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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Bike: Sungai Petani - Bukit Hijau

Sunday 11 August 2007

From Taman Sejati, Sungai Petani to Hutan Lipur Bukit Hijau. Riza, Me, Art, Wichan, fauzi and new member Azizul - My office-mate. A Paintball expert.

Bukit Hijau
Located about 112km south-east of Alor Setar, deep in the forest of Gunung Inas in the Baling district is Peranginan Bukit Hijau, a great highland retreat for those inclined for the greenery. A three-kilometre jungle-trail through a virgin forest reserve leads up to nearby Gunung Inas at 1,454 metres.

Also known as Lata Bukit Hijau Recreational Forest, it is famed for its amazing seven-level cascading waterfalls that create seven pools of cool, crystal clear water. Although picnickers come here during weekends and public holidays, its large camping ground with basic toilet facilities along the Sungai Mempelam (Mempelam River) is more than adequate for all.

Activities available there include nature walks along the bridle path that leads to the forest reserve where one can see nature at its best.

Photos @Bukit Hijau - from

Taman Sejati - Pinang Tunggal - Padang Serai - Mahang - Baling-Kulim Express Highway - Bukit Hijau - Kuala Ketil - Simpang tawa - Bandar Puteri Jaya - Taman Sejati. Total distance 105km.

Nice route. Less cars. Scenic route. Never drive thru.
We stop 3times because alot of hilly and tunggu kawan2 yang belakang.

Stop at Padang Menora - Fix fauzi's bike





Heading to Mahang

Tak aci laarr weeeey

Ladang jagung

Ladang jagung

@HUtan Lipur Bukit Hijau

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