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Monday, 13 June 2005

Weekly mileage 30/5 - 5/6

Mon: 9km @ Section 24, Shah Alam - 48.15mins
Tue: Cuti @ Melaka
Wed: Drove back to Bedong
Thu: Hanyut..
Fri: Karam...
Sat: 12km @ Home - Tmn Sinar mentari (run around TSM) - 1:02.06mins
Sun: 11km @ Kampung Sg. Baong (Penang) - Relau (Kedah) - Sg Rambai (Kedah) - Sg. Duri (Penang) - Sg. Baong (Penang) - 54.15mins

Total mileage = 32km

First time run around my kampung. Cross Kedah border (Relau) and get back to into Penang. Did early morning after Subuh. A night before, deal with my father as he agreed to follow me on the run by bike. But after subuh... he still asleep. Malas to wake him up... put my running shoes.. Arrriiibaa! at 6:30am

About 4km, reached Relau. a cowboy-town. Received weird looking from villagers. Tot want to gave Salam... but thinking that i wore a short - Better quiet and enjoy the Relau hills and be like stranger.

Passed the Pyramid Mineral Water factory, one of Mineral Water supplier. If you found Pyramid mineral water drinking.. see the address. It came from Relau, Kedah nooooh! not Penang.

Run thru Sg. Rambai, head to Sg. Duri (8km). The biggest kampung. Where i finished my primary school here.. The school look good with new painting. Got a new 3 storey and extended building. School field.. not changed - Old memory reload in my mind while running especially in sport.

Still remembered i won 400 metre and pukui (defeat) the contender. While on podium the emcee invite my father gave the medal. - huh! what a memory..

Till now, don't know where the medal is..

Try to find any old friends along - No... may be still early.

Turn right at Sg.Bakap & Sg. Baong junction. Head to my kampung.

..and i did a loop at my kampung!

Ayah: "Hang buat berapa jam?"
Me: "54 minit"
Ayah: "Ayah terlena laaa... hang keluaq awai sangat.."
Me: "Tak paa.. bulan depan ada lagi.."

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."
- John Gardner *1933-1982 American Author*

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