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Tuesday, 23 May 2006

MP3 player.. kaput

Came to office/working-day by bike. Wake-up 1/2hour earlier than normal. 5:45am. Mandi. Subuh. Packing kids stuffs into car. Packed for myself - towel, office uniform, extra spender and hair cream. 6:30am - start pedalling. Slowly.

Weather - a bit cold. Passing bunch of kids waiting for school bus. Still dark. Careful, looking for any potholes. Roads, not too busy yet. Still early. Got two lanes both sides. For cars and motorcycles.

The distance between home to office is 11km. Took me half an hour. Target to reach office before 7am. Enough for me to get re-fresh again. Mandi, changed, slot-in, hide my bike inside store and had a breakfast.

07:45am - Potong kayu api
10:00am - 20mins Tea break. Skip. Read newspaper.
10:20am - Potong kayu api
01:00pm - Pulun lunch
03:00pm - 15mins tea break. Pulun for carbo-loading
05:00pm - Cabut. Usually 5:15pm baru boleh cabut.

To Sport Complex. Get changed.
5:30/25pm - Pedal another 11km back home.

That's my new routine. 22km bike daily.
Save fuel consumption, clock-in earlier, more bike/bike-run.

Actually i dislike the idea of "Restrict the Brand X Motorcycle Park Inside". Already bought 2 motocycles from company. For my ayah and brother, using staff loan - still hutang. The idea.. really menyusahkan, mostly orang bawah such as operators, trainee, contract staff likes cleaners, gardeners, securities. Not everybody afford to buy new motorcycle - buka buku 555 baru.

Why i said menyusahkan..
The distance from entrance Post Guard to Main office is about <2km. So pepagi buta ramai brand X owners walking. If lucky, somebody will stop. Pick them up.
- Won't comment more..

Bike: Home to/back Office. 22km
Run: 5km
First time, did a bike-run. Try to do that before... but never make it. Bontot sakit. Peha kebas. Lutut lembik. Serupa macam syok naik kereta laaa.., dapat duduk, kena aircond.. mana best tukaq naik motor.

Once step-down from bike and start running... arrrgghhh!!! berat kaki. kebas.. etc
Wish i could turn back and kerabat balik naik gerek.

Hati mau buat 10km... but mind said...
"Let's do 5km first for starting.."
- I did. Run non-stop.
- Puashati.

Bike: Home to/back office. With same routine as on Monday. 22km
It's a bike day today. Add another 20km. Office - Gurun - SMK Gurun - Perwaja - Bedong - Sg Lalang - Bandar Laguna Merbok - Eastern by-pass - Semeling - AIMST and home.
- Bike: 42km

Bike: Home to/back office.
Run: 9km. Trail route. Tye Eng. Did training PR.
After bike. Transition (drop beg, helmet and drink abit). Calm down - 9km. Run slow for 1-2km. Then ran on comfortable pace. No speed run. Terkezut aku.. i slashed 1 mins from training PR. Thanks.. bike.

Bike: Home to Office only. 11km.
Return... Cikgu mai ambik aku. Had to stay back at office until 11pm. Upgrade server system.

Rest day. Visited Alex. He undergo an operation yesterday. Plan to visit him last night.

SP Bikers also rehat. No ride.
Kids + cikgu pi sekolah.. Alone. 8am, ambik gerek. Kayuh. Pusing Gunung Jerai. Home - Merbok - Yan - Guar Chempedak - Gurun and Bedong.

A bit improve on my cycling. Did 60km in less than 2hour. No pit-stop for 100Plus. Just depend on my drinking bottle.

Then continue with 5km run to AIMST and U-turn.

It was 10am. Matahari terik. Empty 2 bottles before run. Half-way. Was exhausted. Kering tekak. Just keep-on running non-stop. Sometimes melelong. Panas. Terik.

Sampai rumah - lega.

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