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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

SKN 2006 Ranking

Ranking Sirkit Kembara 2006 already published. I was ranked in 11th - 30pts. Actually, finished in 16th.. but 5 of them were Thai.. so they not entitle for Raja Kembara. Still got chance to win. :P

Najib.. tengah dok pulun training, he's going to Sirkit Kembara II - Gunung Tebu, Terengganu. Hoping to get cash + makan angin.

I'm not going anywhere.. wait for Penang Bridge Int Run.. but maybe lumba gerek.. - Depend on geng kaki2 SP/Sharp-Roxy. Depa ON, aku HOOOON

Anyway.. This weekend confirm!.. i will be running in Kuching.

Week1. July06
Nganga.. tengok bola
Run. 10km@5am. Home <-> Tmn Sinar Mentari. Easy jog after Germany vs Portugal.

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