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Monday 8 November 2004

My missing medal

Sunday 7/11/2004
Just came back from S.Alam yesterday after 4 days of preparation and presentation to board of directors (BOD).. thanks god! they all agree and found that our company excellent in-term of cost reduction and continuous of kaizen activities. We are also was appointed as role model to other subsidiary. Yeah! tepuk tangan for me! tepuk! tepuk! tepuk!..heheeee.. next phase.. implementation of the ideas.. the hard part! (gatai sangat bagi idea)

Gelap sikit...lampu dim

Friday 5/11/2004:
There were 7 groups, to presentation their ideas which represent from their own department, we finished at 6pm and got opportunity to berbuka posa with BOD. That berbuka puasa feast at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club was... gosh! don't know how to describe.. pesta makan!... i ate everything and it was the most & alot i ate during buka posa.. imagine aaa.. start berbuka from 7pm (after magrib) until 8:30pm. You know laa.. buka posa free in 4-5 stars golf resort.. nak tunggu lagi.. belasah cukup2 punya.. selagi ada ruang!. Sampai kena melawat bilik termenung. Luckly i musafir.. so can jamak magrib laa.. (as a muslim, i was far from my home and got opportunity to forward praying time to next period)

Before going back to hotel.. i visit restroom again.. sampai hotel.. visit restroom twice. After watch Survivors.. ZzzzZZzzZzzzzz.. kecewa Rory kena out! baru dpt sembang dgn geng laki dah kena vote

Saturday 6/11/2004:
Check-out hotel and went back home, On the way, read Harian Metro newspaper in sport section. "Larian Lebuhraya Jelutong" and "KLIM 2005 tawar hadiah RM300,000" wow! another run event in Penang and KLIM05...

Refer back to my Monthly Schedule diary.. December04.. wow! full of run events.. almost every week got run event.. so lega/gumbira.. after disappointed by Mahathir Marathon... i was plan the to go there to run/holiday all out, already contact my old friend there to book a 3D/2N room. Nasib baik tak bayar sewa bilik... except entry fee for 1/2M Mahathir marathon RM20... kena ask them for refund.

Sunday 7/11/2004: a missing medal.. Found!
Yeeeahaaaaaa... was jumping with triple somersault haha!..and ran to show to wife my missing medal! It was a Ipoh International Run medal!!!! laaaa... huuhahaaaa.. i sudah erased dah that memory... and suddenly Majlis Bandaran Ipoh really really fulfill their promise to post the medal.. but i noticed that on the medal, do not indicate any category or run distance whether 21km or 42km... Just simple design.. anyway bertambah medal collection aku...

Noon, received a call from Mr Teoh from Sungai Petani, who ran with me at Cafe21 in Kangar.. so he ask me to join Penang Relay on 28/12/2004... wuhahahaaa.. orang mengantuk dihulur bantal.. apa lagi.. i accept laa.. right now they have 12 runner and need another 3 runners more as backup.. so try to contact my other running friends in Taiping and Sg. Petani.

And i be informed by Mr Teoh also, got another run event in Sungai Petani "Metro Run" a day before Penang Relay... hehehehahaa.. gumbira betui dengar run event dekat in Sungai Petani ni... This Metro run organise by private Hospital Metro.. will get the info tomorrow and the form.

and 11/11.. Mr Teoh and SP runners group will be run from Taman Jubli Perak to Tupah, which is cover almost more than 30km as training to race in Singapore Marathon. He invite me... but it still in bulan Ramadhan.. tak boleh laa run for 30km. Kena taruh minyak after 15km... After raya will train hard for run events in December!.

Before bulan Ramadhan, the route to Tupah was my weekend trek. From home - tupah - home, it cover more 25km. Tupah is kaki bukit Gunung Jerai.. memang best! so peaceful, road free from car traffic, a group of boys and girls pom-poms can be see on your left and right along the way. They always cheer you up and do their business.. monkey business!, Water fall and river flow along the 5km to the end. A drinks always provided at the end of the road which is JKR Air Kedah reservoir. As a community service, they provide 6 taps of pure mineral water out-side the entrance for public.. Every 2 week, i go there to fill-up 4 bottles of 5 gallon as drinking water.

Late evening received a called from my older bro in Bangi.
"Hang & family masuk paper la.."
"Hish.. paper mana & bila?"
"Star hari ni.."
"Gambar macam mana?"
"Ada stroller.. alauddin pun ada"
"Yang tu gambaq StarWalk kat Ipoh bulan empat, hari tuh"
"emm tak pa lah.. abg dah kerat simpan.."
"okay!.. tooooooootttttttt"

Gambar hiasan

Terus pi kedai paper.. lucky it was last kopek Star paper. Selak punya selak.. Kat StarMag.. got pic with family doing fun walk in Ipoh. That pic use as gambaq hiasan only.. but it was larger than old one.. kerat! taruh frame laa...

December run event will be go:
1. Metro Run - 27/11
2. Penang Relay - 28/11
3. Larian Lebhraya Jelutong - 5/12
4. Starwalk (just do a fun walk with family) - 12/12
5. KWYP City Run - 19/12

1. Penang International 12hour Walk - 15/1/05

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