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Thursday 1 July 2004

Seremban Half.. cancel

Last 2 days, received a payment receipt from Seremban Half organizer. Decide to cancel seem my left leg still aching. Already 2 weeks not running. Huh! can not tahan laaa.. hujan since Friday, continuously and also Ipoh Run just around the corner, so yesterday go out and do easy pace for 8km, managed to finish in 45:27. At least increased my confident level to do 21km.

Today, bangun pagi.. Waa.. lagi sakit.. jalan pun macam orang patah kaki. Think, my left betis got problem la.. almost a month and meet 2 doctors and still feel pain after doing easy pace.. Hopefully dapat recover fast before this weekend coz very kempunan Ipoh Int. Run medal.

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