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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Ironmen Terbuka Kedah

Initially i was very excited to participate in this event after read it from newspaper. Don't care about the date, I could apply a leave.

Consist 3 disciplines to be completed. 10km bike, 5km run and canoeing that make me excited most. If they list swimming as last discipline.. probably i need serelom/wear pelampung lengan. I'm still newbie. More that 200m.. it kill me. - Tercugap-cugap. I need to master the relax mode while in the water.

But after go thru the event detail.. make me to re-think more than twice.
1. It is ironman ironmen - An event with 4 players (team). No individual.
2. RM100 as registration fee.

1. The distance too short - Off road?.
2. 2 categories. Internal and open.

Good reason..
1. Bike provided - Please allow the roadbikes
2. Meal provided - Incuding lunch?
3. You got 9 hours to complete

2 things i would reconsider..
Reduce the registration fee and allow for individual/solo. With that.. i think more participation will be received.

Detail and form available at Forms and Events section

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