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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Larian Bendang: News and Result

FORMER national long distance runner R. Muniandy easily captured the 6km Bendang Charity Race when he stormed to the finish line in a time of less than 19 minutes at the Darul Aman Stadium in Kedah on Saturday.

Muniandy from Sungai Petani defeated a field of more than 200 athletes in the Men’s Open category to pocket a cash prize of RM500 and a medal.After the race, Muniandy said it was a relatively easy race as he had been training regularly in preparation for much longer races since the beginning of the year.

"I have won several races in the past but others have also ended up in disappointment. However, I just take it as part of the game" he added.

In second place was R. Vithinavi while Mohd Badaruddin Ismail was in third. Apart from medals, they received RM300 and RM200 respectively.

In the Women’s Open category, Tan Chin Fong finished ahead of Stephanie Chong and Kuo Swee Im, all from the Alor Setar Jogging Club. They also received the same amount in cash prize as the ones for the Men’s Open category.

Cash prizes of various amounts and medals were also presented to athletes who finished fourth to 15th position in all the categories except the VIP categories.

More than 2,100 athletes of all ages participated in the race, which was organised in conjunction with the two-day Sultanah Bahiyah Foundation Caring Day Carnival.

In the Men’s Senior VIP category which covered 3km, former state Education Department director Datuk Hassan Hashim was the winner. In second place was academician Dr Musthapha Daud from Universiti Utara Malaysia while Brig-Jen Abu Muslim Ismail from Sungai Petani came in third.

The Women’s Senior VIP category was won by Sharifah Husein while Normadiah Ariffin and Normali Othman were in second and third positions respectively.

Eight physically disabled athletes also participated in the Wheelchair category which covered a distance of 3km. Mohd Ariff Abdullah won the race while Mohd Azaman Ahmad was second and Mohd Fauzi Abdullah was third.

Meanwhile, portraits, paintings, drawings and an ancient keris were auctioned off prior to the race. The items fetched a tidy sum of RM152,500 while another RM500,000 was donated by the state government, corporate bodies and individuals towards the foundation’s fund.

Men - Senior VIP
1. Datuk Hassan Hashim
2. Dr Musthapha Daud
3. Brig-Gen Abu Muslim Ismail.

Men - Junior VIP
1. Lt-Col. Mohd Isa Daud
2. Tennyson anak Riam
3. Mohd Firdaus Mihat.

Men – Open
1. R. Muniandy
2. R. Vithimavi
3. Mohd Badaruddin Ismail.

Men – Secondary school
1. Mohd Shahrul Anuar
2. K. Suresh
3. Mohd Shahir Kamis.

Men – Primary school
1. Mohd Faiz Rozain
2. Mohd Azarudin Abdullah
3. Mohd Aliuddin Mohd Noh.

Men – Wheelchair race
1. Mohd Ariff Abdullah
2. Mohd Azaman Ahmad
3. Mohd Fauzi Abdullah.

Women - Senior VIP
1. Sharifah Husein
2. Normadiah Ariffin
3.. Normali Othman.

Women - Junior VIP
1. Juliana Man
2. Hasnida Mat Hussein
3. Shatilla Mat.

Women - Open:
1. Tan Chin Fong
2. Stephanie Chong
3. Kuo Swee Im

Women - Secondary school
1. Nor Amirah Kharusni
2. Chin Fu En
3. Sarmili Ramesh.

Women - Primary school
1. Nurul Jannah Indra Gunawan
2. Ong You Shien
3. Lee Vie Naa.

..from TheStar - Metro: North Section

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