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Friday, 28 February 2014

Training Week 3 - Feb 2014

17 February 2014 | Monday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.41mins
Mezzoforte - Day Break
01 Little Rock.mp3
02 Down Town.mp3
03 Daybreak.mp3
04 After Hours.mp3
05 Rollercoaster.mp3
06 Cobra.mp3
07 Jakarta Dream.mp3
08 Everything You Want.mp3
09 Journey's End.mp3
10 Silently.mp3

18 February 2014 | Tuesday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.38mins
Rod Stewart - The Definitive CD2
01.Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me).mp3
02.Baby Jane.mp3
04.Some Guys Have All The Luck.mp3
05.Love Touch.mp3
06.Forever Young.mp3
07.My Heart Can't Tell You No.mp3
08.Downtown Train.mp3
09.This Old Heart of Mine.mp3
10.I Don't Want To Talk About It.mp3
11.Rhythm of My Heart.mp3
12.The Motown Song.mp3
13.Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda).mp3
14.Handbags And Gladrags.mp3
15.Have I Told You Lately.mp3
16.Reason To Believe.mp3
17.Two Shades of Blue.mp3

19 February 2014 | Wednesday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.49mins
Mezzoforte - Observations
01-Midnight Sun.mp3
02-Spring Feaver.mp3
03-Summer Dream.mp3
04-The Venue.mp3
06-Double Orange Juice.mp3
07-We're Only Here For The Beer.mp3
10-Metal Fusion.mp3

20 February 2014 | Thursday
Route: Sport Complex
Timing: 40.34mins
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
01-Sultans Of Swing.mp3
02-Down To The Waterline.mp3
03-Portobello Belle - Live.mp3
04-Twisting By The Pool (Remix).mp3
04-Your Latest Trick.mp3
05-Tunnel Of Love.mp3
05-Why Worry.mp3
06-Romeo And Juliet.mp3
07-Where Do You Think You're Going.mp3
08-Walk Of Life.mp3
09-Private Investigations.mp3
10-Telegraph Road - Live (Remix).mp3
11-Money For Nothing.mp3
12-Brothers In Arms.mp3

23 February 2014 | Sunday
Route: Home, TmnMalinja, Semeling, +Semeling, TmnMalinja, Semeling, TSemelling, AIMST and home
Timing: 1:06.30mins
Crowded House - The Very Very Best of Crowded House
01-Something So Strong.mp3
02-Weather With You.mp3
03-It's Only Natural.mp3
04-Chocolate Cake.mp3
05-Fall At Your Feet.mp3
06-Distant Sun.mp3
07-Better Be Home Soon.mp3
08-Four Seasons in One Day.mp3
09-Don't Dream It's Over.mp3
10-Mean To Me.mp3
11-Locked Out.mp3
12-Don't Stop Now.mp3
13-Pineapple Head.mp3
15-Fingers of Love.mp3
16-Private Universe.mp3
17-Not The Girl You Think You Are.mp3
18-Nails In My Feet.mp3
19-Pour Le Monde.mp3

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