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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Report: Race Against Time: Run For Life

Date: 5 June 2011 | Sunday
Venue: Batu Feringgi, Penang
Distance: 6km
Time: 42.23min – 10th

Still on school holiday. Second week of 2. Last week we went to Hatyai Marathon. This week we went back to my kampung - Sungai. Bakap. Jumpa orang-tua. Lama tak balik. Rindu. I brought kids to enjoy kampung lifestyle. Turun mandi sungai. sauk ikan, udang, tangkap ikan semilai, main tuju dengan tanah liat. Then petang, we ride gerek (bicycle) pusing-pusing kampung.

That were some of kampung activities I trying to menurun to my kids. Taman house in Bedong... tarak all those things. Even kayuh gerek around taman pon, kena supervise.

Earlier I registered only myself. After back from Hatyai Marathon, Jasmin who finished 4km fun run ahead of her brother wanted more. I thanked Alex Ong on registration and tee+bib pick-up for me and Jasmin. But unfortunately Jasmin had pull back because of leg injuries - Jatuh gerek petang kelmarin

Anyway.. It was Sunday. Morning. Coti. Penang. Batu Feringgi. Beach. Kids. Running - Perfect getaway!

This time my running adventure continues on the beach. The same running route as i join in 2007. But this time different organizer - Malaysian Society of Transplantation with Ministry of Health. They promote and seeking an organ donors.

The route shorten than 2007. But they extend the sandy part, 200~300 meter further from Rasa Sayang Resort Hotel. So running on beach probably 800m then on tarmac until Spice Garden and U-turn. Total distance 6km including 1.6km on sandy beach.

Bang! - Flag-off.

Argghh.. running on beach, can't ran faster and your shoes sinking in the sand. Half way I ran beside Alex.

"Pundek hang Alex, hang buat apa tang sini.."
"Aku tak boleh lari laarr.."

For the first time I sayur Alex. But only two steps. Then makan pasir.

On tarmac, I ran with a sharp and strong lady. I guess she is triathlete. She ran like a star. Waving hands, gave a running pose on friends camera. Pom-pom other women. We kept on racing each other. Road is rolling and sharp corners. Need extra careful.

U-turn until beach, still running with her. On the beach.. yeah! I won :) But the real is I'm racing with myself. I won't give-up for walking. I kept running even pasiq sedut my both shoes. Melelong. Tercugap-cugap crossing the finish line. At the end I found that lady was a champ in her own category - thanks, allow me pacing.

Frankly, I would say this Beach Run is rocks! I love it. I love the course = tarmac + sandy. It test runners limit. I would recommend PAAA organise it annually likes Round Island, Round Relay, City Run and Tanjong 10k. These are unique events that offer different road course.

...with finisher medals, top5 trophy, Brooks dry fit t-shirt, free Milo, free Nestle cereal and attractive lucky draw prizes - I gave 4 star!

The official result is here.

Looking forward next year.


Are you a donor?

Men Open Champ - Hafiz

Berkole-kole milo and creal

Kuda tua yang lari langgar budak@Pantai baru2 ni

PAAA - Para pengadil

Alauddin playing with crab


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  • now i know bro yg mana satu.. hehe.. nice 'crab' shot :P but even lari kat jalan sempat, no one was honking, betul tak? best!

    i totally agree to have this event annually. route nice!

    By Blogger Che, at 10:23 am  

  • Yg ni mmg aku tabik kat motorist@PG. Aku lari tgh jln pon... depa senyap2 ikut belakang. Bersalah lak aku.. :)

    By Blogger aharis, at 10:41 am  

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