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Friday, 9 December 2005 from office stuffs

Another weekend vacation for me and family. Will go for Kerachut Run (KR) on Saturday, a fun walk on sunday at Starwalk and a night at Penang.

Kerachut Run
Been informed that KR route was half tar and trail - Huh! Bestnye.
Although disappointed with 2 category men and women and prize only 1-10, but it do not fades my intention.

Trail run thru Penang National Park and around Meromictic Lake - something couldn't miss. Approximately 5km trail route and the rest is tar. Total distance 7km.

Another adventure activities. It's more on mentality and encouragement for me to ayat/inspire kids+wife to continue walk.

My first Starwalk was at Ipoh. That time, i was so stupid/mangkuk hayun and so eager to start run after Jasmin birth (too busy taking care wife). Travel from Bedong, spend 2D1N in Ipoh and walk for 5km. Then 2 day after that, heard about Pangkor Half Marathon 2004. - Pap! Pap!

But something worth and memorable walked at Ipoh Starwalk... read on

Places will be visit.
1. Pantai Kerachut
2. Butterfly farm @ Teluk Bahang
3. Toy Museum @ Tanjung Tokong
4. Penang Hill
5. War Museum
6. Teluk Tempoyak – Booked chalet and famous with ikan bakar.
7. Pulau Jerejak - Next visit.

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