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Sunday, 8 January 2006


December 2005.
After Keracut Conv. Run, had less training. Just slow jog on number of days. Busy with year end system backup. Database backup. Semua backup. what else i left... errkk!

Then we went to survey and visit various kindergartens around Gurun for Alauddin and visit new pengasuh for them.

Almost 4 months, did not doing any long run. >20km. Since ASJC 21km on 5 Aug'05. Feel something missing.. On X'mas, i celebrated alone by running from Home to Tupah (25km). A slow jog. @18km had to walk. Then run-walk-run until home.

X'mas Day (25/12/2005)
Home <-> Tupah (12.5km x 2)
Home - Semeling - Tupah: 1:02.32
Rest + drink mineral water from tap: 3mins
Tupah - Semeling: 41.27
Rest + bought 100Plus: 1.44mins
Semeling - Home: 25.32
Total = 2:14.16

January 2006
New year - Sunday.
Again i celebrated alone. Running from Home to Tupah. Moderate pace. Able to finish 10mins less than last week on X'mas day.

New Year Day (01/01/2006)
Home <-> Tupah (12.5km x 2)
Home - Semeling: 19:10
Semeling - Tupah: 41.00 = 1:00.26
Rest + drink mineral water from tap: 1.47 = 1:02.14
Tupah - Semeling: 39.26 = 1:41.40
Rest + bought 100Plus: 1.16mins = 1:42.57
Semeling - Home: 21.38 = 2:04.35
Total = 2:04.35

Next training target Home <-> Tupah <2hour.

For 3 days since 02/01/2006. Alauddin crying at new kindergarten. New teachers. New friends. New language spoken. I had to take half-day leave to wait him until time-out. On 3rd day he meet-up with new friends and i didn't have to with for him.

Today.. miss the tycoon run at Taiping. Alex & Najib going. My mind not ready yet.

Anyway, i start my training for Kinabalu today. Run and climb 1217 meter of Gunung Jerai. First time run up/down to G.Jerai thru tarmac route. Equip with half bottle of water and mp3 player, set to run for 30mins up then run down. Able to run non-stop for first 25mins and 5mins run-walk-run. 30mins, u-turn and ran down. For first time, i didn't set any distance target. Just have fun with run+climb, groups of monkeys, cold weather and scenery.

Gunung Jerai (08/01/2006)
Distance: 1/3
Up: 30.56mins
Down: 23.53mins

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