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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Report Raya

2 weeks before raya i went back to kampung for fast breaking with ayah and all my family members. Both my elder brothers able to join except my sister, she had to work late that day.

Usually during ramadhan when all of us (adik-beradik) getting together.. our favorite menu was bubur nasi... nasi campur will left until sahur. Everybody will had bubur nasi specially make by mak. No other place/masjid can beat her bubur nasi/lambuk.

But that was 4 years ago. Now.. each of us brought juadah bungkus from home/pasar ramadhan and breaking together. Cikgu buat 2 kilo of ayam madu from home and aku bakaq kat kampung.

Jasmin and Alauddin helping their mom for ayam bakaq

Ya.. i miss riuh-rendah while waiting for azan and also crossing hands to pick-up kuih-muih /dates after azan magrib. While having meals... we exchange khabar masing2. How my little sister doing, For my 2 brothers... mostly the issues circle around Jazz albums. ..what's new albums had downloaded and exchange the songs.

Bukak posa with family members


Alhamduliah.. i completed it and target achieved. Deep inside.. i put another target as a bonus - 30days of terawih. But i started miss it on 23th day. After that.. it is on-off-on-off plus.. my lovely database servers down and i had to spend 2 days bukak posa dekat opis.

Anyway.. Alauddin able to complete his first ever fasting on the first day of ramadhan. In total.. he miss 9 of 30 days. Good enough for starting.. jenuh aku and cikgu memujuk.. untuk tahan posa until magrib. Kasi dia mandi.. suruh dia lena.. halau dia pi main luar dengan kawan2 dari tengok ayeq cincau.. layur dia dengan duit upah posa and etc.

Last 2 weeks before raya.. was raining days. Able to do 2-3 training run per week. Each workout took between 20-30mins - selow run.

Dok perusah nak pasang pelita.

Bergambaq pepagi raya

Jasmin, Alauddin & with their sepupu Balkis


Firstly after solat sunat raya, we went to Kampung Masjid where my mom was buried. My sister, Sabri+Nora and Mak Njang join baca and hadiah fadilat surah yassin to her.

Assalamualaikum mak!

Pekena mee rebuih at Surau Kg Masjid sebelum balik

Queue for duit raya from my bro.

2nd day raya - Went to Taiping and i did 2 loops of 3.5km at Lake Garden - Start preparing for AIMST next week.

Banner Larian @AIMST


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  • Selamat Hari Raya! Lemang ada lagik?

    By Blogger John, at 9:01 pm  

  • Ada..ada.. tinggal buluh. Balik A.Star... jemput mai rumah.

    By Blogger aharis, at 9:23 am  

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