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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Buah tangan dari Mahidol Day Run, Hatyai

Bought Nike Pegasus 28 (P28). Ya. I know Pegasus 29 (P29) already on the shelf. But reading the review/report, P29 got unpleasant experience from tester runners when compare with P28.

After worn pairs of LunarGlide and LunarGlide2, I decide have Pegasus again. It's comfortable shoes and I enjoy running with it.

After had 10km Mahidol Day Run that morning, I took a walk to morning market near Asia Hotel and spot this stall - Beautiful knitting-handmade of head scarf. (I read, P29 material also using knitting technology). There were tiger, deer, cat, panda, dogs, rabbit, cow and etc. The owner still doing knitting while I'm choosing for my kids.

1pc=250baht. I bought 4pc and paid 800baht. Canteekk.


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