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Monday 20 December 2004

Road to KLIM05: The Plan

KLIM 05 only a few weeks only. Looking at calendar it's only 10 weeks more!! Mampos aku! For last 4 weeks I never did run train more than 10k. My right leg just fully recovers 2 days ago.

This time i really taking care my legs, listen to them, don't over-run, bring down your ego while running, follow the run program proper and plan your running distance.

Seem that KLIM on march 2005 will be my first marathon, i start looking training marathon schedule thru the net. And found that the minimum weeks to get prepare for first marathon 18 weeks or 4 1/2 months. Arggg!.. Mampos aku!

End of this week 29/12, 3/1, 10/1, 17/1, 24/1, 31/1, 7/2, 14/2, 21/2, 28/2 and 6/3 is race day. 10 weeks!. Gosh! Guess i should do a shortcut training.. i will follow the program until week 8. Meaning, week 9 is race day.

Another 10km, may be i will use crawl technique. 2 weeks before start the program, will build-up my stamina back. Slow / jogging run 4km - 8km for 2 weeks.

Check my running calendar, this month got another 2 10km road races and 1 jalan kaki gila b*bi.. 12Hour Walk in Penang middle of Jan 2005. After this no more road race until KLIM05.

20/12: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k,
27/12: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k,
03/01: Training program week 1,
10/01: Training program week 2. Walk12H,
17/01: Training program week 3,
24/01: Training program week 4,
31/01: Training program week 5,
07/02: Training program week 6,
14/02: Training program week 7,
21/02: Training program week 8,
28/02: Easy run/jog/rest 4km.
06/03: Race day

If i could do sub-4 in full, then you should consider my training program hahaa!..

Plan - 10km road races
These 2 10km, decided a must go events, cause organiser provide lot of medals. 1 for closing medal of the year another 1 is opening medal of the year. Both races will be run on easy pace. Finish less than a hours is good enough.

Some more it's local races, miss a lot of running friends since i cancelled 3 road races this month. Can't join them because leg ache.

Plan - 12Hour walk.
If i could draw back the registration fee, RM50!... Not a wise decision. Tamak betul aku! Anyway, rather than waste the RM50... hey! if anybody those reading this blog and interested to replace me... be my guess! Can use mine receipt. Or else will do a fun-walk like StarWalk. See how long i could walk.. but will stop immediately if leg start giving ache.

And lastly,

Nutrition. & Food
For 2 months will consume as normal but less oil meal and add some supplement vitamins such as Bio-C Plus, Calsium-Magnesium, Vitamin E and B Complex. Hopefully after run, they don't conduct urine test.. kantoi aku!

"Focus is the key to all results. Results require that you
concentrate your efforts on the smallest number of activities
that will produce the largest amount of productivity."
- Gary Ryan Blair {The Goals Guy}

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