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Friday, 17 March 2006

Family day @ Taman

Day: Sunday
Date: 12 March 2006
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Taman Semeling Indah, Bedong, Kedah

Next day after SKN Jerai, my taman committee organized a family day. Alot of family activities especially for kids and parents. Kutip gula2, makan epal, isi air dalam botol, punggai (baling) plastik air, jalan ikat kaki and Mini-mini-mini-mini marathon - a suggestion from Cikgu. Run around taman. Probably 2-2.5km.

Earlier, thought that nobody interested in running event. 3-4 days before, Cikgu informed that neighbourhood kids start training around the route.

Start 7:30am. Parents category. - Not took part. Kaki out - Jadi cameraman. Then tadika (pre-school), primary school and secondary school category.

Alauddin who just came out from GH yesterday. Won 1st place in tadika category. Everybody shocked.. even cikgu and me.

I miss Alauddin crossing finish line moment..

Girls category

Finish line

Boys primary school category, ready...

Priiiiittt... Flag-off by Pak Tam Maideen


Around taman

Alauddin's best friends


Winner pre-school category

Marathon.. finished. Next.. acara padang

Jasmin, kutip gula-gula cekelat

How many you got?

Fill-up water into bottle


Makan epal


Nak lagi?

Me.. acara punggai ayeq dalam plastik

Lumba jalan ikat kaki

..Setiausaha bahagian wanita

Jalan dalam guni

Soru time.

Berebut gulai

Jasmin and Alauddin with another best friend - Asraf

Pak Tam, VIP.. apa-kenama-tah and Chairman


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