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Friday, 24 June 2005

Kekosongan 3 Jawatan Perenang

So far I got 3 teams berangan to be a triathlete.. but each of them having same penyakit after looking Bukit Merah Lake – hydrophobia.
But if lepas them to Bukit Merah Water Park – nomorephobia

So, they decide to form MiX/Team Relay for Bukit Merah International Triathlon, Perak on 6-7 August in Olympic distance (1.5 Swim – 40 Bike – 10 Run). Each team already has biker & runner except swimmer.

Anybody interested to tag-team with us, please drop a message/shout.

Swimmer Qualification
1. Male or Female x 3
2. Able to finish 1.5km
3. Laju or slow - belakang kira…

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  • ni cream crackers hantaq team tak? kalau korang nak masuk aku set je. tgk dulu camna aku perform kat pd.

    By Blogger tank, at 11:33 am  

  • Haris, Bukit Merah canceled la.. otherwise, i'm interested to do the 1.5km swim leg!

    By Blogger fadhil, at 10:59 am  

  • 'Kekosongan 3 Jawatan Perenang'... bila event tuh? aku berminat gak nak isi jawatan tuh!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:41 pm  

  • Guys!
    A big disappointed betul about cancelation of Tri@BM.. else sure meriah dapat jumpa / berkenalan dgn ko org.
    To: ed, fadhil & tank - TQ
    May be nx tri event at KL?

    By Blogger aharis, at 5:26 pm  

  • ooo canceled.. desaru tri tak masuk ke?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:48 am  

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