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Wednesday, 14 December 2005

For Sale

Bought the Air Pegasus 2005 model last month at Penang. So far i'm very comfortable with Pegasus model especially on long run workout.

My previous model was Pegasus 2002. Already 2 years. Wear it for training and race. Thought to have another pair.

The problem was, i bought wrong/small size. Ingat kasi fit dgn kaki boleh lari laju.

Old - Pegasus 2002
Size: 10(U.S) or 9(U.K)

New - Air Pegasus 2005
Size: 9.5(U.S) or 8.5(U.K)

The Air Pegasus 2005 already wore twice. Both 10km test drive at Lake Garden and home route which i did personal best 10km training. For short distance <10km it's fine to me.. but more than that.. feel uncomfortable.

Bought it RM 349.00. Still got the box and receipt. Condition OK. I'm wore socks during training.

So decide to sell it /letak harga /harga buka mulut .. RM 300.

If i could sold it... for sure i buy same model with 10(US size)

Anybody interested?

..price can neg laa..

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  • bro...hang kasi basuh sama itu tapak ka?

    unfortunately it's not my size...your AP2002 will fit me better.

    By Blogger TriStupe, at 12:13 pm  

  • Stupe..
    Tarak laa.. cuma spray guna Tyre Shine ajer..
    Aduuuhh.. u mau AP2002 ka?

    ..lelong.. lelong.. lelooooongg.

    By Blogger aharis, at 12:37 pm  

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