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Sunday, 31 July 2005

Weekly mileage 25/7 - 31/7

Mon: Home to Tmn Sinar Mentari @ 4:50am, 10km, 28.29+25.12 = 53.41min
Tue: Office to Gurun T Junction @ 5:45pm, 8km, 37.14min
Wed: Home to Pekan Bedong @ 5:10am, 5km, 31.45min
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: Home to Tupah @ 7:15am, 24km, 1:05.41+1:07.32 = 2:13.13
Sun: Rest

Mileage: 47km

Initial plan to get out at 6:30am. But wake-up late, After subuh, get my gears, put RM2.40 inside pouch, warm-up abit, kids already wake-up.
"Pi mana ayah?"
"No! After breakfast ask mama to follow ayah at Tupah"
"Give me 5"

Tot want to join SP runners for weekend run. But they start too early. I need to perform Subuh first. That why i like run alone. Stopwatch 7:20am. Too late. 24km, takes 2 hour. Probably will be home at 9:30am - heat weather

Tupah.. quite a long time i'm not doing long run to Tupah. At Tupah, it's between you and nature; monkeys, waterfall, sound of river flow along the 8km route, no cars or motorcycles, fresh air but lots of hilly and i was *maki seranah (*bad word) during climbing. But on the top at water tap - peh! Haris The Conqueror!

Bring no water on the run. My plan,
12km @ Tupah - Drink free mineral from tap.
20km @ Semeling - Buy 100Plus.

Finished 24km in 2:13.13 - A slow and easy run and really enjoy the run.

Having 4 slices of toast bread, Half boil egg x 2 and orange...

While b/fast.. Gunung Jerai - Lama tak rabat natang alah nih...

Having Hi-Tea at Havard Suasana Golf Resot - Free coupon.

My old, rusty MTB. 9 years hibernate in store. Bought at Manjung after getting my first salary. - Sentimental.

Changed inner tyres, pedal and saddle. The rest, still original.

After long time.. my first ride from home to office - 13km

Doing extra Replacement Leave - Servers and database maintenance.

Peh! Penat. Peluh. Meleleh. Tera nak sampai opis.

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