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Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Training @ AIMST

Mostly 4-5 days a week i training and passing the AIMST, which is 1-2km from my home. It looks like more than 70% completed. The development still in progress. But not so rapid as it start. Maybe the base structure was completed.

AIMST was build on hilly land. From road, i could saw a completed hostels building, reservoir, lecturers house, admin building and sport complex.

For months i wonder how it look like inside.

There were 3 entrance. The left entrance, use for lori-lori hantu came-in and out and got security guards. Right entrance which is lead to sport complex, was closed and locked. Center entrance, main entrance.. i guess. Look like main post guard still in development, was open. Block by a concrete pipe and red tape to prevent from motorist. Heheehee.. can jump laaa..

Probably AIMST will be move-in next year or two from temporary building at Sungai Petani. Trees planted, landscaping in progress.

Sport Complex
Running track, in-front of sport complex

@ From sport complex..
Fuyooo... running track!.. still fresh and clean. It bounce back when jumping. Baru siap gamaknye..
Did 2 laps of running. My mind was running alot of plans inside.

Test run. Background is Admin building

@ inside sport complex
Arrrgggg.. swiming pool! must be olympic size. - heheee orang jakun+perak. In Sungai Petani, only got kids pool type. Swimming pool were at 4-star hotels and high charges.

Run thru hostels building and lecturers houses. One of securities with motorbike came from behind..
"Ahhh sudah.. mampus aku kena maki... ceroboh"
While on running track, i could notices 3-4 securities were observed my activities.

"Awai lari.. hari ni"
"Dak aihhh.. ni pon dah lewat.. dah dekat jam 7 dah. Saya saja pusing2 kat sini"
and he left.
Betul laaa.. dia betul2 observe my daily running activities.

To reservoir. Lecturers houses on left
Night at Semeling from higher ground

Then head to reservoir, which located above >10 storey hostels. Canteeekk.. bukit! boleh buat hill training.

After running down from reservoir.. head to Admin building and exit at center entrance and run back home.. was 7pm dah.

..peeeh hopefully, it could completed and move-in by next year.

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