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Monday, 25 April 2005

Morning run

For 3 days i changed my running schedule to add more mileage. Wake-up early 4:30am, after light breakfast, put my running gear and running!

My usual evening running route (home - AIMST - Semeling - AIMST - home) too dangerous no light post, not so many houses along and wild dogs. Tried home - Bedong - Taman Sinar Mentari - Bedong - home, cover 12km.

Before dawn/to office = 12km
Evening at office = 4-8km

Memang best! - So peaceful.
Kids and wife pun tak bising

Run with peace of mind.

But on third day.. gaduh with 2 dogs - Cilakak
They chased in-front of the owner house. Ingat lari pun tak guna so i stop, Shout aloud, pick-up batang kayu to hempok one of the dogs.. tak kena. But luckily the owner came out, otherwise memang kena penendang dah. Masa tu cerita budak kena gigit Rottweiler pop-up in my mind. Rasa takut sudah tak ada dah. Ingat nak revenge.

"Tomorrow morning, kalau anjing you mati jangan menyesal!" warned to the lady owner

- Cilakak! Esok lari bawak besi aerial.

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