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Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Register Larian Bendang 2005

3rd May 2005 - Went to Alor Setar to register Larian Bendang Kedah 2005. Last year the registration held at YSB office (Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah) at Shahab Perdana knowing as Central Bus Station or in local bahasa "Stesen Bas Shahab" - how come they named as "Shahab".. inspector Shahab?! ka..

Luckily called the YSB office before drove to Alor Setar. Registration changed to Komplek Hijau Kuning.. - hah? Mana plak nih..
Asked my office mate for direction..

Tu dia!!... Kompleks Hijau Kuning (Green Yellow Complex).. Hijau Kuning sungguh!..

Alauddin - infront of Larian Bendang Run 2005

Larian Bedang Kedah 2005 Registration booth.
Register for Alex (BM Leopard) - 12 pax, (11 for 11km & 1 for 21km)
SP Runners - 11 pax (4 for 11km & 7 for 21km)
Najib - 21km, his junior - 11km, Zul - 11km & me -21km: - 4 pax

Cheers!.. too bad, need to run all out.. as 21km only 1 category. Semua hantam dalam tu.. duh!

Woit! mai register kat sini..

Tshirt.. thumb-up! - Cantek beb!.. macam kaler Selangor.. Last Sunday at Stadium Alor Setar.. Kedah pukui Selangor.. 4-1 :P

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  • Haris, I registered through post. Do I go to Kompleks Hijau Kuning to collect my number tag/t-shirt on the day before the run? Where is this place?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 am  

  • SeniorVet,
    Ya, think u need to collect at KHK la.. already stated in registration form. Location KHK, can refer to my post article for Alor Star map. Hotel?! still no info. i Should call him...

    By Blogger aharis, at 12:57 pm  

  • Haris, your map is very good. Thanks. As you suggested I emailed Cheng and he has very kindly booked a room for me at Sri Msia.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:14 am  

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