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Tuesday, 14 March 2006

SKN Gunung Jerai Result

Elite Category Flag-off 08:30am
1. A13 Rosli Rumia - 10:36.02am
2. A02 Shahrudin - 10:42.50am
3. A07 Naria (Tha) - 10:48.18am

A: Elite
B: Men Open
B: Men Open (2nd sheet)
C: Women Open
D: Men Veteran
E: Women Veteran
F: Boys Junior

Result from Utusan Malaysia on monday 13th Mac 2006

Najib = A12
Mine = A08. Thought #8 ada "ong" compare to last year "007"... but meleset meleret.

Lebih teroookk dari last year. I mean, my performance, running, gears, medal, timing and to add more "Sudah jatuh terduduk, tersungkor, tergolek-dog ditimpa tangga plak". Alauddin was send to G.Hospital at Sungai Petani. Slipped onto stone slope masa mandi air terjun while waiting me finish the run.

Quickly after finish the run, rush to GH with Najib's car and still wearing my running vest and tight.

Cikgu inform that his face was badly scratched and clinic's doctor recommend to go to private or GH, perform a X-ray/scan to detect any internal bleeding.

His Opah+Atuk also rush from Taiping after received news from Cikgu.

Luckily, late evening doctor said OK - tarak masalah.. inside.
9pm baru keluar wad. Cuma cedera ringan/calar skit kat pipi. - lega...
4 months ago.. sudah kena jahit 2 jarum kat kening - Jatuh gerek!
= habis ke-handsome-an dia....

....sambung lagik

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