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Wednesday, 11 May 2005

The Cream Crackers

Malakoff Malaysian Duathlon Series 2005
- MMDS II: Lumut, Perak
- 15 May 2005
- Mix Team Relay

My first time join dualthon (run/bike/run) not for individual la.. but MiX team relay. It is an eye opener for me.. look for road-bikes, accessories, gears, nipples and riders.

- Gurun / Sg.Petani tak ada group road-bike but i saw once, while doing weekend run to Tupah early morning 2-3 months ago. After that - hilang.

Our team name.. i suggest a Crackers, fitri said.. "..biscuit cream cracker ka?.." then we agreed and wendy registered the team name - The Cream Crackers.

I will be the first runner, which is cover 10km. My PB was 49mins, did at KRI Ipoh last year... so i'm target to re-new my 10km PB.. probably 46-48mins. Hopefully i did it, sure meleleh ayeq hidung..

Second team members, the biker - Cik Wendy
From Ipoh. Still single. Did first MMDS I series at Dataran Merdeka.

Third team members or 2nd runner - Mr. Fitri
From KL.. single, i guess. You could surf and read his blog here..

Personally i never meet-up with them yet. We just communicate thru email, shout & tag in each blogs. Thanks to the net and my running life-style.. - got more friends

Lumut & Manjung,
I love this pekan. Been there for 5 years. 3 years studied at ITM Sri Manjung. 2 years working at Lumut. My car license address still at Manjung. Lot of sweet memories. My last visit to Lumut was 5 years ago, after getting married.

..So let's rock and roll at Lumut!

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  • Wah..laju giler hang punya 10k run.

    i did mine in like an hour 2 minutes. light and blardy easy run, sempat gossip and bitched at people.

    :D added your blog to mine. looking forward to see more updates!!

    By Blogger TriStupe, at 10:35 am  

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