasi lemak.. At least i got a green light when went out for a run event.

Women category
Men category
The Checkpoint.. each runners will record for number of laps
The Rest, Recovery, Drink and Meal station

Numbers of participation increased from 70+ to 100+ compare to last year. 90% were veteran runners.. emm can said senior veteran laa.. The rest below 30. KS is a small town/pekan, located 15-20km from Alor Star. Surround by paddy fields. Really a quite pekan. Runners can have a peaceful run with a bright moon-light and pom-pom by local folks. The route cover half tarred. A loop is about 3+km.

Mr. Teo
SPRunners: The Boss
Cikgu.. from SP

Repesentative from SP Runners Club

First person i meet.. Tey! still run steady and strong after 4+ hour of running. Then i ran a lap with Teo (SP runners's chairman). Chat abit with him about the club activities and took photos.

The V with Kung Fu style?
Chin from Penang
Me and Kenny.. at last
Kenny and Peguin behind.. still steady..
Who is it?!.. da Penguin!

Then meet and chat with famous penguins, Chin PG, Kenny Tan.. hey! at last we meet with 4 eye balls..

Tey, Teo and Cikgu
A group photo with Chin, Terence (Penguin), Me and Teo
A winner in my heart.. Jasmin

1am.. Alauddin already slept, Jasmin still running and jumping around. Wife.. yawn a few times. Tommorow kena potong kayu api.. Shake-hand with KL runners and "Keep on runnning guys!"

So.. 12 Hour Run at Kubang Sepat... i did 3.5km!

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