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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Report: Malaysia Breakfast Run

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 19 May 2013 | Sunday
Venue: Padang Kawad, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Distance: 7km
Category: Men's Senior (40 years old and above)
Timing Chip: Net time 00:42:37.70  Gun Time 00:44:49.76
Position: 61

I had wanted to register for a family fun run... but by the time I wanted to register, it was closed. Only the 7km slots were available, so I was still lucky to get a slot because entries were limited.

I got an SMS requesting to report for the run early as roads would be closed at 5 a.m. I thought that was too early as the run only started at 7.00 p.m. It would just take about 20 minutes to reach UPM from my place.

I left home at 6.00a.m and was shocked to see such a massive jam at near UPM toll booth. That was it! I might not make it to the starting line on time as my watch showed 6.15 a.m.

I decided to park along the highway to UPM entrance because there were just too many cars. It was already more than half past six and I did not know exactly how far was the starting line.

I walked briskly and once I saw the 6km marker, I felt relief because I was just about a kilometre away and there was still about 10 minutes. I quickly went to answer nature's call before rushing to the starting point. Luckily, it did not start at 7.00 sharp. It was about 5 minutes late.

Malaysia Breakfast Run
At the start. Picture courtesy of

I moved slowly to the front... not that front after all because I took about 3 minutes to reach the starting line. It was fun to run with so many people and be the king to the road...

I ran slightly faster passing the 4km marker. Only half the distance left and the experience at Bidor Half Marathon and Banana Relay tell me that I should be able to complete the race comfortably.

I think the distance marker was not accurate because it was quite impossible for me run 3:13.21 in the last kilometre!

Distance   Time        Total
1km          09:50.38  09:50.38
2km          06:30.57  16:20.95
3km          06:42.03  23:02.98
4km          06:31.38  29:34.36
5km          06:15.44  35:49.80
6km          05:49.21  41:39.01
7km          03:13.21  44:52.22

Malaysia Breakfast Run
Sit-down breakfast: Attendees enjoying their breakfast at Milo’s first Malaysia Breakfast Day gathering. Picture courtesy of

The news report is at

Finally it was not only a 7km run but an additional 7km walk (from the highway to the venue and back to the highway) It was definitely a good work out.

This was my best run in a year and was ready to check into "IJN Resort" on 22 May for a 4D3N wellness package - heart ablation

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