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Friday, 8 July 2005

Away to Separuh Seremban

I'm going to Seremban tonight by Ekspress Langkawi. Already bought 2 tickets on Monday. SP-KL and BM-KL. This time me & Alex go alone. SP Runners not interested and BM runners... they want to focus at Melaka next week.

Alex - he never ride train before. If he jumping around or "perak" inside train - Aku tendang keluar!

Plan to take train at SP, but last week left my running vest at my bro office in Seberang Jaya. So this evening pick-up singlet and head to Alex's house at BM and take train from BM.
- Rugi RM3

KL Sentral - Seremban: by KTM Komuter. Pay half fare, 'coz still holding KTM train ticket. Last year, free!.
KL-Seremban: RM0
- Got cousin there.

@ Seremban.
Booked Seremban Inn. They said it's 5mins walk.
- Good for walk/warm-up before run

@ Seremban Half
Target 21km easy run. Left leg still abit painful when i stand-up on one leg. Even slow jog - tak syiok. 4 days rest and did swimming twice, hoping for fast recovery.

Don't know.. maybe by bus kot.

..ceeehh.. bila chime nak bunyi nihh

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  • Welcome to Seremban !!!

    See u there.

    FYI, there will be 6 Penguins taking part in the 21KM. They are real "Penguins" and will be struggling to beat the cut-off time of 2 hours and 30 minutes in order to qualify for the shit medal made of plastic. So, u are rest assured that u won't be the last to cross the finishing line.....hahaha

    Anyway, enjoy the run and suffering and more importantly must have fun.

    BTW, are u going for the Malacca full marathon ?

    FYI, 3 Penguins will be going there as "fools" struggling to complete the full marathon within the cut-off time. So, wherever you go and hear about Penguins will also be participating in the same race, u will be rest assured that the last person to cross the finishing line will be the Penguin.....hahaha

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:13 am  

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