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Thursday, 18 August 2005


Outstation tomorrow at K.Lumpur @ Jalan Ipoh.

I know, there are alot of run events at KL. Almost every week. This weekend got 2 events Batu Caves Tanggathon and Larian Mini Marathon (LMM) HPPKN, Shah Alam.

But no news for Batu Caves Tanggathon so decide to participate LMM. Near to my bro in-law house.

Medal on 20pcs - emmm.. easy run lah and other reason, want to release stress and forget..

Somebody stab on my back with parang - Aduihhh
First day, i credit/praise this asshole thru email to his boss.
Next day, after 5 years of services my promotion was withdraw by this asshole.

Rezeki ditangan tuhan.

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