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Monday, 3 October 2005

Larian Valdor 2005

Date: 20 Nov 2005
Venue: Sek. Ren Jenis Keb. Cina, Kg Valdor
Distance: 11km & 8km
Lucky draw: 50 prizes
Finishers Medal: 250
Tel: 045826510 / 0195513353 (Mr. Oo)

Form, can copy at Events and Forms section.

I would like recommend this run event. Well organized. Lot, lot and a lot of foods. A fair race which they divide into 4 categories for men. But sadly it clash with another run event + "pesta makan" - KRI Ipoh. I'm still puzzling which one to choose. Need to lambung syiling.. - tak patut.

Anyway you can read my previous Valdor Run 2004 report at Race Events section.

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