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Monday, 15 May 2006

New Chatbox

my ShoutMix is down. The domain need to be renewal. Hope it up again. Temporary, registered and configure the chatbox from

Been inform that Cendana Hikathon 2006 schedule on 25 Jun was postpone to 23 July. A week before Int. Penang Bridge Run (IPBR). It is trail and hiking event. Could easily being injured or probably you will miss the IPBR for a third year. Emmm.. dare to take part?

- Better postpone again after IPBR.

Last week,
Cikgu went/outstation for a course for whole week. Yaap! Had no choice, jadi nanny for a week. After office hour, rush/pick-up them. Buy dinner. Their favourite – Nasi Lemak. Send Alauddin to mengaji. Doing laundry. Check his home-work. Jerit sana. Jerit sini. By 11pm, i'm flat - Less training.

But on Wednesday, can’t tahan already.
5:15pm. Park my car at Gurun Toll. Change to running tight and speed-up to Petronas Fertilizer for 35mins.

Friday. Wesak. Public holiday.
Bike with Rize. Only 2 of us. From Semeling Jetty, Bandar Laguna Merbok, Kuala Ketil, Jeniang, Batu 10, Gurun and Bedong. 90km. The longest ride for me. Arrgghh.. lembik lutut. Sakit bontot. 2 pit-stops. Fill-up with can of 100Plus and Teh-O limau

A day before, Riza called for group ride again to Batu 5, Sik. >120km. – Tarik diri. Still sakit bontot.
I’m doing brick alone.
Run – 10km. To Tmn Sinar Mentari.
Bike – 50km. To Tanjung Dawai.

Already 3 weeks, came to office by bike. Thanks to new announcement effective since 2nd May.
"Brand X motorcycle - Park outside!"
Turn it to positive.. I'm doing brick everyday!

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