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Friday, 31 August 2007

Shoes 2002 - 2007

Since i started jogging back in 2002 to lost a few weight, i wore 2 pairs of shoes. Both were casual shoes not a technical running shoes.

The first pair were Power brand shoes. I used to run with it for 15-20mins around taman houses before my legs start felt uncomfortable. At first I thought that my legs felt tired/exhausted because of too much running so I stuck with it for a few month. Doing slow jog.

Then I bought another pair. Branded one. A Pro-Specs. Yeah! i dream to own a Pro-Specs brand shoes since playing a hockey. But FAMA's (Father/Mama) can't sponsor. Bought from bundle shop.

It's not a technical running shoes but compare to Power.. this shoes much better. Softer underfoot more durable heel. Able to drag me to run more than 30mins. And this pair was my first running shoes that i ran my first run event, a half marathon in International Penang Bridge Run 2003. At last a few km... tapak dia lekang. so i ran pok-pak-pok-pak until finish line. Terkangkang 3-4 hari.

Third pair.. was Nike Pegasus 2004 model. Bought at Ipoh, a day before Ipoh Starwalk. It was a perfect running shoes for me after a few weeks of seeking /searching /reading recommendation on net.

I ran numbers of short distance events, half marathons and did my first marathon with it. Very satisfied. I could felt an excitement to run when worn it. Macam... no mood of running.. but once my legs into Pegasus... - Can't stop running.

After 1 year and half.. tapak dia lekang. Sayang punya pasai.. i send for repair twice but i last for couple of weeks.

At KLIM06, I bought the forth pair - Adidas Savage. A trail running shoes. Only worn it once on race event and it hurt my kepala lutut in Sirkit Kembara Negara: Gunung Jerai. Crap shoes. I turn it into casual shoes and pakai bawa pi 'hutan simpanan'.

On December 2005 I bought the fifth pair. Of course a Pegasus again. A 2005 model. After number of training run and race.. this model not good as 2004 model, moreover i bought wrong size. As alternative i'm wearing stokin habis nipis. Got spaces for my toes. Less cushioning and a bit light compare to 2004 model and for me.. it suitable to run fast and short distance.

For a year and half, i still wearing till today. But lately I felt this shoes got no more cushioned. My legs can't bounce back. I felt like lari kaki ayam (barefoot). Legs always felt uncomfortable. And when i forcing my leg to run and worn it, the mood immediately turn to negative. I was hoping a raining day for excuses.

The shoes condition still ok. Tarak koyak2.. but tapak dia dah mula nak lekang. Same like 2004 model.

Why?!! why sole of nike shoes easily lekang? - Taruh gam gajah pon still not workable.

On the way back from Penang Baithlon 2007.. i decide to try other shoes brand. ASICS - as my sixth pair. I thought for Gel-2120 after read some recommendation but ter'beli' Gel-Kayano 13 at the one and only Asics shoes outlet in Penang @Queensbay. Felt more lighter than Gel-2120 and suitable for normal arch. That model came with 10US+4E size, which mean.. it suitable for those who have wide foot.

Adidas - Confirm! tak boleh pakai even it's my size. Because it not wide enough for my foot.

After a few training run and a race, my legs still felt uncomfortable. Gave me a bit pain on my left leg after the run and i didn't felt want to run more km. I would rather jump into pool or ride my Trek.

...emmm no more comment about this shoes, already drilled a big hole in my plastic card. So.. conjunction with merdeka day :) I wish the new Pegasus 2006 model which being awarded a 2006 Editor's Choice of The Year by Runners' World, would bring back the same 2004 specification into 2006.

But.. to buy it, probably a year and half ahead. :(


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  • give the kayano a chance. it's a good shoe. asics shoes usually are tighter around the arch but once broken in, no problem. the best shoes i ever wore.

    By Blogger Jamie Pang, at 6:12 am  

  • Sudah kasi chance banyak kali. Maybe my pronate not match with this model.

    I should stick to Pegasus :(

    By Blogger aharis, at 12:35 am  

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