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Monday 23 November 2009

Report: Larian Jublee Emas PAS

Date: 20 November 2009
Venue: Padang Awam, Guar Chempedak, Gurun.
Distance: 7km

Just a simple event. Organized by political party - PAS, conjunction of their 50 years of anniversary. The Guar Chempedak branch organised a few events for 3 days such as ceramah, cooking, coloring, sukan rakyat including larian jublee emas and etc.

Maybe because of Friday, only one category offered and maybe not enough promotion done, so not many kaki turn-up but the pro... yeah! they always turn on the sonar.

Guar Chempedak not far. Only 20mins from my home. Took a leave today. 7am sharp..chow! Meet-up with PakYa, Adry and friends from Kulim. R.Muniady and the geng also turn-up at Padang Awam Guar Chempedak behind Balai Bomba.

Should start on 8:00am but extend and waiting for more participant until 8:40am. All of us paid and registered on that morning. Not many join this event. I guess between 50~70. The kaki.. less than 20, base on their apparel.

It is 7km running distance. From Padang Awam we heading to Yan, until Kolej Komuniti Guar Chempedak we turn left, run straight facing the Mount Jerai. There were green paddy field laying on left and right of us. It was nice weather that time. Some farmers were chatting, others busy appying pesticide.

Able to overtook 2 runners who ran ahead of me since 3km at 5km. Both gave me enough mental games. Nearly to let them go. Luckily they slow down once i overtook. Aim another runner when running along Kampung Kaki Gunung Jerai which lead us to main road.

Turn into main road the marshal noted my running position. Felt comfortable with it, i maintained the pace until crossed the finish line.

Got 10th. My time was 31.35mins.

During prize ceremony the organizer gave 50 hampers for top50. RM50 cash prize for 20th-4th and RM100, RM300, RM500 for respective position. Too bad no medal, even for top3.

Anyway.. Yeay! I got RM50! PakYa 17th.. lagi gumbira - first time got cash prize. "Berbaloi-baloi.." said the 6th winner, Adry.

With geng R.Muniandy

The finish line

Jean or slipper.. Just do it!

Pakya kena sedut lemak

Walking for prize ceremony

I think everybody got hamper


Mohd Zaidi from Kulim

Premkumar - anak murid Cikgu

Adry - 6th

This chinese boy talks indian - Tan Wei Heng, 5th

Top3 winners


Pakya gumbira - hamper and RM50 for first time.


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