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Thursday, 15 June 2006

Skyrunner Circuit III: Switzerland

The Track: Valmalenco-Valposchiavo
The race starts from Italy, Lanzada (982m - località Pradasc) and the arrival is at Poschiavo, Switzerland (1014m – townhall square). 31km with a 1850m drop and a 1800m rise.

After 2 km uphill the village of Tornadri is reached, just after an old customs house (probably of Austrian origins, but some people consider it to be Spanish). On this building the following inscription is still readable: "Tornadri fraz. di Lanzada man di Sondrio via per Poschiavo". From here (m1088) and following an old mule track for 5 km, 1800 m altitude will be reached; paths then follow until Alpe Campascio (1814 m). One km uphill to get to Alpe Musella and, from there, down to Alpe Foppa to easily reach the Campo Moro dam. Then uphill to Alpe Campagneda, at the foot of the Pizzo Scalino, running along wonderful alpine lakes. After a final uphill, the Passo di Campagneda is reached (race top point at 2627 m): from here the great Bernina Group will be visible.

After a quick slope (1km) on moraine and mixed ground the Passo Canciano is reached (2464 m Italian-Swiss border). The itinerary continues among paths and pastures until Alp Cancian (2132 m). The final part of the race which goes down to Poschiavo winds across dirt roads and old paths, encountering old groups of houses (Quadrada, Selva-Vamporti), to finally get to Borgo after 1 km on a flat path.

Date: 11 of June 2006
Distance: 30km
Elevation Gain: 1.850m
Record: 2h34m39s (men). 3h20m33s (women)

The News: Schiessl and Mudge, winners in Valposchiavo
New scenario for the third race in the Buff® Skyrunner® World Series, June 11, in Switzerland, with victory to German Helmut Schiessl, leaving the favourite, record holder and Series’ leader, Ricardo Mejia, in fourth position. Briton’s Angela Mudge breaks yet another record after her win in Spain only two weeks ago.

A new record was also set by the number of competitors in the International SkyRace - 500 runners from 15 countries gathered at the start of Sunday’s 31 km race from Lanzada in Italy to Valposchiavo in Switzerland. The course runs along an ancient smugglers’ route, reaching an altitude of 2,627m with a total of 3,650m elevation gain.

Winner, Helmut Schiessl ran the course in 2h41’10” and three-times World Series’ champion, Catalan Agustì Roc, after a year’s absence due to injury, came back with a punch in second place, closing in 2h42’55”; third, Italian Dennis Brunod, a previous winner of the course, in 2h43’52”. Mejia’s surprise 4th place was no doubt influenced by a painful foot injury three days before the race.

Angela Mudge, new star of the Saab Salomon Team and 2000 World Mountain Running champion, set the course record and accrued precious points in the World Series’ ranking, crossing the finish line in 3h10’18”, 41st overall. Two straight wins in a row.

2002 winner, Italian Gloriana Pellissier followed 11 minutes behind, closing in 3h21’39” and Daniela Vassalli, kept her ranking leadership with her third place in 3h25’41”.

The men’s category was led by Schiessl from the start, who aimed at gaining as much advantage as possible before downhill experts, Roc and Mejia could close in on him after the summit. However, with the two champions hot on his heels, he held his position to the finish. Mudge, despite some residual leg pain from the 2nd World Series event, maintained her advantage throughout.

The current Buff® Skyrunner® World Series ranking remains unchanged with Mejia and Vassalli leading.

The fourth race in the Series will take place on June 25 in Nagano, Japan, with 2005 World Champion, Rob Jebb aiming to set the pace.

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